How to Make a Presentation Interactive

Presentations are a very important aspect of every corporate organization. Hence, if you want your ideas and opinions to reach the audience, you must know how to make a presentation. Different tools can aid you in creating presentations; you must try at least one of these tools to know how to make a good presentation.

Irrespective of the tool you use to create a presentation, you must ensure that your PPT is exciting enough to capture your audience’s attention. Boring presentations are quite common as people load their slides with a lot of content, making it impossible for the viewers to understand them.

Many people add text to their presentations and forget to use images or any other graphic element that can add to the beauty of the presentation. This guide will help you create an impactful presentation!

How to Make a Presentation Interactive
How to Make a Presentation Interactive

Reasons Why Your Presentation Might be Boring

There are different reasons why a presentation can be boring. You need to find out why people are not engaging well with your presentation and address these issues. Let’s try to understand some of the reasons that might make your PPT look boring:

Text Heavy

Many people tend to overcrowd their slides to try to fit too much information into one slide. This can put a strain on the eyes of the reader who is trying to extract some information from the presentation. There might be cases where you need to make the audience aware of several aspects of a business, and you can’t avoid adding data. Here, you can avoid a few things that are less important than others.

Also, you can use graphic elements like charts and lines to show any data points to your viewers. Avoiding clutter is the key to creating an impactful presentation.

No Visuals

Sometimes we get so busy creating the presentations that it becomes impossible for us to work on the aesthetic appeal of the presentation. Therefore, we might end up adding no visuals to the presentation. Also, the software for creating presentations does not have different graphic elements.

You can create a slideshow online using different online tools. These tools give you access to various visual elements like videos, templates, gifs, etc. Presentations are a visual element, and you need to give a sensory experience to your viewers. A well-designed slide will boost your confidence and keep the audience intrigued throughout the presentation.

Ways to Make a Boring Presentation Interesting

There are different ways in which you can make a presentation exciting. Your presentation might not be up to the mark if you don’t know how to use the presentation maker. Hence, you can try your hands on an easy slideshow maker. It will help you in creating clutter-free slides that will help you win the audience.

Let’s look at how you can make a boring presentation interesting.

Create a Structure

It is very important to have control over the presentation. Hence, creating a flow might come in handy. Your slides should tell a story, and the previous slide must be connected to the next in some way or the other. It would be best if you planned out all your slides well. There might be instances where you need to add financial data or any numbers in the presentation. In this case, too, you need to decide on the elements that need more focus.

Presenters have four purposes: inform, persuade, inspire and entertain. Decide the purpose of the presentation. The purpose can be one or multiple, given the scale of the presentation and the stakeholders involved. Create a basic presentation outline to help you place information on the right slide.

Break Complex Information

Suppose you have any complex data or information available on a slide. In that case, you can break the complex information into smaller bits and then place it on multiple slides. Some people add a title and a massive chunk of text on their slides. In this case, the audience might read from the slides verbatim and not need any presenter to present the presentation.

You can also highlight the important keywords you want your audience to grasp from the presentation. If you have a lot of data and information, try to break it into multiple slides so that the audience retains information and the presentation is easy on their eyes.

It is important to leave some white space around the important text so the viewers can focus on it. When you ensure there is proper spacing in your PPT, the presentation starts looking more informative and exciting at the same time.

Add Videos

Videos can add life to any presentation. They also give your audience the monotony of the slides. You can embed your video on your slides, add a YouTube link, and redirect people to the video. Adding a video might seem challenging at first. However, if you use an excellent slideshow maker that allows you to add videos, you can easily add an exciting video to attract the audience’s attention.

You can also use videos to list important points from the presentation or give your target  audience a recap or summary. If you try explaining a project to the viewers, you can include your till-date progress in the video.  

Use Animated GIFs

GIFs can be used anywhere where you need content to be interesting. Adding a few GIFs can make your slides interesting and visually appealing. You can use them to show an important process or flow of events.

The best thing about adding a GIF is that they don’t increase the page’s loading time. Also, as soon as the slide with the GIF appears, it starts playing independently. If you are using an online tool to make your slides, there are high chances that you might find some GIFs on the tool itself.

Use Screenshots

If you are trying to explain a process or series of steps, you can use different screenshots for the same. It is important to add unique visual elements to the slides so that your audience is captivated by the content you provide them. You can use multiple screenshots and connect them using callouts and arrows. The screenshots must add value to the presentation.

Wrapping Up

You can make your presentations exciting and engaging for the viewers in different ways. Also, you can record your presentation and make a video for an increased impact. Several other ways will help you create a presentation that is engaging and attracts the audience. Hence, you should follow all the above steps to ensure that your presentation does not make people doze off. Also, put in the extra effort and let your audience know you have given time to create the presentation.

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