7 TV Series that you won’t want to miss this year

2016 is done with and now it’s 2017 nearing its end with some nostalgic memories!! For the movie fans and lovers, look at the amazing TV series that would heading to your idiot box in the next 3 to 4 months. Even if hell gets loose in your life, you can just lock yourself in your room and jam yourself from the external world with this little lot.

Well coming directly to the topic, after the year some boring TV Shows, it becomes very hard to imagine the likes and fans of Stranger Things, American Crime Story, and lot more. Below are 7 top selected TV Series we have watched the most in the year of 2017.

Some are new, some are old, some are having no premiere dates. But what I know is about their potential to enthrall the audience and captivating power till the end of the episodes.

Series Name #7: Sherlock – Season 4

Sherlock - Season 4

Premiered: 1 January 2017
Network: BBC One

If you are a fan of the sweet Cumberbatches, then it would have a long wait for you, isn’t it? Except for the special episode at the start of the previous year i.e. 2016, the secret has still been maintained that awaits Moriarty’s return! Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are returning back for solving the crimes and handle the socially challenged yet brilliant quality of intelligence.

It will be an additional great experience to see Amanda Abbington as Mary, Dr. Watson’s Wife and Andrew Scott acting as maniacal Moriarty.

Series Name #6: The Young Pope – Season 2

The Young Pope - Season 2


Premiered: 15 January
Network: HBO

Paolo Sorrentino, playing the Jude Law is back with a bang! He is popularly known to the world as Pope Pius XIII. But when it comes to his surrogate mother and sister, Sister Mary, played by Daine Keaton, then he is still that cutie and cuddly Lenny Belardo.

If you want to get a humorous touch to the story and enhance the ridiculous factor in the same, then let me inform you that he is also an American. The Young Pope has flown to Europe, so gear up your socks for all the Pope does.

Statutory Warning!!! Those with the cardiac problem should avoid this Season. It may increase the heart beat rate as the show progresses gradually.

Series Name #5: Scandal – Season 6

Scandal - Season 6


Premiered: 26 January 2017
Network: ABC

The perfect time has come that you pick up your favourite soap opera. Yes, you have heard it right! Scandal is back with the Season 6 after a long gap. Olivia Pope is now running for Mellie’s campaign for presidential election against Frankie Vargas.

But the mastermind in the general election is, of course, Cyrus. Let us wait and see that whether the election in the scandal reach that extra level of madness or not. Let us together watch the complete process of how the fiction gets real.

Series Name #4: Legacy



Premiered: 1 February 2017
Network: Fox

This long running series is finally retiring the Sutherland’s Jack Bauer and making him replaced by the Hawkin’s Eric Carter. Eric Carter is an ex-Army Ranger. The team of Eric Carter captures and assassinates a terrorist mastermind. But as soon as they reach the States, then it becomes targeted for the retaliatory battle for the same.

Everyone expected that Bauer would make a cameo with his new incarnation, but he didn’t. Instead, Tony Almeida (last seen in the mini-season 24: Live Another Day).

It is not known whether the show is going to put an African from American race or not for a thrilling and politically sound role or not. The show also starts to revolve around a white individual dashing the disturbing Islamic hooligans.

Series Name #3: Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1

Star Trek - Discovery - Season 1


Premiered: 24 September 2017
Network: CBS

Bryan Fuller was the person who had the minds to create the Star Trek Series. Eventually, he left the series so that he can concentrate on American Gods. No matter who is leading the Series, Discover will make you see the first Asian female captain, Michelle Yeoh.

You will also get to notice the first Gay character I.e. Anthony Rapp. If you are a sci-fi kind of individual, then you will also get to notice non-human species member, incarnated by Doug Jones that has never been noticed in the franchise.

There are not much TV shows that are as eagerly anticipated as the new Star Trek Series. But this Star Trek series is one of them. You will get a never before experience with this Start Trek Series.

Series Name #2: American Gods – Season 1

American Gods - Season 1


Premiered: 30 April 2017
Network: Starz

Who hasn’t heard of Bryan Fuller? The dashing and handsome hunk, Master Chef TV’s Hannibal getting teamed up with the comic writer, Michael Green is all set for his next move. And that move is the recent adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s tale about the Norse Gods and Giants, popular among the locals.

Fuller is very strategic about his next approach. But if you consider his past work, then you will get to know about his expertise in the same. You can definitely expect a series that is sensual and funny at the same time.

Coming to the rare achievements of Fuller, the cult book has been specifically and cleverly adapted into a TV Series. The responses coming from the fans for the American Gods TV Series has been overwhelmingly positive. So by now, you can be sure not to expect a flop show.

Series Name #1: Game of Thrones – Season 7

Game of Thrones - Season 7


Premiered: 16 July 2017
Network: HBO

The Game of Thrones – Season 7 is said to be the penultimate season for the audience. The show directors and show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are of the opinion to air only seven episodes this time. This is done to partly concentrate on the set pieces for the next season, which probably they are planning to do bigger than ever before.

The lead of the Series, Game of Thrones, Danny Rand played by Finn Jones aka Iron Fist in the last four standalone series, getting too well. Run by famous Scott Buck, Iron Fist is the story of the Rand, who is a billionaire Buddhist monk. Additionally, he is also a martial art expert who grows up in a monastery after he gets orphaned at the age of ten.

You can expect a solid fusion and combination of the spiritualism and iron-fist power charged action from the Rand. So don’t forget to have a look through this famous Season 7 of the TV Series.

Now when you have got the brief about the must watch TV Series for the year of 2017, Have a glance through the same and let me know if there is any opinion of yours that you feel you must share with me.

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