Here’s a Checklist for the Best Mobile App Features

Mobile app development space is growing aggressively with new solutions evolving on client and user demands. People are asking for smarter, personalized solutions that they can rely on for their daily needs. And in the race to provide them with the same, mobile app development companies are thriving to produce better solutions each day. But what makes a solution better than that of its competitors? If you really think about it, the answer is the sorted ways a mobile apps approaches and solve basic to complex challenges. So, it can be implied that unique features make the most impact when you are trying to see your mobile app in the list of top mobile applications. Some of the apps are already using quite sophisticated features, out of which some of the most popular ones are:

Simple UI

There is no point in complicating user interface as the more complicated the UI gets, the harder it is to understand the UI. Earlier, when people were not very fond of design in the app and used to go simply for the functionality and what the app offered. But today, times have changed and to solve the most complex of issues, simplest of UI interfaces are in demand. Make sure, right from the beginning of the app development process that the UI you are using is in accordance with the clients’ requirements; and this has to be an ongoing process for each step.

Personalization and Customizability

People want their things to be in accordance with them; it doesn’t matter it is an event or an app. Allow your users to customize the application according to the colours, themes, backgrounds, and personalize the technical components of it for the users. This way, you can always keep the users engaged and interested in your app for two of the major reasons:

  • You provide users the right information at the right time.
  • Users can customize the theme from time to time and have a fresh feel using your app.

Thus, customizability and personalization feature is not only helpful when you are trying to gain mass reach but also to retain loyal users in your customer base.

Social Media Link

Most of the application today come with social media integration only in terms of login. Now that may leave a positive impact but not much, especially the potential of social media is in changing the reputation of a brand. However, there are some of the apps that allow customers to use an internal feed. For example – Runtastic, a fitness app, allows users to track fitness activities of their friends. What’s even better is that it allows users to share their in-app feed posts on social media. In terms of mass reach and app recognition, this factor also works in two ways:

  • Your app builds links on social media, which adds to the credibility of it.
  • Direct sharing on social media is a great promotional strategy for the application.

Therefore, direct posting to social media is an important aspect of a mobile app that should and must be included in the mobile app.

End to End Encryption

In terms of security, there is nothing more secure than (E2E) End to end encryption at present. Most of the top applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and many more are using E2E encryption protocols in their builds to ensure that the exchange of personal data is highly personal at all stages. E2E encryption includes two private keys, each to be held with two parties involved in the exchange of data. Mostly, E2E encryption is most prevalent in applications with chat feature as it involves exchange of a lot of private data. Therefore, E2E encryption is a mandatory factor in the app you build.


Search is an important feature if you app has a lot of scattered data that could be difficult to shuffle through in case you are looking for a particular item. This feature is available in many mobile applications but only few have had a team of iPhone and Android app development companies that could apply this feature in the real essence of its purpose. To augment the functionality of search, app developers usually put sort and filter feature to narrow down a user’s query results to the minimum.

Sadesh Sam
Sadesh Sam
Sadesh, an experienced content writer working in a mobile apps development company in India. I like to write content based on technology, Startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.


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