How to beat the Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3

Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3 known for its perplexing challenges and colossal enemies, is an action role-playing video game that requires you to survive an oncoming apocalypse. To survive, you need to find the five Lords of Cinder, slay them and feed their souls to the First Flame.

Among these Lords are the Abyss Watchers, a collective boss that you will encounter after interacting with the first Lord of Cinder. What makes them particularly hard to beat is that you have to face multiple Abyss Watchers at one time. Taking them down will be no piece of cake, so refer to our guide on how to beat the abyss watchers in Dark Souls 3 to defeat this mandatory boss quickly.

Who are Abyss Walkers? 

Abyss Walkers are a troop of knights with a distinctive appearance; an armour consisting of leather over chain mail, a long cloak, and a pointed helm. Their initial task was to roam the abyss and fight the threats in it. However, with time, Abyss Walkers have gone mad due to exposure to the abyss. When you encounter them, they will be fighting amongst themselves. 

Where to find the Abyss Walkers?

You can find Abyss Walkers at the end of the Farron Keep. Firstly, go to the Farron Keep Perimeter (where two Darkwraiths are fighting gurus). From here, follow the stone path along the right exit until you reach the closed chamber doors. Upon reaching the doors, you will be able to hear the sound of the Watchers fighting. 

Abyss Watcher Types

Before we get into the battle strategy, you must keep in mind the different types of Abyss Watchers you will encounter. They have been listed below.

The Main Abyss Walker

This is the first walker that you will face. It is the only one that is connected to the main boss health bar. Thus, you must majorly attack this boss to win the battle. 

Secondary Abyss Walkers

These appear after the main one. Attacking them will not decrease the boss health bar as they are not connected to them. They are further divided into two categories. 

1. Normal Abyss Walkers

these are ordinary walkers that you must kill as soon as they appear. They side with the main walker and will not attack it. It would help if you destroyed them as soon as they appear. 

2. Abyss Walkers with Red Glowing Eyes

these walkers are helpful if you play your cards right. They attack anyone that attacks them, even the other Abyss Walkers. They do not deal a lot of damage, but You can use them as a distraction against the main Abyss Walker. When the main one is busy fighting with the red glowing eyes walker, you can inflict maximum damage.

However, keep in mind that if you accidentally hit the red-eye walker, it will begin attacking you instead of the main one. Thus, if you are careful enough, you can turn this foe into a beneficial friend! 

How to beat the Abyss Walkers?

Now that you know the different Abyss Walkers, let’s get into our strategy for winning against them.

The fight is divided into two phases. Each one has its full health bar. Both of them have been described below in great detail. Also, along with lots of tips for taking down this Lord of Cinder.

Phase One

The first phase will include the main abyss walkers along with the secondary ones. The main one will appear first. Your main task will be to dodge his attacks. They try to get in a hit or two, dodge and attack again. Use your standard knight tactics of rolling under attacks and backstabbing. 

Gradually, more Abyss walkers will arise. Try to attack the normal secondary Abyss Walkers and finish them off because they will attack the red glowing eyes walker (who is beneficial) and kill it. They do not have a lot of health, so taking them down should be very easy for you. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more Fallon knights will arise. Thus, be sure to focus on your primary target.

Damaging Attacks

Use the following attacks to deal massive damage. 

  1. To backstab them, dodge the walker until it unleashes its three-move combination attack, which will end in an overhand slam with their Farron Greatsword or a jumping variant of this move. During the third move of their attack combination, they quickly roll behind them and wait till their attack hits the ground. Then, you will have a small window where you can plunge your weapon into them and deal massive damage. 
  2. You can also use heavy weapons like the Great Club and Exile Greatsword to deal with the huge poise damage. You can use them to interrupt combos pretty quickly. However, be sure to study the walker’s attack pattern before you go in with your weapon to ensure that you do not miss it. 
  3. When you pit the walkers against each other, you will have some time to cast a few of the fast spells like the Farron Dart Spell and Great Soul Arrow. Remember to carry some Ashen Estus flasks to be able to cast more spells. 
  4. Try to get your hands on a shield that can absorb 100 percent inflicted damage. Use it to block and dodge attacks while attacking the boss. 

Second Phase

After you have killed the boss once, it will come back even stronger. It will get powered up by all the dead Abyss Watchers around it. This time, it will have the ability to generate flame imbued attacks. Its sword will become Engulfed in flames and will have a considerably longer reach. Its attack pattern will remain mostly the same; the only difference will be additional fire damage. Make sure that your shield can protect you from fire if you want to continue blocking his attacks. 

On the bright side, no more secondary Abyss Walkers will spawn, so you can solely focus on the main one; it is just going to be you and the boss. 

It will be highly beneficial for you to have an NPC helper beside you as they can distract the boss as you attack it from behind. . I decided to stimulate the ovulation with Clomid. I looked for the information at; the side effects didn’t bother me, as I was dreaming about a child. My doctor told me to take one pill a day from the 5th to the 9th day of cycle and do the ultrasound on the 13th day. Just in case, I started to buy the ovulation sticks. In two weeks, the labs showed pregnancy. I was very happy with the drug! If you do not have one or if your helper has already died, keep your distance from the boss and wait for its attack. Then, when its attack is near its end, dodge behind it and get in as many blows as you. Keep doing this until the boss dies.

Rewards on Killing Abyss Walkers

Upon killing the mighty Abyss Walkers, you will get the Cinders of a Lord and the Soul of the Blood of the Wolves. 

Place the cinders on one of the thrones in the Firelink Shrine. Ultimately, when you defeat all the Lords and place their cinders on their respective thrones, you will be able to unlock the game’s ending. 

You can sell the Soul of the Blood of the Wolves to get 20,000 souls. Alternatively, you can also transpose it with Ludleth to create either the Farron Greatsword or Wolf Knight’s Greatsword.

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