Best Textsheet Alternatives for 2020

When it comes to educational websites that aided students in finding accurate answers to their questions and solving the queries that puzzled them, Textsheet was one of the most popular study tools that students preferred.

Bearing witness to Textsheet’s popularity was the fact that it was amongst the most top-rated educational websites. It used to be the go-to-source for multiple schools, and college students, who would use Textsheet to help them with their projects, assignments, college projects, along with their daily homework.

Accounting for the monumental impact that Textsheet had, and the luxury that is offered to students- the news that the website would no longer be available was nothing short of soul-crushing. The primary reason behind Textsheet’s take down was traced back to a multitude of copyright violations. 

Since Textsheet relied on the Chegg API to fulfill students’ queries, Chegg’s employees filed out on an official DMCA takedown request, which ultimately ended in the website being shut down for good- much to the dismay of the thousands of students that relied on it. 

With that being said, however, in an attempt to aid our readers, we have compiled an article that dives deep into some of the best alternatives to use for Textsheet. Not only do these alternatives offer students all of the features that Textsheet does, but some of them also provide students better features. 

Best Textsheet Alternatives in 2020

Based on several different factors, we have curated some of our best picks for Textsheet alternatives. With these alternative websites similar to Textsheet, students no longer have to worry about the tools that will help them get good grades since the Textsheet options mentioned below (in no order of priority) have got you covered. 

#1- Studylib:

Although a cursory viewing of this website might have it come across as being difficult to navigate since several elements on the site make it quite hard to get explore the first couple of times. For the first-time visitor to their website, Studylib takes a somewhat different approach to educate students and focuses on an acute emphasis on efficient learning strategies. 

In addition to utilizing a different approach in educating students, Studylib is also equipped with a “Flashcard explorer,” that hosts several categories that include subjects such as foreign language, science, math, social sciences, technology & engineering, along with a plethora of other popular topics. 

Furthermore, Studylib also hosts one of the largest community-driven educational libraries on the internet. Students can utilize this e-library to read, print or download worksheets, labs, lesson plans, along with other study material for free. Additionally, students also have the luxury of browsing through trending documents in various categories and uploading their own, which further strengthens the Studylib community.

With Studylib, users can also create personalized flashcards on various subjects, and share them with their friends. To access all the features offered by Studylib for free, users need only register themselves on the website. 


Specially designed for providing academic aid to the students who need it, CrazyForStudy is an online platform that serves as a much better alternative to Textsheet. Along with providing students access to a staggering number of more than 50 million books, CrazyForStudy also helps students by providing them clear-cut, step-by-step textbook solutions to their questions. 

In addition to helping students with their course-specific questions, CrazyForStudy also provides assignment help on a wide range of subjects, including science, math, finance, accounting, engineering, computer science, along with many others. 

Widely popular in Australia, the website is recognized as a staple in the educational diet of many students. Moreover, the students living in Australia can find the books prescribed by their professors, by merely searching up their colleges’ name. With a couple of clicks, students can search up rare textbooks on CrazyForStudy, changing their educational game for the better. 

#3- SparkNotes:

Massively popular, SparkNotes is a must-have educational tool that provides users with highly valuable insights and guides on an arsenal of subjects, including English literature, history, math, science, biology, amongst plenty of others. 

Not only does SparkNotes offer information to students in a systematic and organized manner, unlike the prescribed textbooks that bombard students with random details on a topic, and simply fail to make any sense. On the contrary, to these fear-inducing textbooks, SparkNotes offers a great alternative and provides summaries that make the learning of the topic significantly easier for students. Moreover, students can then also check their understanding of the subject and their information retention by taking the quizzes at the end of each topic. 

And if all that wasn’t enough to prove the lucrativeness of SparkNotes, students can also extensively prepare for standardized testing through their website, as they provide several books and online content for tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, along with AP Subject Tests. As per our experience, however, we find SparkNotes to be the best in aiding in literature studies, with their extensive guides. 

#4- Coursehero:

With an online educational platform that rings true to its name, Coursehero is another excellent choice for a Textsheet alternative. Along with housing several different study resources such as guides, documents, videos, and class notes, along with a staggering 30 million course-specific study materials that can prove to be extremely lucrative to students. 

Along with hosting an extensive study material database, Coursehero covers several subjects, including economics, literature, biology, psychology, amongst many others. Moreover, the website also offers the spectacular feature of practice problems, which lets students know exactly where they stand, preparation wise, before they take a complicated exam. Additionally, students can also leverage the 24/7 homework help option for personalized coaching. 

#5- Paperhelp:

Although Paperhelp isn’t an exact alternative to Textsheet, it is still a highly useful tool that can come in handy for college students. Simply put, as the name quite obviously suggests, is a custom paper writing services provider. Although writing papers is a vital part of the school and college curriculum, students often waste a lot of time writing essays, which is where Paperhelp comes into save the day. 

Through Paperhelp, you can avail of their essay writing services by typing in the exact details of your paper, along with any other requirements that you might have. Once they have calculated the price for writing your essay, you can instantly gain access to a professionally written paper that matches all your requirements. 

Moreover, Paperhelp offers a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, which helps satisfy any queries that students might have in regards to their papers. 


Most notably used in the United States, Slader has, within the past years, quickly established itself as one of the most popular educational online platforms for college kids. Used by millions of students monthly, the Slader app can also be downloaded on Android and IOS phones. 

With Slader at their disposal, students can easily find the solution to a specific problem from a textbook, simply by entering in the 13 digits ISBN of their book, which then results in the complete exercise with all the possible answers on their screens. 

Furthermore, Slader also hosts an extensive database on a variety of subjects, which makes it an excellent Textsheet alternative. 


At the end of the article, we can only hope that we’ve presented to our readers’ useful Textsheet Alternatives, which enables them to utilize technological advances to educate themselves better

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
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