How to Use QR Code to Boost Your Business Sales

There are endless marketing tactics you can apply to your business model in an effort to boost sales, traffic, or even just views on a page. Now especially, business owners know all too well how it is to be bombarded with offerings on how to grow your business. Take this course, pay this $99, run this ad campaign, set up this landing page – it can all be exhausting.

On the flip side of this coin that we call modern technology, there’s also some incredibly simple, yet useful, tactics that can benefit both you and your clients that take far less time and maintenance. One of these simple tactics is called QR codes, and they’re something you can definitely implement to boost your business sales.

So… What Is A QR Code?

A QR code is very similar to a barcode or anything else that can be scanned by a device, likely your phone now. A scanned code is then decoded into relevant information, usually in the form of a link. The most popular use of this technology by far is to simple create a QR code for a website, PDF, landing page, social media account, or something online, and then have customers scan it. 

You can create a QR code using a QR code generator, a simple online tool that allows you to insert your link you wish for people to see, and out comes a little box with a bunch of black dots and lines – your unique QR code. 

Customers or anyone interested can then scan the code and be directly taken to its linked information by their mobile device. Viewers can use this to easily and seamlessly take in information about your business, product, service, or anything relevant to them that you saw fit.

How to Use These to Boost Revenue

1. Increase Brand Awareness

QR codes’ most useful placement by far is when businesses utilize them to direct customers to an informational or social media page. By linking to things other than products, you allow your clients and potential clients to get a glimpse at your business’s culture, values, and general vibe.

It’s of course also important to optimize and create valuable pages to be linked to first, meaning that you’ll need to put in the work setting up your social media pages and filling out your website in order to have something worth seeing and reading there. 

Some of the most valuable examples might be things such as: your company Instagram account where you publish content related to your products, customer testimonials, or events; your Facebook where you update followers about ongoing sales and keep some quick contact forms alongside your positive (hopefully) reviews on the site; or, maybe just a landing page or section of your website that allows curious prospective customers to get an idea of who your business is. 

Brand awareness is one of the silent killers, or more like silent winners, in the realm of marketing your business. The more present you are online, and the more familiarized your customers can become with your brand, the better.

2. Education and Informational Access

Providing value before asking or receiving any is another pillar of success in branding, and ultimately boosting sales. QR codes can help you with this by allowing you to direct customers to valuable resources that provide insight about your service or product.

Use your code to link to an educational resource about where you source your materials, the benefits of your product, the history of the business, or even video content that ties into your product or service in some way. Ultimately, the information should allow consumers a deeper insight into not only what they’re buying, but also who they’re buying from and their processes as well. 

These resources and educational contents can, of course, come internally from your own creations and research, customer experiences, or your own findings, but don’t be afraid to link to other outside sources. Linking to high authority external resources in conjunction with your own can also help build trust, showing that you have outside evidence, trust, and social proof of your product’s abilities and are not just reliant on your own claims for self-promotion.

Make Use!

QR codes are your friends, and a great resource to add onto your current marketing stack to complement, or even headline in some ways, your other marketing efforts. They often don’t even cost anything to use if you’re just needing one or a few, and the return on the investment here is multiplicities higher than what you’ll need to put in.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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