Hay Day Derby Tips – Play Guide And Derby Winning Strategy

Derby is the awesome feature being introduced by Super Cell in Hay Day. This made Hay Day players more professional in the game rather playing friendly. So, here are few Hay Day Derby Tips and Hay Day Derby Cheats and Strategy which will help you to win and play friendly as well.

Hay Day Derby Guide

Hay Day Derby starts every Tuesday 11:00 pm GMT time and ends at the same time as of starting time at 11:00 pm GMT on Monday and started from Level 18. So, there is a 24 hours gap before new derby starts and in this mean while change of neighbourhood can be possible though neighbourhood can be changed too while the derby but this wont allow you to collect derby rewards. When Hay Day Derby was introduced it was rather simple, only a person had to do task and win for their neighbourhood.

Hay Day Derby Tips
Hay Day Derby Tips

Neighbourhoods that play during the derby comprises of usually 15 neighbourhood. However there are two similarities between the participating neighbourhoods. Firstly, all have equal number of members and all have the same average ranking as of previous derby.

Hay Day Derby Leagues

Hay Day Derby Leagues
Hay Day Derby Leagues

Recent update initiated the concept of Hay Day Derby Leagues . Hay Day Derby Leagues comprises of five leagues ; Rookie league, Novice League, Professional League, Expert League and Champion League and most important opt in and out function which helps you to omit the next derby in case you did not want to participate in next derby or your are busy. .

Rookie league is composed of 5 tasks with one additional task that cost you 10 diamonds. While Novice league is comprised of 6 tasks, Professional League of 7 Tasks, Expert League of 8 Tasks, Champions League of 9 Tasks with some exciting Hay Day Derby awards and all are followed with one additional task.

Hay Day Derby League Guide
Hay Day Derby League Guide

Neighborhoods finishing the derby in top three move up to a more challenging new derby league. Neighborhoods ending the derby in last three or who did not reach the first horseshoe checkpoint move down to the previous league . Remaining neighborhoods play same league in the next derby.

Hay Day Derby Tips

If you want to win Hay Day Derby then your must follow the stated Hay Day Strategy and Hay Day Derby Tips.

  1. Most importantly Hay Day Derby Tips is to keep in touch with your neighbourhood members and tell them if you don’t want to participate in next derby use opt in/out function to opt out from the next derby so that the score doesn’t get below average. Ask your members to do 300+ tasks above and delete all 300 below tasks from the board.
  2. Secondly, the important Hay Day Derby Tips which I consider is making your all members to elders so that they are able to delete below 300 tasks.
  3. Encourage your members to help each other and try to do all 320 tasks which is of highest value in the current derbies.

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Hay Day Derby Tips and Tricks

First thing is to remember is play as a team and follow the strategies.

Hay Day Derby Tips For Help Task:

To do Hay Day Derby Help Task in quick span of time your other neighbourhood member must have saved the required bushes for you. You can easily save bushes for help task by not putting on help in else time when no one need help.

Hay Day Derby Tips For Train Task:

To do Hay Day Derby Train Task in quick span of time you must have upgraded your train to carry all 10 passengers. Get 10 passengers from your neighbourhood member and serve them which asks you to serve only once. Remaining who asks for two or three services send the away. When you are finished serving the town visitor once don’t collect the money, prizes and xp’s, instead leave them and serve more visitors up to your town capacity. When you have taken train task collect prizes one by one and once you are completed with task stop collecting from further visitors.

Hay Day Derby Tips For Fishing Task:

For fishing task the Hay Day Derby Tips is simple. Don’t collect the fish until the catching spot is very small. because the small the catching spot the more high lbs of the fish you will collect. It helps you complete the Fishing task in less time.

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Hay Day Derby Tips For Truck Task:

For truck task the Hay Day Derby Tips is to do truck having 1000+ xp’s. It helps you to level faster but it does not do your derby task faster. To do quicker you have to take help from your hood members. 🙂

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Hay Day Derby Tips For Boat Tasks, Feed Tasks & Harvesting Tasks:

There is no such Tips and Tricks for Boat Task. Only you can use diamonds to speed up boat arriving time. Similar is what with feed and harvesting tasks.

Hay Day Derby Tips For Other Tasks:

There is another Hay Day Derby Tips for other tasks as well like Pumpkin Pie making task, woolly hat task, blackberry muffin task and other similar food production tasks. For these tasks, you must start producing products before the day of derby and be in cooperation with hood members and let them know which tasks are you preparing for and your other hood members should also know about it.

Hay Day Derby Cheats:

This is not the really Hay Day Cheat but you may consider it as a Hay Day Cheat. So, with this Hay Day cheat you will learn how to win the derby. This Hay Day Derby Cheat comprised of Timing and cooperation of hood members. First lets talk about that what is meant by timing in Hay Day Derby Cheats. For a guaranteed win in Hay Day Derby either you are in Rookie league, Professional League, Novice league or Expert League you must start derby from the time when it says only 5 days left. By starting late, you get an easy competition with inactive hoods. In this meanwhile no member should take the task, however, you can delete useless task. This trick doesn’t works for Champions League because all hoods in Champions league are already active.

To win the derby in Champions League you and your hood member needs to be super active. Hay Day Derby cheats to win in Champions League is simple you and your hood members have to do all 320 tasks with an additional task. But to be quick with your 320 tasks is be prepared for the all the common derby tasks. Like this you need to take that task and complete it in seconds. Some of the quickest 320 derby tasks include help task and catching ores task. 320 Serving Town Visitor task can also be quick if you have served all 23 visitors in town, for this you have to serve all of them before derby or during other tasks and do not collect prizes for them. Send back the visitors that needs to be served 2-3 times. Now get 10 town visitors from your neighbour hood members town which is required to be served once. This way you need to call the train three times a day to serve 30 town visitors. Similarly, for 320 tasks for products, start producing products that are common with 320 tasks like pumpkin pie tasks, blackberry muffin task, woolly hat tasks, chili popcorn task and etc. but do not collect them. By these Hay Day Derby Cheats you can quickly complete your derby but you will be short of other Hay Day products.

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  1. Hello i just wanted to ask you what you mean when u say we compete against neighbourhoods with same number of members. Do u mean same number of people participants in the derby? Or does is include the people who opt out of the derby

    • It means equal number of active derby players. If your hood is playing derby with 4 active members then the other hoods in the competition would have same number of participants in derby.

  2. Hi, my Group is in champion league now. I’am very surprised in this league,all is very active, even They could finish 10 tasks with 320 point, only in 5 hours. I don’t know, which tricks they used. Becoz, I tried to very active too but I couldn’t get good tasks (I mean task with 320 point, which we can finish fast like mining task, truck task, town task. I did to prepare it before derby starts,). I spent the time only to trash tasks, even more than 100 tasks meanwhile they finished all task T_T.
    Yes I know, it’s only game :D, but I’am very hesitate to get only 1 gold in champion league. Do you know maybe tips and trick they used?tyvm

    • Hi Avicenna, Obviously they are using diamonds to complete their tasks. I would suggest you to start derby from Thursday if you have 10 members if you have 5-6 members then start from Friday. Meanwhile keep on trashing tasks until and unless your desired task appears. But take task on Thursday or Friday it will make competition easy.

  3. is it possible if i hv delted.my active task and than picked up an extra task to complete my 9 tasks or what about extra task?? i think it will work

  4. Champion derby players created a new neighborhood. It’s called CRESCENT MOON PASTURES. ✨✨join us in the beginning while we take over the world!!

    Are you looking for a neighborhood that is fun loving, chatty, helpful? If you are over 21 then look no longer because that is what we offer!

    You have found a Great Hood!! We love the derby. 10 tasks @ 312 + point value.. You should be willing to spend diamonds on the tenth task if it is required for top 3. We are a neighbourhood that is there for you.. We help each other to get tasks done. It’s a group effort, With some tasks done in minutes. If you don’t like sharing, or having others offer to help you, we are not for you. We are like a family…

    This is what we are looking for…People at least Level 60, Very Active and who can Communicate fluently in English! And one last thing….. Please no one under 21
    Here are a few things I am asking:

    * Please and thank you will get you a long way..
    * Helping with boat orders, watering, and townie pick up.
    * Respect each other, leave the bad attitude at the door.
    * A sense of humour… We can get a bit silly.. Sorry
    * Do all tasks ( or let us know if you can’t, I know life can get in the way!!) or opt out of the Derby.
    * Level 60, required to join…
    * It is a demand free zone… I will not make demands on anyone…

    What we can do for you:
    * make you feel like you have come home
    * help with boats ( dairy and sugar boat are not frown on when they are Derby boats)
    * after you are with us for a week we with help with barn, silo, and land expanding… Don’t come if that’s the only thing you want. We have all experienced those type.. Hood hopper.. You will be removed.

    Any changes that occur in the Hood are based on a majority vote or decision, IT’S YOUR HOOD!!! You will be promoted when you join. Chatting is also a Big Plus but not necessary if you are doing your tasks. Please be prepared for a few questions when you join..
    If this sounds good to you why not join my hood and give us a try!?
    We are new. The result of a neighborhood split we brought the best to our side!! The intention is to grow the hood to 30 though that may take a while to get the exact perfect mix of 30 people. The reason I want it to be 30 is because that way if we have an off week or we make a mistake or we don’t feel like playing derby it is not so imperative because we have others to rely on. I am willing to wait months to get to the perfect mix of 30.
    So look for me my name is BLACK PEARLE CREAMERY and the neighborhood is CRESCENT MOON PASTURES We are a BLUE background with a red CHICKEN You won’t regret it.

  5. Please help..I reached 1st place the first day of the derby, 3200 max points, then on the 5th day I was bumped to 2nd place by a player who earned 3200 points. How did I get bumped to 2nd place?

  6. These tips are pretty useful, thank you so much for sharing these valuable tips. Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the challenges

  7. So I’m wondering how the Novice League works, I get that we can complete the 5 tasks and do and additional for cost of diamonds! But how can we see how we are doing compared to other neighborhoods, I’m trying to see if other teams have started, which leads me to the question of how I can see that or my fellow members tasks like the previous round? If we all complete all task daily for the novice league, do we move to the next league? I’m just really confused on why I can’t see other neighborhoods scores and where my neighborhood stands

    • there is leaderboard in horse logo(the one that is not top upper one but the second top upper one on your left side) that is available you or one of your neighborhood starts taking a task

  8. I am the only one in my clan I made since its beginning 5 weeks ago and diddn’t stop getting promoted to higher league having gold trophee in each league by starting my tasks lately and finishing them in less than 10 hours. but in Champions league wow i never see this kind of competition last week i was danger getting back to expert because i wasn’t ready for a power derby i thought it would be a normal derby i started it last i have done 9 tasks/18 last day i slept because it was late i was 5th i woke up second day 15 min before derby ends seeing myself 12th placeand the 13th had same derby points as me Anyway I ended 12th happily but thid is impossible getting gold in champions league i must have at least 20k diamonds to finish first Anyway this week back in champions league i started the derby taking a help task when i took the task i opened the leaderboard i have seen a neighborhood who have finished the whole tasks 320 including extra task and that was just the second i took my first task. that is crazy and a bit too unfair i have no chance for gold in champions league lol?? I started my tasks today and ended it also same day it took me 7 hours to finish it all with extra task all 320 too and i ended 5th if it continues like that how can i get gold trophee in champions league cause i am out of ideas. i have lot of mine ores that i calculatedcan be finishing 8 mine tasks 320 i am thinking to wait for the opportunity by calculations to get 1000 so that i can finish it in 10 mins only in the case that when i take my first task seeing leaderboard that no one has been 1st yet i don’t know that is the only idea i. have if you have any better ideas and easier that can work please reply to my message at the moment my goal is to stay top 12 to keep myslef in champions league.

  9. So…..am I understanding this correctly that those teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in just a few hours after a new derby starts are most likely using “real money” to buy bunches of diamonds to complete tasks so quickly? If so….that takes a lot of the fun out of competition for those that are not able to purchase bags of diamonds, etc. My farmers would like to see that stopped!!!

  10. I am not understanding how the derby points are awarded, for example in the latest derby there were 7 tasks, I completed all 7 plus I paid 10 diamonds a total of 8 tasks, the highest score for each task was 320 points so I multiplied that by 8 which was a total of 2,560.
    On the derby score board the total for each player was
    1st 6,587
    2nd 6,294
    3rd 5,818
    4th 5,597
    I came 8th 4,452
    My question is: I completed the maximum number of tasks all of which were the highest score, so how did the 1st position get 6,587 and so on.
    If these scores are accurate it is absolutely unfair on players like myself.
    Could someone please explain to me why the tasks were not available for me to obtain a higher score.


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