5 Apps for Bloggers that Help You to Work From Home

The online world is constantly becoming smaller and advanced thanks to social media sites whose followers are gelling with each other from across the world, like that of Instagram Followers. After all, considering the digitalized world we are living in, there has been a drastic shift from the earlier times where professionalism was widely meant severe Do’s and Don’ts. For example, employees earlier were subjected to proper office attires, fixed hours of job, strict rules and regulations with regards to timings. Flexibility was something which one could have least expected, thought and considered.

However, all of that seems to give way to a more relaxed, result oriented, and reasonably easy approach as multinationals have realized the importance of giving maximum level of comfort and care to employees who are more into giving outcome. The result driven approach has actually become the primary criteria for the companies who have even relaxed the rules for their employees as long as their approach, skills, capabilities and dedication work towards creating a healthy and prosperous future. Likewise, as part of a professional and personal assignment where you may need to work from the comforts of home, this is basically the post for you. A big chunk of bloggers community has already been working happily right from the same place, where they eat, sleep and drink. Although, having said that, they have earmarked a specific place right in there.

So, I am coming up with the following best five apps for bloggers that help you to easily work from home to ease yourself during professionally dealing with the work, you do.

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Well, the needs of different employees differ. Well, some of us work in the environment which is calm, cool, serene and totally peaceful. I would go to the extent of saying, that for many of us who may not be able to work to their potential in the presence of a slight murmur sound, as it becomes the cause of irritation. However, there is another section of those, who have been habitually a part of those surroundings in the professional environment where it has actually become their habit to be amidst the group of people, their commotion and noise.

Hence, in order to give them a better work environment quite similar in nature, to enhance their level of productivity, the following 3 sounds namely University Undertones, morning murmur, and lunchtime lounge seems to be the best. You can get it through this top app to increase productivity from home namely Coffitivity.


The biggest and the obvious organizational requirement entail you to be frequently chatting visually with your network. You need faster network as communicating through mails and messages may not be the most obvious choice for you, for faster results. So, when it comes to video calling, the app which needs no introduction has to be Skype while WhatsApp follows next. Likewise, Google Duo doesn’t come short of either of them when clarity, user interface and video quality matters. The professionalism entails one to have the best of features for faster and quicker results, like never before where Skype/Duo comes to be handy.

Clear Focus

Do you know the most obvious and biggest distracting factor for employees (working in their homes) which harm their professional approach? Well, it basically the lack of strategy to manage their prevailing time constructively. I am talking about how much you have actually been able to devote to your work environment. Well, Clear Focus app equally works towards increasing your productivity level. Every second and minute for a professional is important and likewise taking breaks is equally important. However, what matters is to resume the work at its stipulated time. Hence, this is where the app keeps a check on you to break the sessions, thereby creating a more effective work environment. Other than that, if certain sound may disturb you, so, don’t worry. You can effectively disable that as well.

Cold Turkey

While you are totally engrossed with your work and don’t want any sort of hindrance, then the app is the perfect bet for you. It let’s you block things of similar nature. It is the easiest possible way to make it function. What all you have to do is to set the timer and activate it. So, based on the timing you have set, the phone will be almost useless, as you have curtailed the functions for your own ease. So, in short you customize the functions of a phone by cutting short the list of detailed functions which this app to aid work from home namely Cold Turkey is powered with.


A professional approach may not be counted as only sitting in a professional environment like office these days. But it certainly requires you to be organized even if you are sitting at the comforts of your home. Trello app lets you to create list to do things. It can work in collaboration with your co-workers. Based on the nature of your work, you are free to attach files from Drop box or Google Drive as you can always attach your own videos and photos too.

In short, if you are eyeing for an interactive list which creates the mechanism of your office lively, then this app is what you need. After all, you want to be greatly organized where the app simply boosts your expectations further.

Final words

Finally, aforesaid are the best five apps for bloggers that help you work from home. After all, these are series of apps, software and widely accepted similar modes of technological inventions which have only resulted in easing the lives of users, by bringing the world closer than ever before.

Afzal Zaheer
Afzal Zaheer
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