How to get Honey in Minecraft?

How to get Honey in Minecraft? What are its uses? 

Getting honey is relatively easy in Minecraft, granted that you know how to handle your bees. It is an extremely useful item used to make sugar, honey blocks, and honey bottles that restore hunger. Moreover, it also protects you from poison! Thus, it is almost mandatory for Minecraft players to get their hands on honey. Our step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about getting honey in Minecraft. 

Honey in Minecraft 

Minecraft players should always have at least a few bottles of honey on them! It is effortless to make and barely takes any time. 

Honey in Minecraft 
Honey in Minecraft

You will need the following items to make honey in Minecraft. 

Glass bottles for collecting the honey

Beehives or nests to get honey from

Campfires to calm the bees while collecting honey 

Glass Bottles 

You will need sand to make glass. Smelt it in the furnace, and you will have some ready-to-use glass. Now open your crafting table and arrange three glass blocks in the following order; one in the right slot of the second row, one in the left slot of the second row, and one in the middle slot of the third row. This will give you three glass bottles.

Bee Hives and Bee Nests

Bee nests are found on random trees in Minecraft. The most abundant bee nests are located in the flower forest biome. Alternatively, you can also find them in wooded hills, birch forest hills, plains, and tall birch hills. You should also look for bees buzzing nearby as this is an indication of a nest being close. Moreover, you do not need to find just any bee nest! Instead, you need a bee nest that is at level 5 honey. To know which bee nest is complete, look for honey dripping. You can also help the bees make honey faster by planting flowers next to the bee nest. This way, the bees will not have to go far searching for flowers for nectar. 

You can also make a beehive to get honey. These are made using honeycombs and wooden planks. After creating your beehive, you will need to wait for bees to find it and live in it. You can speed up the process by holding a flower near a random bee and making it follow you to the beehive. One beehive can hold three bees. Once bees arrive and deposit enough honey, you can collect the honey. 

You should also protect your bees by building an enclosure around their nests and hives. This way, they will not die by touching lava, fire, and cacti. You can put flowers within the enclosure so that the bees have a source of nectar right next to them. 

How to make a campfire in Minecraft?


You will need sticks, charcoal or coal, and wood or logs to make a campfire. The sticks are easy to get. You will need two wood planks for it. Place one in the middle slot of the first row and the other in the second slot of the second row. Craft them together to get four sticks. Mine coal ores with pickaxes to get coal. If you use any other tool, you will not get coal.

Alternatively, you can also create charcoal by smelting wood. Place a wooden log in the furnace and any fuel to get charcoal. Next, you will need a few logs or wood blocks. For this, find a tree and use your axe to get logs. Now that you have all the items go to the Crafting table and place three logs in the bottom row. Place coal in the middle slot of the middle row and place three sticks on the sides of the coal. Craft all the items together, and your campfire will be ready for use in no time. 

How to make Honey in Minecraft? 

To collect honey from a bee nest or beehive, first, light a campfire below it. This will calm down the bees and prevent them from stinging you. If you go directly to gather honey from a nest, the bees will get aggravated and sting you. You can not escape from them by running, ad they will follow you around until they manage to harm you. Moreover, be careful while using a campfire as the fire will eventually hurt the bees. Thus, you can cover the campfire using a carpet in Minecraft. This allows the smoke from the fire to calm the bees down while protecting them from the fire itself. You can keep the campfire burning this way forever. 

How to make Honey in Minecraft? 
How to make Honey in Minecraft?

Now that your bees are calm bring out your glass bottle and use it to collect the honey. First, equip the bottle and right-click the mouse on your PC to collect honey. If you are playing the Minecraft game on your Xbox, press and hold LT. On the other hand, press and hold L2 for PlayStation and ZL for Nintendo. Mobile users can tap and hold the screen to gather honey from a bee nest or beehive. 

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Automatic Honey Farming in Minecraft 

You can also make a dispenser and use it to collect honey from beehives and bee nests automatically. This method will not anger the bees, and thus, you will not need to make a campfire. To create a honey dispenser, follow the steps given below.

Automatic Honey Farming in Minecraft 
Automatic Honey Farming in Minecraft
  • First, make your honey farm by placing a chest on your farm. This is where the honeycomb and honey bottles will be stored. 
  • You will also need a hopper leading into this chest. 
  • Next, put a dirt block or grass block on the front side of the hopper. 
  • Now place a bee nest or beehive on top of this hopper. You can transport a beehive from one location to another by breaking it using a tool equipped with the Silk Touch enchantment. If this enchantment is not used, the bee nest will become destroyed, and the bees will attack you for breaking their bee nest. They will sting you and then die themselves. Thus, make sure to use the Silk Touch Enchantment to avoid this. Additionally, break a nest when it is raining or at night time. These are the ideal times for collecting a bee nest as all the bees are inside their nests. 
  • The bees will need flowers to pollinate. For this purpose, put one flower on top of the dirt block. The flower must be in front of the beehive. 
  • Use glass blocks to surround the flower and cover it. 
  • Place a dispenser on the top portion of the beehive. It should be facing downwards. 
  • Fill the dispenser with empty bottles for collecting honey. 
  • The last step is to make the process of honey farming automatic. For this, you will need Redstone, which will power the process. Beehives produce a signal strength of five when they are ready to be farmed. The signal needs to be detected so that the honey can be collected. Use a comparator to measure the signal coming from the beehive. Then, use Redstone dust to power the process of automatic honey farming. 

Uses of Honey in Minecraft

Honey is used for a variety of reasons in Minecraft. They have been listed down below. 

Uses of Honey in Minecraft
Uses of Honey in Minecraft

Making Honey Blocks

You can make a honey block using honey. Four bottles of honey are required for this. Place them in the crafting menu, and then use them! Honey blocks are used to slow down enemies as they can slow down anyone who comes in contact with them. 

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Making Sugar

One bottle of honey can also be used for making sugar in Minecraft. You can use the sugar for brewing or for making cakes. 

Drinking Honey Bottles

Honey bottles are refreshing drinks. Once you drink a bottle full of honey, three hunger units will be removed. Moreover, drinking honey also protects you from the harmful effects of poison as it neutralizes it.


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