How To Make the Right First Impression with Your Business Website

First impressions count, especially when you are trying to win customers in a busy marketplace. The first impression is particularly important in the world of e-commerce due to the high level of competition you are likely to experience.

Studies have shown that it takes the average consumer less than two seconds to form a first impression of your business. This can determine whether they convert into a loyal customer or leave your site for a competitor. This guide is here to help you to better understand how to make the right first impression with your business website.

1. Consider Your Target Audience

When it comes to making the right first impression with your business website, it is first useful to properly determine who it is you are trying to make this impression of. It is likely that the design of your website will differ depending upon which consumer demographics you are targeting. Therefore, spending some time to create a customer persona for your target audience with the help of an Atlanta web design company will enable you to better understand who it is focusing on when designing for the right first impression.

2. Consider Loading Speeds

When it comes to making the right first impression, your site can have an effect on the user before the homepage even comes into view. Namely, your site’s loading speeds can have a big impact on consumer-first impressions. Studies have found that the majority of internet users will click off a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

Improving site loading speeds will enable you to ensure you are not inadvertently losing customers before they have had a chance to actively engage with your site.

3. Consider Your Visual Hierarchy

As is explained when you view the agency website, when it comes to making the right first impression with your home page, it is important that you are able to utilize the principles of visual hierarchy. Users need to be able to easily read your home page and quickly move through as they respond to your calls to action. The principles of visual hierarchy can be hugely useful to effectively communicate your ideas.

4. Choose the Right Typography

In order to engage consumers and to provide the best experience possible, it is vital that they are able to easily read your written content. Some typefaces are more legible than others; using an illegible or difficult typeface can instantly cause the wrong impression on consumers.

5. Use Intuitive Website Design

Consumers and internet users are typically used to being able to make their way around most websites without having to think at all deeply about the digital journey they are taking. In order to make the right impression, you will need to ensure that your site is easily navigable for all consumers.

Using an intuitive website will help you to ensure that you are able to provide the very best user experience possible. This will enable you not only to make the right first impression with your site but also increase the rate of customer conversions on your site too.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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