6 Keys to Make a Good AdWords Campaign

In the world of digital marketing and web pages, several tools can take your site to the top of the search network. Undoubtedly, all require a great effort, some economic, others not. Still, they have in common that they must be created thinking strategically and having obvious what the objectives that they want to pursue are.

If you need to know how you can get money to create your AdWords campaigns and make them a success this post will help. The competition today is quite difficult; therefore, it is worth investigating and knowing not only our brand and market but the most effective strategies to achieve a desired position in the search network.

If we talk about SEO positioning, we know that although the results can be effective, the time to achieve it is a bit demotivating if we need immediate results.

Luckily, there is also the SEM that will undoubtedly help us achieve better results in a short time and with a relatively wide range of goals.

It should be noted that for this to happen, the correct techniques must be executed since otherwise, you would only waste time and investment or achieve something you were not looking for.

6 Keys to Making a Good AdWords Campaign

To be clear about how you should make a good AdWords campaign, today we will provide 6 keys so you can achieve it and have visibility in search engines. Keep in mind that AdWords is a complex advertising system, so you should take into account the help of experts to ensure the return on your investment.

1# Define your Goal

Let’s start at the beginning. Before thinking about investing in a Google AdWords campaign, you should think primarily about defining a clear and concise objective.

This mistake is usually made by many people who are just starting their website and want to appear in the first places to have a little more visibility and, although this is an objective, not planning it can generate some inconvenience.

So, it is necessary to think about the main objectives of a campaign, i.e. to think about the correct strategies and the bid to use. Do you want to generate more brand recognition? Get more traffic on your website? Do you want them to download your application or your new e-book? Decision-making in terms of strategies will depend on your objective and is vital to the success of the campaign.

2# Segment your Audience Correctly and Know It

It is essential that before starting a campaign, it does not matter which type, you correctly segment the public and know all its characteristics.

You must know the consumption habits, preferences, and tastes. In addition to the geographical location, among other general or specific characteristics of who your audience is.

In fact, as a brand, you must have this point settled from your birth, but in the case of Google campaigns, you must be very careful with the selection of geographical segments and the relationship they have with your proposed objectives.

3# Optimize your Website

A determining factor in making a good AdWords campaign is that your website meets the necessary requirements to make everything a success.

Not only you must have the right content that has a high value for the public, but the sections must also be well defined, the user experience must be high, that is, users must easily achieve anything they are looking for.

It must be natural and also responsive since a high percentage of consumers enter the websites or the search network from their smartphones. It is also important that each section has the correct URL so that when you use the extensions in AdWords, they go to the section you are indicating and not to another.

4# Structure the Campaign Very Well

Taking into account your campaign objectives, start structuring it so that it adheres to your objectives. You can make your campaign on the search or display network, and if your intentions are several, within the same campaign, you can create different ads aimed at achieving each of them.

Having everything defined, you must configure the geographic location, the bid strategy, the language and the budget you want to implement in each of your ads. In each of these, you have to place the keywords that you think are necessary for what you need to achieve.

At this point, you should know that the keywords you choose are important for your ads to appear or not at the right times.

The price you pay per bid also determines this factor, so if you do not know much about this topic and want to know how to advertise on Google effectively, go to the Marketing Web and discover how to do it.

5# Add Relevant Extensions

For a campaign to be highly effective, you must create extensions that make life easier for your audience.

For example, if you offer a food product and want to advertise it with AdWords. You need to place extensions that lead to direct consumer action, such as the extension that leads to the types of products you sell. The extension that leads to the creation of your account on your website or the expansion of your direct contacts.

So, you will ensure that your audience has a good experience and that you achieve a conversion more easily.

6# Constantly Monitor and Apply the Necessary Changes

After launching your campaign, it is important that you are constantly monitoring and analyzing the strategies you implemented so that you can detect errors and not commit them again in the future.


With these simple keys, you will be very close to achieving the objectives and goals that you have proposed, remember that the basis for your campaigns to work is to have your audience well-segmented and that your objectives are clear and available.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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