4 Top Tips for Online Learning and Teaching Preparation


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There is a sharp rise in the popularity of online education. What are the advantages of this mode of learning over the traditional methods? Here are the important details that you should know about online learning:

  • It is less costly

With online learning, there is no need for a physical classroom. It can happen from the comfort of the tutors’ and learners’ living room. Therefore, the tuition fee that is charged is low, which makes it accessible.

Moreover, you do not have to move from your home to school for a lesson. As such, you do not cater for transport costs. Provided you have a stable internet connection, learning can proceed.

  • Flexible schedule

Most people want to study, but they have day jobs that they are supposed to attend to lest they lose their jobs. Such inconveniences make it hard for people to learn. With online learning, it is possible to schedule a class outside the normal working hours, weekends, and even public holidays. Therefore, you can learn at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Online learning resources are provided

You do not need to go to the physical college library to access books when you are learning online. The resources are provided at your convenience. Therefore, you can learn comfortably. That way, it is easy for you to perform well academically and graduate successfully.

However, the success of online learning depends on the level of preparation of both the tutor and the learner. If any of them is ill-prepared, the process may not be seamless. How should you prepare for online classes? Here are tips that come in handy:

1. Plan Adequately for the Online Classes

As a tutor, you should know that students are not available physically. Moreover, you may not find them online at the same time as some may be in different locations. Therefore, you should have adequate preparation before you begin teaching. Upload the course outline and the schedule in advance.

For students, you should go through the material you are supposed to learn in advance. You do not want a situation where you encounter complicated content during the lesson because you did not familiarize yourself with the information. Moreover, you should know the next scheduled online class so that you do not go online when the class is in progress or almost at the end. If that happens, you may have to search for a website that does essays for you.

2. Master Technology and Have All the Materials You Need

Online learning requires that you have a certain level of technological savviness. For instance, you should have a good computer, not one that may breakdown in the middle of the lesson. Moreover, you should ensure that you have strong internet connectivity. One thing that you should avoid during the online classes in interruptions. If there is any other material you need, including a place to write and a pen, ensure that you have them. Seamless learning ensures that you grasp more content.

3. The Tutor Should Motivate Students for Perfect Results

Students are not the same. While some are always motivated and look forward to the learning process, others need something to stimulate them. As a tutor, you should devise ways on how to work with both groups of students so that you can achieve all the learning objectives. For instance, you can award extra points for students who are always involved in online academic discussions through the platform. Moreover, you can give optional assignments that have a bearing on the final grade awarded. 

Additionally, you seek the opinion of the students on how they want to learn. When students give their input, they feel like they are part of the learning process. Consequently, they have more motivation to learn.

Constant communication is also a way of injecting liveliness to the online class. There should be time for introductions so that students know that they are not dealing with strangers. Ensure that you adequately deal with concerns from students so that they are not nervous during the learning process.

4. Prepare a Friendly Working Environment

Although you should make learning formal, it should not be intimidating. Ensure there are no distractions like noise from television or interruptions from family members. The lighting should be perfect.

Final Thoughts on Online Education

With online education, there are many benefits that you enjoy. However, you should prepare well if you want it to succeed. Otherwise, it may not be as successful as you would like it to be.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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