Here is how to Choose the Best Guest Posting Service Provider

Guest posting is crucial for every digital marketing campaign. While most companies would offer this as their secondary service, it’s not something you can easily do without offering it as a specialized service. You need a team of outreach and writing experts just to get started. 

This is the reason why most digital marketing companies also outsource their guest posting work. There are several guest posting service providers, but you might not like working with every one of them. There are many opportunities to fool the client when it comes to guest posting. 

You need someone who can actually deliver what he promises. It takes time before you might be able to tell that you didn’t get what was promised, and it could be too late by then. Here I’ve discussed how you can avoid low-quality service by finding the best guest posting company.

Start with their Portfolio

A portfolio tells a lot about a company. It is the record of the campaigns they have executed in the past. You should always ask for their portfolio to get to know about their skills. You should prefer a company that has worked on a similar niche as yours.

Although some might think that it’s just guest posting and no specialized skills are required, they are wrong here. Guest posting is not about randomly publishing filler articles with a link to your website. You have to consider your target audience and business goals with each post. 

A company that has already worked on a project of the same niche as yours would have more experience. They will not have to do any experiments at your expense and they will get better results than their competitors. A portfolio also shows that it’s a real company with an experienced background. If a company doesn’t have a portfolio, it could mean that they are new to this industry.

Check their Client Reviews

Their existing or past clients can tell you everything you need to know about their professionalism. They have worked with them and know their shortcomings. While it would be difficult to find someone who has worked with that company, you can easily find their reviews. 

Most companies share their client testimonials on their websites. You should see them, but be skeptical about believing them. They can put anything on their website. You should look for reviews on other websites and choose the best company to avoid bad guest posting services

Ask for Free Consultation

It’s a part of their job to provide you with a free consultation. They will take all your requirements and share their experience and feedback from a practical perspective. This also helps you find better and cheaper alternatives to what you were initially planning. 

You know your field better than most people. Talking to them will also give you an idea of their skills. They will be guiding you and you will be taking their help, but you will also be judging their experience during that meeting. 

If you feel they are misguiding you for their own gain or they don’t know what they are talking about, you would know that this is not the right service provider for your project. 

See their Publisher’s List

A good guest posting service provider must have a network of bloggers where your posts will be published. You should ask them to show their partner bloggers for your relevant niche. 

The sheet they share should also have details about the niche, traffic, and domain authority of each website. 

This will help you understand how diverse their network is. If they have to do custom outreach before they can publish your posts, you should expect a longer turnaround. They will also charge you more with custom outreach. 

Test their Writing Skills

Writing is an important part of a guest posting campaign. It’s not just about link building but also brand awareness and creating an image as an industry leader. This is not possible when you have a good writer that understands content marketing. 

You should always if they are using filler content or actually planning according to your business goals. This will tell you a lot about their service. The two main things that determine the quality of their service are the content and the site where your post will be published. 

Take Several Quotes before Starting

Don’t just start working with the first service provider you can find. You should visit a few companies who you think can do your job right. Talk to all of them and take a quote. 

Make sure you also ask what they will provide in that price range and what makes them worth the cost. You can later compare the cost and perks offered by each company to select one company. Make sure you don’t just take a verbal estimation of the cost. Take it in a written format with complete details. 

Turnaround Time is Important

You can’t have every small project delayed. A competitive service provider offers to complete your project before any other company. You should always ask how much time they will take before you get started. Take the agreement in writing and there should be a plenty system if they delay it. You shouldn’t have to ask for it. A professional guest posting company would offer it to you. This allows you to complete large projects in a time- and cost-efficient manner. 

They Should be Able to Scale

Make sure they will be able to handle larger projects if you give them any in the future. Your business won’t always remain the same as it is today. You will always be trying to scale and, with the right efforts, you will. 

At that time, you will need service providers who can provide fast and competitive service so you can keep growing even in a competitive environment. You should ask them how large guest posting projects they can handle how much time it will take to complete them.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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