Borderlands 3: How to Find and Kill SpongeBoss BulletPants Boss Guide

SpongeBoss Bulletpants is an exclusive secret boss in Borderlands 3 that you really don’t want to miss out on defeating! His exceptional loot will reward you with some rare items that are practically impossible to find otherwise!

Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fistercluck DLC has taken the internet by storm! The DLC introduces new story campaigns, new character costumes, new locations, and new enemies and fans are absolutely obsessed with it! One particular enemy which has grabbed the attention of millions of people is the SpongeBoss BulletPants Boss. This boss is not a part of the main storyline and hence, you won’t find him until you go on a hunt to find his exact location! So where can you find this insanely powerful boss? What loot does he give? How do you defeat him successfully? Keep on reading to find out How to Find and Kill SpongeBoss BulletPants boss in this Borderlands 3 guide.

SpongeBoss BulletPants- Where can you find him?

SpongeBoss BulletPants- Where can you find him?

SpongeBoss BulletPants lives in a pineapple inside a psycho’s brain! Thus, be prepared for some serious head-scratching to seek SpongeBoss BulletPants house out.

Seige The Castle Crimson

Before you can find him, you need to reach a certain point in the main storyline. You will need to gain access to Castle Crimson by knocking down the gate using three catapults. Sieging the castle is the second mission of the main story in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC.

Seige the Castle Crimson by entering the memory map and speaking with the Psycho Krieg King. Then, you must find the Flesh Horn and blow it. The castle Crimson will attack you with catapults. Escape from them and assault the meat castle. Now, make your way to the locked Castle Gates. Break it open by using catapults. One of the catapults is located on the side route leading away from the castle. Next, locate evil Brick and Mordecai and fight them to reach the second catapult. You can’t use it until you feed three skag meats to the Goliath. After firing the second catapult, shoot at the moon a couple of times and collect it when it drops. Now, place the moon in the third catapult and fire it at the door of the castle crimson to break it down.

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Find SpongeBoss BulletPants Boss

Go back to the location of the third catapult. While going back to it, you will see a route going off to the right. It will lead you to a small area. Take this route and you will find a small pineapple-shaped house. When you reach this pineapple-shaped house, SpongeBoss BulletPants will come out in all his glory to try and kill you.

Tips and Tricks for Fighting SpongeBoss BulletPants

As a huge bullet sponge, SpongeBoss BulletPants will soak up lots of attacks and ammo while dealing some pretty intensive damage himself. Thus, make sure you have the proper equipment to fight this mini-boss or he will destroy you in minutes! Additionally, look out for his Bubble Blaster gun that shoots radiation damage yielding bubbles. Thus, try and find a protective shield against radiation damage and you will have a much better chance of defeating this scary boss.

Tips and Tricks for Fighting SpongeBoss BulletPants

There are two ways for killing SB BulletPants in Borderlands 3 . You can either fight him in his normal state and kill him before he levels up by constantly attacking him and slowly decreasing his health. Alternatively, you could level him up and fight him to get even more exclusive rewards!

Leveling up SpongeBoss SquarePants

To level Bulletpants up for the first time, simply shoot at his helmet to take it off. He will transform into SpongeBoss NoChance, a SpongeBoss that resembles SpongeBob in no way! His skill extends and his eyeballs protrude out, making him look deadly! Expect to have a tougher fight than normal with this leveled-up SpongeBoss Bulletpants called SpongeBoss NoChance. However, you can level him up four more times to get the ultimate SpongeBoss. He changes from SpongeBoss Nochance to Super Spongeboss NoChance to Mega Spongeboss Nochance to Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance to Godly Spongeboss NoChance!

Leveling up SpongeBoss SquarePants

For further leveling up, he needs to get a few kills. Take him to the nearby area with spider ants and let him fight them. This will also be a good distraction and you can take a moment or two to relax. Upon killing one spiderant, NoChance will become Super SpongeBoss NoChance. After killing two more spiderants, he will become Mega NoChance. Another three spiderants kills will transform him into the Ultimate Spongeboss NoChance.

Finally, let the Ultimate NoChance kill four more spiderants. He will transform into his ultimate lethal form, the Godly Spongeboss NoChance.

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You don’t have to do a lot of work to transform and level up Spongeboss BulletPants. Simply let him take at the spider ants and kill them without disturbing or distracting him. You can take a moment and relax while he does this.

SpongeBoss BulletPants in Borderlands 3 Loot

It drops several spectacular loot items including Hedgehog Faulty Star, Unlimited Deadshot, Unwavering Faulty Star, and the P.A.T Mk III. You won’t get all of these items but a few of them.

SpongeBoss BulletPants in Borderlands 3 Loot

Most people want the P.A.T Mk III drop as it is a great weapon! However, you may not get it the first time you defeat SpongeBoss. Try seeking out and killing him a few times and you’ll get the ultimate Borderlands 3 weapon in his loot drop.

Other Exceptional Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fistercluck DLC Content

Other Exceptional Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fistercluck DLC Content

The Psycho Krieg DLC takes place entirely in the freaky consciousness of the meat maestro! It introduces a lot of new content including the following,

  • 20 new Bandit enemies including Badass Psycho, Nomad Torturer, and SharpShooter Marauder
  • 4 new blackheart enemies including Blackheart Bishop, BlackHeart Pawn, BlackHeart Knight, and Blackheart Rook.
  • 14 Hyperion Officers including Buckshot Major, Soldier Sergeant, and Riot Lieutenant
  • 4 Story Bosses including Evil Lilith, Locombius, Dr. Benedict and Psychoreaver
  • 8 mini bosses
  • 5 side bosses
  • Several powerful legendary weapons like the lovable rogue rifle, P.A.T Mk III, the convergence shotgun, and the molten rapid septimate prime.

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