How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft?

How to make a beacon in Minecraft? How to use it to get buffs and upgrades? 

Minecraft beacons are the most complicated to make as they require rare items! You also need to take down one of the most powerful bosses in the game to make your beacon! Thus, it is no surprise that most players would rather skip through the trouble of making it. But we strongly advise against this as a beacon is one of the most powerful items in Minecraft that will put you one step ahead of everybody elseV5! It will grant you significant status boosts, including increased speed, health, and mining! You can refer to our step-by-step guide on making a beacon in Minecraft and follow our instructions to complete the crafting process considerably more manageable. 

Making a Beacon in Minecraft 

Making a beacon is extremely difficult as you need at least one infrequent item, the Nether Star, to make it. Apart from the star, you need three blocks of obsidian and five blocks of glass. 

Making a Beacon in Minecraft
Making a Beacon in Minecraft


You will need sand, a furnace, and fuel for making glass. You will find sand close to a water source or in deserts. Use your hands to dig the sand and collect blocks of sand. Collect at least five blocks of sand to make five blocks of glass. 

Next, open your furnace and place one sand block and fuel source (coal, bamboo, logs, etc.). Once the smelting process is complete, your glass will be ready to use.

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Obsidian can be found naturally in Minecraft. However, you can also craft it. 

Firstly, craft a diamond or netherite pickaxe. If you mine at obsidian without this specific pickaxe, it will get destroyed and will not drop anything. Place three diamonds and two sticks in your crafting table menu for making the diamond pickaxe. You can further upgrade the diamond pickaxe to a nephrite pickaxe by placing it in your crafting table menu and one netherite ingot. 

Next, look for a place where lava and water meet naturally! This is where you will find obsidian. Just make sure to collect your obsidian block before it gets destroyed by lava! 

You can also manually craft obsidian by pouring a bucket of water on lava. You can find lava in the Overworld by digging till layer 11. Alternatively, you can also search down to layer 31 in the Nether to find it. After reaching these layers, dig horizontally until you find your lava source. Now pour water over it, and your obsidian will be ready for collecting! Alternatively, you can also find a source of lava next to a water source. Then, you can mine a path for the two references to meet and create several blocks of obsidian! Just make sure you don’t fall into the lava, as this means instant death!

Collect at least three obsidian blocks for making your beacon in Minecraft. 

Nether Star-

Nether star is a complicated item to obtain in Minecraft. You need three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand for it. These items will be used to spawn the Wither boss. Once you kill this boss, it will drop a nether star. 

Firstly, create a nether portal to go to the Nether. Once you’re here, look for gray-brown blocks of soul sand. Mine at least four of these blocks. Next, locate three wither skeleton skulls. You will get them by killing wither skeletons found in the Nether fortresses. 

Now create a T shape using the four blocks of soul sand. Place the skulls on top of the soul sand. You can do this in the Nether as well as the Overworld. Make sure to run away as soon as you have placed your items down, as the Wither will spawn in a few seconds. The boss will fly over your head and shoot explosive skulls at you that can quickly kill you! You should be prepared for these attacks by using the Blast Protection enchantment. These enchantments will play a crucial role in your survival.

Moreover, we also recommend using a diamond sword with the sharpness enchantment equipped to kill the boss quickly! You can also use bows and arrows, but these become useless after the Wither brings up his shield. Then, the needles will not deal any damage to him.

Fight the Wither until it is destroyed! It will drop a Nether Star once it dies. 

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How to make a Beacon in Minecraft? 

After collecting your required items, open your crafting table. Place three blocks of glass in the first row and the remaining two in the left and right slots of the second row. Put the Nether Star between the two glass blocks in the second row. Now, place the obsidian blocks in the remaining spaces. Craft all of them together, and your beacon will be ready for use! 

How to make a Beacon in Minecraft? 
How to make a Beacon in Minecraft?

How to use a Beacon in Minecraft? 

Beacons can not work on their own! They need to be placed on a pyramid for activation. Without the pyramid, you can not use your beacon as a landmark or for getting buffs! 

How to use a Beacon in Minecraft? 
How to use a Beacon in Minecraft?

Making the Beacon Pyramid

The pyramid uses emerald, gold, diamond, netherite, or iron blocks. Make sure to collect many of them, as pyramids require anywhere between 9 to 164 blocks! 

You can make a pyramid of any level! However, the greater its class, the more power it emits! We recommend gathering lots of blocks of iron or gold or netherite as these are the most easily accessible and using them to make a high-level pyramid. 

A level one pyramid comprises nine blocks, whereas a level two one is made using 34 blocks. Similarly, a level 3 pyramid is made using 83 blocks, and a level four one is made up of 164 blocks. 

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Using the Beacon

After making your pyramid, place the beacon on its top in the center. It will become active immediately! 

Once it is activated, please right-click on the beacon to open its menu. Put in emeralds, ingots, or diamonds to get buffs. You can choose between six buffs; jump boost, haste, resistance, regeneration, speed, and strength. A level one pyramid will give you little regeneration and speed power-ups! However, as your pyramid levels up, the power-ups get significantly stronger! 

Remember that the buffs do not work in the whole Minecraft world! They only work within a small radius. Building a level four pyramid will grant you boosts that work within a 20-block radius! Additionally, all your friends within the area will also benefit from the power-ups! 

Moreover, you can change the status boosts of your beacon. For example, if you want some mining power-ups and resistance power-ups, feed the beacon another ingot, emerald, or diamond to alternate between the two buffs. 

If you want to utilize all six power-ups simultaneously, build six pyramids and six beacons! Then, enable a different buff in all of them and enjoy your unlimited boosts! 

Your beacon will also work as a landmark that you can use to find your way back to a specific location! Follow the beacon’s light beam, and you will arrive at your location. You can change the color of your beacon’s light. Place a window made of stained glass on the top part of the beacon. This will change the color of your light and tint it based on that of the glass.


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