How To Unlock Professor Willow’s TCG Special Research in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has had several previously exciting crossovers with several other franchise games and an event to celebrate the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield and interaction with Pokémon Let’s GO. However, for the very first time, the game’s developer Niantic is going ahead to crossover with Pokémon TCG in a meaningful way. In addition, the game has also announced the exciting new debut of Professor Willow on a card next month. 

Professor Willow’s renowned artwork will be featured on a relatively new solid TCG card named Professor’s Research in July 2021. The card can be a fascinating addition to several Pokemon TCG decks. But it will also be of interest to Pokemon GO trainers. The mobile AR experience comes in with a new unique research storyline. 

How to Unlock Professor Willow Research Card?

Professor Willow is depicted on a Pokémon TCG card called “Professor’s Research.” As of this writing, trainers can get their hands on one of these cards by purchasing a Pokémon Go product on the Pokémon Center website.

The Professor’s Research card will carry a code that players can redeem on Niantic’s website. This code help access a Special Research storyline in Pokémon Go. This Special Research will be available in July 2021. Niantic stated in a news release that this Special Research would enable users to encounter Meltan. With that players will also receive various in-game rewards in Pokémon Go.

Currently, buying a Pokémon Go item from the Pokémon Center website is the only way to receive one of these Professor’s Research cards. Unfortunately, they’ll only be available while supplies last. However, according to the Pokémon website, “Trainers who accomplish Pokémon GO research and assignments during Pokémon League events will additionally receive Professor Willow’s card while supplies last.”

How to start the professor Willow Special Research 

Players can purchase or trade for a Professor’s Research Pokémon TCG card. Keep in the notice that if you trade for one, your code has been in use beforehand. 

The code also unlocks the new Special Research, for which you will have to redeem the code using Niantic Rewards. 

Once you complete the Special research, you will encounter the Mythical Pokémon Meltan. This encounter will help you earn items that might be useful for your further journey. 

Final Words 

The new card’s specific release date has yet to be announced. But additional information should be available soon, with only a few weeks left in June. Trainers should keep an eye out for further details and learn which packs or goods they’ll need to purchase to open the Professor’s Research card.

In the following weeks, we should learn more about the additional events that will take place. Also, keep an eye out for other Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates shortly.



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