Method to Generate Battery Report in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 operating system either on a tablet or laptop, the battery life is the main concern and to manage the battery while on work is the important thing where charging service is not available.

This is pretty easier to check the estimated battery life of your laptop. The battery icon in task bar in notification section only tells you about the average battery time left and number of hours you can work. But in reality it does change with the usage, in case you run the heavy software the battery will drain more quick when compared to battery notification of percentage left.

Likewise all previous versions of windows have the ability to check the battery report, same goes with Windows 10, and you can check the battery with the help of these steps.

5 Simple Steps to Generate Battery Report in Windows 10

1. Right Click on the Start Menu Icon


Right Click on the Start Menu Icon


2. Click on Command Prompt (Admin)

Command Prompt (Admin) gave you all privileges, this runs same as normal command prompt, but normal command prompt does not execute all commands.

Click on Command Prompt (Admin)

3. Click ‘Yes’ on the User Account Control

A pop up will appear that will ask for permission whether to open command prompt (admin) or not, click ‘yes’ to forward to further steps.

4. Command to Generate Battery Report

Copy powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery_report.html” and paste it in the CMD. Hit enter your report will be generated and you can find it on C drive with name battery_report.html. Note: You can save this report where ever you want. To make it simple use the mentioned steps.

Command to generate Battery Report
Battery Report Generated

5. Find & Open Battery Report

You can locate your generated battery report on C drive with the name you have saved. In our case its name is battery_report.html.

Find & Open Battery Report

Understanding Generated Battery Report

The generated report contain simple parts. This battery report is executed through my laptop. The image shows the details of the system.

Generate Battery Report in Windows 10

The section “Installed batteries” tells the description of the battery fixed in your system. This data contains the name and manufacturer of the battery, its chemistry, design capacity and full charge capacity.

Installed batteries

“Recent Usage” is an important section as it specifies the time, state when active or suspended, power source when your charger is plugged in and lasting capacity of the battery. Briefly, this record details the timing when the laptop was charged or went to sleep or used.

Recent Usage

If your laptop is active and draining battery when it must not, you can see in the “Battery Usage graph”.

Battery Usage graph

“Battery Life Estimates” is perhaps the best part. Here you can realize what your operating system is forecasting your laptop’s battery life with regular use. This section tells more exact report rather than battery icon.

Battery Life Estimates

Nevertheless, you are now aware of the method to generate battery report in Windows 10. Check once in a week to make sure everything is fine.



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