Conceptualisations of Sales Funnel For Business Management


Managing your workforce is a big part of growing your company, raising profits, and keeping your company as functional as possible. There are a number of things that you can do when you are planning on adding procedures to how your company works, adding people to the sales team, or changing their expectations. The steps that you see below will completely change how you manage your sellers, and they will become much more efficient at the same time.

Put All Your Data On The Cloud

You need to put all your data on the cloud so that you can check documents, helps your staff read these documents, and allows you to collaborate. People who do outside sales need documents that they can access quickly to show your clients, and you must use a cloud that is completely secure. Most managing sales team need documentation to show their customers, and they need the original marketing that they can use to sell their products or services. People who recognize the marketing are more likely to buy, and they will remember the marketing from previous interactions.

Market Well

You need to market yourself in a way that puts you in front of the public as an expert. The people who see you as an expert are more likely to buy from you. Your company needs to be positioned as a company that has answers, and you need to market in as many ways as possible. Market yourself with social media so that you can reach a young audience. Market yourself with ads that show up in search engines, and use radio ads in your community that help people remember who you are.

Set Goals

You need to set goals for your company that are easy to reach. You want your staff to feel as though they can meet your expectations or even exceed them if you have big goals. You should give prizes to your staff when they reach their goals, and you need to ask your staff if they need special prizes that will motivate them. You can even go so far as setting goals using an online program that sets tasks for each person.

The goals that you reach should add up over time to meet the sales goal for each person. You are teaching your staff how to pace themselves, and you will find that most people on your staff are excited to work with you because they know that you are a reasonable person. Moreover, you need to set goals that will give your staff prizes. Someone who gets a prize from their employer is more likely to work harder going forward.

Meet With The Staff

You need to meet with your sales staff, and you must ask them what they need from you. You should allow your staff to give you real input, and you must show them that they have a real say in what your company does. People who feel as though they have no input will be disappointed, put off, and not want to work with you going forward. If you do not do the things that your staff asks, they will not respect you. If you do not take their advice, you must show these people why you went against their wishes.

Find New Leads

You need to find leads for your sales staff that will make their lives easier. You must provide them with something that they can use, and you must find enough leads to reach your goals. When you are giving your staff leads, you see them succeed. You can ask for leads from a number of lead generation companies, and you should check out some of these leads before you hand them off to your staff. Each person who buys leads is changing the way that their company works, and they are working with a number of companies to send in leads.

You could use your website to generate leads, and you will place phone calls to people who need assistance with your product or service. There are leads that you might need because they come from people who are already interested, and you might call them before you hand them over to the sales staff.


The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have sales leads, sales goals, and sales rewards for your staff. There are a few things that you might do to motivate your staff, but you must listen to them at the same time. Listening to people gives them a chance to feel as though they are a part of the family. The staff will work with you every day to reach their goals, and you will all make more money in the process.

Helen Cartwright
Helen Cartwright is a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche. When not wired in marketing strategies she ghost-write for a variety of authors who have their work published on leading online media channels such as The Huffing ton Post and


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