Amiibo Cards in Animal Crossing – How do Amiibo Cards Work?

What’s a village without villagers? Amiibo cards allows you to introduce lots of villagers to your game for a photoshoot or in an attempt to make them a resident of your village just by simply scanning the chip on the card.

Now, if you do not know how to unlock amiibo functionality or how to use these amiibos, don’t stress out as we’ve got the answers to all your questions below.

Price of the Amiibo Cards

Each pack of amiibo cards costs $5.99. There are five series of these cards (4 of which are main). The main 4 series each have 100 cards out of which 17 are special characters and are compatible with all the versions of animal crossing that have been released since 2013. The fifth series ( Welcome Amiibos) is especially for New Horizons and New Leaf and has 50 villager cards.

The villagers in these cards are making a come back in New Leaf and New Horizons as they used to be available in the previous Animal Crossing series.

Benefits of Amiibo Cards

Some of the benefits of amiibo cards have been listed below:

  • Introduce new characters in your game
  • Can be used in multiple games
  • Chances to get new outfits
  • Chances to get power ups
  • Unlock new adventures
  • Chance to get bonus items

How to use Amiibo Cards in New Leaf?

Following are the steps you should follow in order to use Amiibo cards in New Leaf:

  • While you are walking in your town, you will hear a voice call out your name randomly.
  • Follow this voice until you reach a lamp called Wisp’s lamp.
  • Pick this lamp up. Then, display it in your house.
  • Now that wisp’s lamp is present in your house, you can press the A button on it to show Wisp. Remember this can be done once a day.
  • Wisp will give you a set of instructions. Follow them and then scan a amiibo card.
  • The character on the Amiibo card will appear in the game. You can show this character your town and also persuade it to live in your town forever.

How to use Amiibo Cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

These cards can be used in New Horizons through 2 ways. Firstly, they can be used at Photopia/ Harv’s Island. Harv’s Island becomes enabled for you once Harvey visits you and invites you to his island. Accept this offer and go to his island whenever you wish to. The best part is that the trip to his island is completely free.

The second method is via the campsite. In this method, you have to unlock the campsite first. Once the campsite has been unlocked and built, an animal will come to your tent randomly. You can talk to this animal and invite him to your island. Furthermore, Tom Nook will ask you to build extra houses on your island and give you a kit for it. The extra house will take a day to be built. Finally within a day’s time, the new animal can shift to your village. Once you have achieved this, Tom Nook at the Resident Services will tell you that you can invite more villagers to your village. This means that now you can finally use Amiibo cards.

Using Amiibo at Harv’s Island:

Listed below are the steps for how to use Amiibos at Photopia:

  • First, go to the airport and tell Orville you want to fly. Moreover, tell him you want to visit Harv’s Island.
  • Next, confirm the time for take off.
  • Then when you are at photopia, enter Harvey’s house. There are six rooms in this house for you to get pictures taken in. You can make changes in the room by placing any furniture or even changing the lighting according to your choice for the picture. In addition to this you can create a whole scene for clicking pictures.
  • To use an Amiibo click the down button present on the left side of your Switch. Place your Amiibo Card over the NFC reader (The NFC reader is present near the right joystick in the handheld mode and over the Nintendo Switch Logo in pro controller). The character you have scanned will appear in the room. Sadly though only 10 characters can be present in a room at once.
  • These villagers can also have an emotion of your choice. All you have to do is hang around them and press ZR. This will make a number of emotions available for you to choose from.
  • Pressing A for some time while being around a villager will allow you to pick him up and place him anywhere in the room. In this way you can decide where you want which villager for the picture. To select a number of villagers for moving, press the R button and highlight all the villages you wish to move.
  • Press A quickly while hanging around an animal character. This will cause him to rotate by 45 degrees.
  • To remove an animal character, hover over them. After this, press Y.

Using Amiibo Cards at Campsite

We have jotted down all the steps of how to use amiibo cards at the campsite and listed them for you. Continue to read below to find out!

  • Go to Resident Services and talk to the Kiosk. You will get the option for invite a camper, click on it. Then choose Yes! I do.
  • Scan the amiibo card of your choice. The character on the card will appear in the game. Remember that you can only have one camper in a day.
  • The Kiosk will show the character which is present on the card for the purpose of confirmation. Press Yes!
  • A small scenario will be displayed on your screen showing the newly invited animal. Once you have left resident services, go to your campsite. From there, enter the tent. Here you will find the amiibo character.
  • Talk to him for some time after which they will ask you to craft something for them. Accept his request and start crafting that item so that you can give it to him. This is because the camper will leave your island by the end of the night.
  • Obviously once you have given that item to the villager, he will be quite impressed and persuaded to move to your island. However, these animal characters don’t just move in that quickly. You will have to repeat all the steps mentioned above 2-3 more times or even more time than that. The main purpose of the repetition of the steps is to convince the characters to live in your village and surely after looking at your effort they will agree.
  • By chance, if you already have 10 residents and this character agrees to become a villager, you will have to choose which one of your previous 10 villagers are you willing to let go of. The chosen villager will be kicked off the island.

Can you Share Amiibo Cards?

Amiibo Cards can be shared. Multiple consoles can scan the card and then use the character.

Can you Use Amiibo Card more than Once?

Yes, amiibo cards can be reused by the sane player again and again. He can scan the card and bring that character instantly wherever he wants.

If you love collecting things related to animal crossing, you are sure to love these cards. They are a wonderful tradable collection which come in very handy while playing.

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