How to Hire an Efficient iPhone App Developer


Apple app store is the base for many innovative apps in the market. Many apps that are successful today (i.e. Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc) started its journey as an iOS app. Today there are over 2.2 million apps in the Apple app store and the number is growing day by day. The reason app development companies normally choose an iOS app for development is because of easy revenue generation. Apple apps have generated over 70 billion US dollars, where it is projected to reach 188 billion dollars by 2020.

For you to get in the list of best iPhone apps you need an efficient team of iPhone app developers. And every efficient team is made up of efficient individuals. But the question on everybody’s mind is how to know if an individual is cut out for iPhone app development? How can we know if the individual is an efficient iPhone app developer?

It needs a thorough examination to hire an efficient iOS app developer. Making sure to interview the right candidate requires screening of applicants and testing their skills. This makes the whole process of interview easy for you and lets you find the perfect individual.

Here are some more helpful tips to make sure you hire the perfect candidate for your iPhone App Development.

Candidate Profile Screening

Before you start responding to random applications you need to set a proper requirement profile. You can include your conditions and requirements in the profile. By this method, you can screen the number of applicants for the post and ease the interview process.

Find an Ethical Candidate

During the interview process find out why does he/she wants to join your organization. Look for a person who is not only good at developing but also has a creative outlook towards the job, someone who values the company policy and a candidate with professional ethics.

Knowledge about Latest Technology

The worth of an iPhone developer is weighed by whether the individual possesses any expertise in the latest tools and tech for iPhone app development. The amount of knowledge the candidate has regarding Swift, spatial reasoning, networking, core data, design guidelines, usage of git and Github etc, determines the developer’s expertise.

Work Experience

If you are facing issues related to testing, designing or anything else hire a candidate that is experienced in the same domain. Hiring individuals for the problem you face will prove out to be efficient in addressing the problem faster and better hence saving you money.

Learning Efficiency

Look for a candidate who has an exceptional learning capability and a hunger to experiment new and innovative ideas. Hire individuals who can grasp ideas quickly and who are active and eager to learn and implement. Building apps with new ideas and innovation will help you score the top position on the list of best apps.

Easy on your Wallet

The candidate who is experienced needs to be paid the wages he deserves. But given that you are a start-and you cannot afford an experienced developer then you can always hire a fresher but a talented developer for your app development.

Check Reference

Look for candidates who have a reference from their previous workplace. Consider how the previous employer assesses the candidate. Feedbacks can give you a good insight into their skills as a developer.

Companies hire developers carefully. If you want your development company to triumph in the iOS app development industry, you need to have an efficient team to make it possible.

Jay Patel
I am the CEO and founder of Mobile App Development India.I have 10+ years of experience and expertise in project coordination, business development, dealing with global clients, etc.As an entrepreneur in the web and mobile app development domain, I've also published many blogs and articles on latest web based technology, development tips, and mobility solutions.


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