How to complete Fortnite Quests in Chapter 3 Season 1

The best thing about Fortnite is its constant updates. New seasons and chapters come out every now and then and each one brings more fun and exciting quests to the game. The latest season, season 1, introduced a whole new plethora of quests with the release of Chapter 3 and we couldn’t be more excited. The new chapter features 9 weeks and each week deals with its own set of quests. There’s no time limit to completing them and you can take your sweet time to do them. Mentioned below are all the Fortnite Quests in Chapter 3 Season 1 and how to complete them. 

How to complete Fortnite Quests in Chapter 3 Season 1
How to complete Fortnite Quests in Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite Quests Week 1 

Fortnite Quests Week 1 
Fortnite Quests Week 1
  • Discover the Device- A glowing blue briefcase found in the center of the map. 
  • Go to the Mighty Monument and get your next quest. 
  • Put in Surveillance Cameras in a match. The camera locations are shown through two red dots on the map. 
  • Go to the Joneses and get your next quest. 
  • Drop off supplies in a match. 
  • Go to Logjam Lumberyard and get your next quest. 
  • Gather Seismometer readings in a match. 
  • Go to the Sanctuary or any Seven Outpost and get your next quest.  
  • Gather telescope parts by destroying them in a match.
  • Go to Covert Cavern and get your next quest.
  • Get a Data Card by getting rid of an imagined order operative. 
  • Go to Dead Drop and drop off the data card. 
  • Visit the Landmarks and look for ammo boxes or chests. Landmarks include Arid Acres, Launchpad, and Frosty Fields. 
  • Slide and damage enemies. Use an MK-Seven assault rifle for better aim while sliding using the Crouch button. 
  • Use a vehicle to jump through flaming rings. The flaming rings are present at Chonker’s speedway and in the southern area of Rocky Reels. 
  • Find another player to open a Fortnite Vault. There are a total of seven vaults shown on the map. Visit anyone with a player and open the vault door by standing in front of it. 
  • Eliminate opponents with a Sniper Rifle or SMG. 
  • Find named locations. This includes Camp Cuddle, Greasy Grove, and The Joneses. They are the map’s main hubs. 
  • Use an Assault Rifle to damage enemies. 

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Fortnite Quests Week 2 

Fortnite Quests Week 2 
Fortnite Quests Week 2
  • Use an MK-Seven Assault Rifle to attack enemies from 50+ meters away. 
  • Visit the Loot Lake or Sleepy Sound and catch fish. The Loot lake landmark is located in the island’s center. 
  • Travel 50 meters using the Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters in Fortnite in a single swing. The mythic weapon can be collected from backpacks in the Daily Bugle. 
  • Buy things from Characters. This requires gold bars. 
  • Slide and use a Med-Mist. These are green spray bottles with healing properties. 
  • Find a weapon of Epic rarity or higher. Then, carry it while surviving storm circles.
  • Store things in a tent. A single tent can hold up to 3 items. 

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Fortnite Quests Week 3 

Fortnite Quests Week 3 
Fortnite Quests Week 3
  • Find Coolers and Ice Machines and search them.
  • Slide continuously for twenty-five meters.
  • Use Spider-Man’s bouncers to bounce five times in a row without touching ground. These are just large spiderman webs found all over the map. 
  • Communicate with Bunker Jonesy, Cuddle Team Leader and Guaco. You can find Bunker Jonesy at the Joneses and Guaco at Greasy Grove. Visit the northern region of Camp Cuddle and find Cuddle Team Leader there. 
  • Go to a tent and gather stored items from it. They are found between main hubs. 
  • Visit Condo Canyon or Rocky Reels and hurt enemies. 
  • Harvest and hit weak points simultaneously. 

Fortnite Quests Week 4

Fortnite Quests Week 4
Fortnite Quests Week 4
  • Use a Pistol to deal headshot damage.
  • Visit the Shifty Shafts, The Joneses, or Logjam Lumberyard and harvest wood. Simply visit these areas and chop wood to complete this Fortnite Quest. 
  • Use gas can to damage enemies or structures built by them. Visit Shifty Shafts and go to the bridge. You’ll find lots of gas canisters here. 
  • Visit Greasy Grove, Chonker’s Speedway, and Rock Reels and dance there. 
  • Enjoy the effects of Guzzle Juice for 15 secs. Get the juice from coolers found around the map. 
  • Use Rare or better shotguns to damage enemies.
  • Take cover in tall grass for ten seconds in Fortnite. The Daily Bugle has lots of tall grass to hide in. 

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Fortnite Quests Week 5 

Fortnite Quests Week 5 
Fortnite Quests Week 5
  • Visit Sleep Sound, Condo Canyon, and Coney Crossroads and build structures there. 
  • Find an abandoned tent and claim it. Interact with an empty tent to make it yours. 
  • Drive a vehicle through a water body.
  • Locate Fortnite timbre pines and knock them down. They’re abundant in the northwestern region of the map. 
  • Use a Shield Keg to gain shields. Shield kegs are found in chests or floor loots. You can also buy one for 250 gold bars from Lt. John Llama. 
  • Teleport to the various Seven Outposts using Rifts. 
  • Use Motorboat Missiles or a Motorboat to destroy structures. 

Fortnite Quests Week 6 

Fortnite Quests Week 6
Fortnite Quests Week 6
  • Fly around a Fortnite Tornado and travel a hundred meters. You can spot tornadoes when dropping into the map. 
  • Crouch in tall grass and deal damage to an enemy within 45 secs. 
  • Visit a Malfunctioning Vending Machine and buy a random product. These are the red machines with big exclamation marks on them.!
  • Use a ranged weapon or Melee to crush timber pine stumps. You can find the stumps in Logjam Lumberyard. 
  • Rest in a tent and increase health stats. 
  • Use a flare gun to mark an opponent. Fire the gun in the air and it will mark an enemy close to you. 
  • Use a car to get within 10 meters of an opponent and honk at them.

Fortnite Quests Week 7

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  • Destroy Fortnite IO forces. Make sure you are equipped with a good weapon, shields, and healing potions for this Fortnite quest. 
  • Stand within 10 m of a Klombo and throw Klomberry at it.
  • Use a Grenade Launcher or a grenade to hurt enemies.
  • Visit a Mole Team Drill Site and use a computer terminal. Simply click on ‘Begin Scan’ on a computer to complete this quest. 
  • Drive a Quadcrasher and destroy objects. You must drive over at least 30 objects. 
  • Visit the sanctuary or the Shifty Shafts and gather various weapons. 
  • Visit the Ruins, the Temple, or Tumbledown Temple, and harvest stone. 

Fortnite Quests Week 8 

Fortnite Quests Week 8
Fortnite Quests Week 8
  • Communicate with Galactico, Haven, or Shanta 
  • Eat Klomberries and restore health.
  • Locate various cactus plants and destroy them. There is a lake located west of Chonker’s Speedway. You will find lots of cacti plants and their varieties here. 
  • Launch using a Klombo’s blowhole and glide for 150 m. Klombo’s spawn in various locations. Land on the back of one after spotting it. Then, launch from its blowhole present at the top of his head.!
  • Visit a Fornite Vending Machine and dance in front of Llana for 5 secs. 
  • Find a Fortnite Pizza Party and eat pizza slices. Get the Pizzas from the pizza pit located in Tilter Towers. 
  • Use explosive weapons to deal damage. This includes grenades and rocket launchers. 

Fortnite Quests Week 9 

  • Play different matches and reach max shields. Shields are obtained by opening chests. 
  • Loot supply drops. These are the blue crates that come down during the latter half of a match. 
  • Light structures on fire. Use firefly jars to do this. 
  • Increase your health while you are in a Storm. Running into a storm will rapidly decrease your health. Simply use healing items and potions to regain your strength and complete the quest. 
  • Destroy hiding places which are objects you can hide inside. This includes dumpsters and porta-potties. 
  • Travel to different named locations in the same match. You will start at the Joneses, go to Condo Canyon, and then Chonker’s speedway. Next, you’ll visit Rocky Reels and finally Greasy Grove. 
  • Use the heavy shotgun to damage enemies, 

Fortnite Quests- Shanta

Fornite Quests- Shanta
Fornite Quests- Shanta
  • NPC characters hand out the Fornite Quests Shanta. Completing them will add a new armory to Shanta’s outfit. The quests are mentioned down below and must be completed in this order. 
  • Look in on Named Locations and gather gem fragments.
  • Visit Seven Vaults and gather gem fragments from outside it.
  • Visit Gas stations and gather gem fragments. 
  • Use a vehicle at crossroads and gather gem fragments. 
  • Visit Landmarks and gather gem fragments.
  • Visit dirt mounts and gather gem fragments from them by excavation.
  • Gather gem fragments present close to characters.
  • Use a vehicle to gather gem fragments found in the rivers.
  • Also visit the docks and gather gem fragments. 
  • Gather the gem fragments present high in the air. 

Fortnite Quests Milestones

Fortnite Quests Milestones
Fortnite Quests Milestones

The Milestone Fortnite Quests will probably span over the whole season as they require you to hit high targets. Each quest features 20 stages with each stage having the same target. This means that a quest called Thank the Bus driver will have the first stage starting at 0/10. The second stage will begin from 10/20 and the third one from 20/30. The remaining stages will follow the same pattern. 

The Fornite Quests Milestones includes, 

  • Thank the Bus Driver ( starting at 0/10 and ending at 200)
  • Place Top 10 ( starting at 0/15 and ending at 300) 
  • Spend Bars ( starting at 0/2500 and ending at 50000) 
  • Search Ammo Boxes or chests (starting at 0/75 and ending at 1500)
  • Catch Fish ( starting at 0/20 and ending at 400) 
  • Destroy trees (starting at 0/250 and ending at 5000) 
  • Hunt Wildlife (starting at 0/25 and ending at 500) 
  • Reboot Teammates (starting at 0/5 and ending at 100) 
  • Complete Bounties (starting at 0/10 and ending at 200) 
  • Eliminations (starting at 0/25 and ending at 500) 
  • Consume foraged items (starting at 0/25 and ending at 500) 
  • Damage opponents (starting at 0/5000 and ending at 100000) 
  • Destroy Opponent Structures (starting at 0/250 and ending at 5000) 
  • Harvest Materials (starting at 0/2500 and ending at 50000) 
  • Use Medikits or Bandages ( starting at 0/50 and ending at 1000) 
  • Vending Machine Purchases (starting at 0/10 and ending at 200) 
  • Distance traveled in truck or car (starting at 0/5000 and ending at 100000) 
  • Open vaults (starting at 0/5 and ending at 100) 
  • Feed Klomberries to a Klombo (starting at 0/5 and ending at 100)

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