10 iPhone 8 Facts Rumors You Might not have Heard

The hopes and expectation of the iPhone users from the Apple Inc.’s iPhone this year are too high. Apple’s iPhone has turned ten years old this year, and so Apple is planning to release iPhone 8 by the fall of this year. iPhone 8 is expected to revolutionize the world of smartphones and the rumors of its features have already started blowing in the technology arena. Apple Inc. is making sure that iPhone 8 would again plot their path to rule the smartphone and technology industries around the globe. Whatever it may be here are some of the best iPhone 8 facts listed below:

Best iPhone 8 Facts

1. Processor

As Apple has been doing in the past, it is expected that the upcoming iPhone model and its variants would have a brand new processor. The new chip is claimed to be A11 which is built upon 10 nano meters process, and it is expected that it would not only boost the performance of the device by making it faster and powerful but also the processor size would be much smaller than the ones which are in recent models of iPhone. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company have been given the responsibility to securely manufacture this chip which would be delivered to the Apple Inc. by the end of April 2017.

2. Display Screen

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have an OLED display. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which is ultra-thin technology of about 1 mm in thickness. The screen would not require any back light technology which was used in previous iPhone versions. This would not only make the iPhone more flexible but also provide a better viewing angle and more vividness to the screen. The screen is expected to have a 4K resolution display with full coverage over the body without any rim on the case.

3. Platform

Apple Inc’s iPhone 8 is expected to be launched with the latest iOS 11. The iOS 11 will have the advanced Siri, enhanced VR experience, more secure Apple Pay, switch settings easily and even reply directly from the notifications.

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4. Nomenclature

Apple Inc has done this with the latest iPad, as previous versions of iPad were named as iPad 2, iPad 3,iPad Air, iPad Air 2, etc. , but the latest released model was just named the Apple’s iPad. It is being perceived that the new upcoming model of iPhone 8 would be named just the iPhone. However this decision would be a real stunt in the technology market. Apple Inc is hoping it would bring some better sales for them.

5. Wireless Charging

Apple Inc. after so many years of reluctancy has finally decided to adopt the technology of wireless charging what Samsung has been using for years. It can be a remarkable and worthy step for the Apple’s upcoming devices. All the features which Apple’s iPhone 7 lacked or went short of will be added on the most expected release from Apple Inc. on the tenth anniversary of iPhones. According to a famous technology analyst of KGI Securities, Mr Ming Chi Koi, Apple is focusing right on the basics of this wireless charging technology and trying to present a model without any flaw that would just get charged as soon as it is placed on a pad, making it the simpler for the users.

6. Glass Body

Yes, you read it right, Apple Inc.‘s iPhone 8 is expected to have a full glass body on the outside. Although the previous versions of iPhones came up with the metal case at back, but this iPhone 8 may contain an entire glass body. Although it looks like impossible but according to the analysts after the release of iPhone 7 the glass technology has improved a lot and it has become tougher yet bendier or flexible. Moreover, the full glass body would help in boosting the wireless charging technology and improve the device’s antenna signals. Above all this technology would make the device lighter.

7. Home Button

With the evolution of iPhone over past ten years, the iPhone’s home button drifted from being a button to just a touch pad that acted like a button in the first place. Astonishingly the iPhone 8 is expected to have no Home button at all. The iPhone 8 is expected to have just a huge screen curved at edges without any button or touch pad on the front side. It may be possible that Apple would be providing virtual buttons in their upcoming devices.

8. Iris Scanning Technology

Apple Inc has always taken care of the security of their user’s files by providing the fingerprint scanner technology. This time according to a number of sources, the new iPhone 8 is expected to have an Iris Scanning technology. This means the device would scan the iris in your eye. The Iris Scanning technology is expected to be thousand times secure than a password or fingerprint scanner which would definitely uplift the level of the security in the iPhone. This not only means that you only can get into the device, but this would easily catch the ones who are trying to break into your phone by scanning their Iris also.

9. Exclusive Camera

Apple iPhone 7 came up with the dual camera feature which enhanced the photography quality equivalent to a DSLR. But it has been heard that Apple Inc is not making it a standard evolution yet. Although the device would be coming up with a 4K resolution camera but dual camera may not be there. It may be possible that the Apple Inc have kept this technology of their improved camera to be implied on their high-end models like it may be there in iPhone 8s not in iPhone 8.

10. Flexible and Bending

In the year 2013, it was spotted that the Apple Inc. has applied for a bending and flexible electronic gadget patent. So it is expected that the iPhone 8 would come with a bending screen. Most importantly the way of bending will also have its significance that means users could open a particular by bending the device in a specific manner.

Wrap Up:

Hope you liked our post about the iPhone 8 facts rumored. Let see what iPhone 8 will actually come up with when it will be released.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
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