Freelancers: These are the Best 7 Digital Careers

Thanks to the internet, anyone with marketable skills may now be able to make a living at home. You can work part-time for extra income, as a home business. You could also work full-time. Some freelancers may be highly mobile and able to work on the road. Others may set up a home office where they can work comfortably.

There are numerous money-making possibilities available for a variety of skills. Not all of them are easy to manage or pay particularly well. But if you’re determined to make a career out of freelancing, here are seven of the best options.

1) Graphic Designer

This is a popular option since there’s already wide demand for it as a professional career. It’s also constantly changing as new tools and technologies emerge. If you want to make your living as a graphic designer, you’ll need to keep expanding on your abilities. There’s always a demand for visuals. If you have the creativity and graphic design skills, you can find a lot of work and make good money.

2) Website Designer

There are millions of new websites showing up every day. More and more users start their shopping with internet research. The demand for good website designs is growing every day. Attractive and functional sites draw traffic. This works for both businesses and individuals alike. Freelance work as a website designer can become a very profitable career.

The competition is intense. Some clients will definitely be difficult. But, if you possess strong skills and are ready to dedicate yourself to each project, you’ll find the rewards are worth the struggle.

3) Copywriter

This has been an in-demand career since the earliest days of corporate advertising. Copywriters write slogans, taglines, campaigns and marketing stories. That market keeps growing. There are always clients out there, in search of good copy for their websites. This could be your ideal career if you have a way with words and communicate ideas effectively.

You’ll produce product descriptions, website text, and more. As you develop a portfolio of quality work, you can charge higher fees for your talents. Copywriting is one of those industries where the longer you work, you perfect your skills. Over time, your income will grow.

4) Content Marketer

Content marketers are not too different from copywriters. There’s also a growing demand for useful content online. Every business wants to provide the best content that will generate an online following. This, in the long run, turns into sales. Content marketing is in high demand as a key principle in website promotion.

Content marketing can include blogging, press releases, story-telling, copywriting, and much more. If you spend hours at your computer, typing away – this might be the right career for you.

5) Video Editor

With the success of video-based sites like YouTube, more sites are introducing videos to their content as an entertaining way to engage visitors. Video editing as always been a well-payed profession. With the rise of online videos, the demand for video editors is now higher than ever.

Rates for skilled editors seem to keep climbing. You could end up working not just for website owners, but film or TV producers needing your help. Video editing is usually outsourced. There are plenty of opportunities for freelance editors.

6) Community Manager

This is a recent term that actually refers to social media management. Your social following is often referred to as your “community”. As a community manager, you’ll take care of social activities of various clients across social media. You clients might be anyone from individuals to large commercial enterprises. While this can be an in-company job, it’s quite often outsourced.

Effective social management can include design, copyrighting, and content marketing. You need a good background in these skills and experience with the various social platforms. Once you’re established, you can find some generous clients eager to pay for your services.

7) Software Developer

This is a good choice for those who are interested in working in IT, or are already educated in software and app development. The demand for software continues to grow, especially in mobile. Software developers have some of the highest rates among all freelancers.

But, the competition is high. Developers are often outsources. Many of them charge low rates. This is why it’s wise to start with simpler projects, gain experience, and gradually move up. With patience, this can be a very lucrative career choice.

Freelancers are the Future

Freelancing is no longer a risky career choice. The internet has turned many skilled professionals into full-time freelancers. If you have skills that are in demand, you can either work from home or on the road to generate income.

It’s flexible. You can freelance on the side and earn extra cash. Or, you can focus only on freelancing. Whether this is a secondary income or something you can do full-time is up to you.

Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon is an independent business development and marketing specialist for SMEs. He loves sharing his insights and experience to assist business owners in growing their revenues. You can find Eric on Twitter @ericdavidgordon


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