How to Make a Book in Minecraft?

How to make a book in Minecraft? What are the required materials? 

Books are an essential item in Minecraft that set you aside from other players! These are extremely useful, and you can use them for various reasons, including making decorative bookshelves and magically enchanted tables. Thus, if you want to take the level of your Minecraft world up a notch, you should learn how to make a book! Our step-by-step guide covers everything there is to know about this multi-purpose item, including all the details about crafting it from scratch! 

Making a Book in Minecraft 

Crafting a book in Minecraft is relatively easy as you only need two items: paper and leather! 

Making a Book in Minecraft
Making a Book in Minecraft


Firstly, you will need to craft three papers. Each paper requires three sugarcanes which are commonly found in Minecraft Overworld. 

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You will find sugarcane plants on sand, grass, and dirt. After harvesting the sugarcane by punching the plant, you can generate your farm and access a never-ending supply of it. 

Each sugarcane plant grows to a four-block high height. It is essential to keep your plants next to a water body to prevent them from uprooting and dropping items. This only happens in the Bedrock Edition. In the Java edition, things are slightly different as you need to remove the supporting block under the sugarcane to uproot it. 

Make sure to create a few sugarcane plants, as you may end up using all the naturally available ones! Thus, you will have no access to the plant and will need to wait for new ones to generate in the game. 

Moreover, if you come across a wandering trader, you can trade with him to get sugarcane. He will give you one block of it for the price of one emerald. 


You can find leather by killing cows, donkeys, and mushrooms. They will drop it when they die. Additionally, you can also get them by killing horses, llamas, and mules. If you see a fox carrying leather, you can also kill it to get it! 

Alternatively, you can also craft some leather using a rabbit hide. This is obtained by killing rabbits or foxes! You can also get it as a gift from tamed cats. Gather four hides and place them on the crafting table menu. Use the left and middle slots of the first and second rows for placing the leather. Once the crafting process is complete, your leather will be ready for use. 

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How to Make a Book in Minecraft? 

Once you have collected the required materials, open the crafting table menu and place three papers in the left and middle slots of the first row and the left slot of the second row. Next, put the leather in the middle slot of the second row. Craft all the items together to make a book in Minecraft!

How to Make a Book in Minecraft?
How to Make a Book in Minecraft?

Additionally, you can also find books naturally in Minecraft. They are often found in treasure chests located in the ancient city, villages, and shipwrecks. Moreover, if you equip yourself with the Hero of the Village effect, librarian villagers will throw books at you! However, this only happens in the Java Edition. 

Uses of Books in Minecraft 

Books are used for various reasons in Minecraft, including the following. 

Uses of Books in Minecraft
Uses of Books in Minecraft

Enchantment Tables 

Enchantment tables are made using books, obsidians, and diamonds. Simply place one book in the middle slot of the first row, two diamonds in the left and right slots of the second row, four obsidians in the middle slot of the second row, and the left, middle, and right slots of the third row. 

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You can get emeralds by trading books! Find an apprentice-level librarian and trade four books for one emerald with them. 


You need books to make a bookshelf. They are decorative items that add a pop of color and glamor to any room! You will need six wood planks and three books to make one bookshelf. 

Enchanting Items

After creating your enchantment table, you can enchant books and use them to enchant other items in Anvils. You can use this method to equip several enchantments on one weapon or tool and make it extraordinary. 

Book and Quill

If you want to write down all your adventures in Minecraft, you need a book, an ink sac, and a feather! Then, you can keep your journal and keep track of your travels.


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