Key YouTube Marketing Considerations for 2018

We all know that YouTube is big, but many people overlook that it is actually the world’s second largest search engine, with more than billion users, second only to the undisputed king, the Google. It is estimated that every day, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched there, and every minute, 72 hours of content are uploaded. The impotence of Youtube marketing continues to grow and there is little doubt that YouTube is right at the center of these developments.

A Booming Ecosystem

Today, YouTube represents much more than the collection zone of silly videos: It has established itself as an immensely powerful marketing platform with global reach. Namely, people used to upload videos there, but carry out social promotion via other networks. Nowadays, YouTube is solidifying its social credentials. Content creators and marketers have a chance to interact with subscribers and viewers in new ways.

This reflects the objective of YouTube and its owner Google to step up the social game. Hence, we expect to see more borrowing of socialization features from other social networks. YouTube also stands to benefit from Google’s vast treasury of data. Currently, the valuable knowledge is used to test the digital waters when it comes to longer-format content and TV-like series. This is an effort to rival streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Frontier of New Possibilities

Along the similar lines, new marketing and advertising formats will be introduced. Ads will show up in the middle of the video and run for more than 1 minute, which is already a practice Facebook has embraced. At the same time, YouTube aspires to prioritize quality of videos instead of their quantity. Concernedly, the educational content is likely to grow in importance and help businesses and brands boost visibility in search engines.

Thus, your main goal as a marketer should be to craft compelling content capable of piercing through all the noise out there.  Robust and meaty videos will always rise above a myriad of mediocre ones. Think in terms of 1-5 minute demos, courses, and instructional videos that go in-depth and echo users’ intent. The good news is that delivering quality should become easier with the integration of third-party software platforms for better broadcasting.

Furthermore, note that a growing number of search queries also display video results, which brings the SEO into play. So, even if YouTube is not your primary focus, you have to consider how well-optimized your content is for all the major search engines. After all, you have a variety of handy SEO tools to make this happen. Also, considering that the bulk of users consume content via mobile platforms, mobile optimization has a huge role to play.

Name of The Game

There are still some limitations. For example, native videos on Facebook still have 10 times higher reach than the YouTube links. Yet, things are definitely moving in the right direction and the YouTube marketing future looks dazzling-bright. Most importantly, our ability to engage and delight users have never been greater. Moreover, the videos that engage users for longer periods of time will be actively promoted.

Already, around 87% of online marketers use video assets, so you better not lag behind. Be informative, entertaining, original, and helpful. Bear in mind that influencer marketing can amplify your campaigns through exclusive, mission-aligned partnership programming. Utilize all tools at your disposal and drive traffic from YouTube to your other channels with the help of YouTube cards. Success does not come for free, so do not shy away from investing those marketing dollars either.

Shape Up or Ship Out  

YouTube is as evolving into a real cyber behemoth with an insatiable appetite for quality videos. Thus, it is high time to get the show on the road and ensure the most bang for your buck. Experiment with longer-form videos: Do not just grab user’s attention, strive to retain it. Increase your visibility and reach with SEO and mobile optimization. Keep up the pace with other roaring trends and rest assured that Youtube marketing will continue to gain altitude and reach new heights in 2017 and beyond.

Sean Lockwood
Sean Lockwood
Sean Lockwood is an IT expert with years of experience. He covers all aspects of IT like programming, photoshopping and other effects. He has spent some time in the field of security and is still helping other companies with the same. In his free time, he loves to enjoy nature and his two German Shepherds.


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