Microsoft Certifications and Exams – Are They Worth Gaining? And How Exam Dumps Can Assist You?

The world’s best companies use IT certifications as a way of assessing their employees’ knowledge and predict their chances of success in the chosen job role. While the IT job market can get quite competitive, a valid certification should help you remain relevant and at least ease your way into the job-hunting process. 

For many years, Microsoft certifications have proven to be career game-changers as they provide a way to build lasting foundations. Knowing which Microsoft certifications are in high demand is vital for career planning in the IT industry. 

So, what certifications Microsoft MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security offers its candidates, what are the reasons to become certified and why to choose exam dumps for preparation? Find all the answers to these questions and more from our comprehensive guide to the Microsoft certifications and exams.

Microsoft Certification Levels and Program Overview

Like most of the top-ranked IT certification vendors, Microsoft provides a clear path towards establishing yourself as an elite IT professional. It provides a clear certification track that’s grouped in 3 major levels. These include:

  • the Entry level that covers fundamental IT concepts and topics,
  • the next level entails the Associate credentials that are the perfect options for future professional technology geeks that already have a few years of experience under their belt, 
  • the topmost level in this hierarchy is completed by the Expert-level certifications that verify advanced knowledge and skills of candidates regarding specific Microsoft technologies and concepts. 

Note, that recently Microsoft has rolled out new certifications that include fundamentals, associate and expert credentials as mentioned above. Along with that, the previously issued badges are still valid and can be obtained. These ones fall into MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD certifications. They are distinguished according to the product or service you’ve chosen. Thus, in the MCSA you can be certified in Windows Server 2012 or 2016, Web Applications, or BI Reporting among many. In the MCSE the credentials you can opt for are in Business Applications, Productivity or Core Infrastructure to mention a few

Steps to Achieving Microsoft-Certification Supremacy

The first step when working toward your top-level Microsoft accreditation is to possess some knowledge of basic computer concepts. Microsoft provides the MTA credentials for candidates looking to get started in IT. And to attain these credentials, you should pass one exam. 

The next step is to gain the badge of the associate level. If you opt for the MCSA certification in Web Applications, you’ll need to pass two exams which are 70-480 or 70-483 together with 70-486. If you choose to obtain a new role-based badge, for instance, Microsoft 365 Certified Developer, you’ll have to pass only one test, which is MS-600. So, the exams, topics they cover depend on which goal you set and which track you choose to follow. 

The last step on your journey to achieving Microsoft supremacy is to acquire the expert level certification which also includes MCSE and MCSD badges. The basic requirement here is to previously attain a corresponding associate-level certification, then take and pass one exam from a pool of options available at your disposal. Thus, to gain the MCSE Core Infrastructure certification you need to pass one of the following tests: 70-744, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414 or 70-537.

To sum up, the chosen certification should align with your preferred technology area of specialization and the ideal career track. 

Overview of the Microsoft Role-Based Credentials

Microsoft recently launched a new set of certifications known as role-based credentials. They are intended for technology geeks willing to take up new roles in the ever-changing IT industry. 

Unlike the previous Microsoft certifications that focused on specific products, the new role-based accreditations are built around specific positions such as Developer, Solutions Architect, and Administrator. 

To be precise, the new role-based Microsoft certifications are career-focused and are designed to show that the certified IT professional is on par with the technical job roles and requirements in the modern IT industry.

The Value of Microsoft Certifications 

1. Prove your skills

Obtaining a Microsoft certification not only demonstrates your ability competencies but also shows a strong desire to embrace new technologies. For this reason, these credentials will help you stay ahead, get hired and make you productive within the organization you serve.

2. Potential for Growth

Often times, most of the Microsoft certified professionals will acknowledge salary increase. This is because Microsoft certified IT professionals can take up multiple roles in the organization they work including supervising their peers. And this puts them on the fast track for promotion or even better working conditions.

3. Earn recognition

A valid Microsoft certification will help you make an instant impact. This helps you get recognized and advance your career quickly.

Attain Your Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft provides comprehensive details about its certification exams on its official website and it’s important to cover all the concepts you can before scheduling your exam. Then check the options for your prep process offered by the vendor itself. 

Besides, try to check your readiness for the test at home by practicing reliable exam dumps. With plenty of confusion regarding certification exam prep, provides a clear path to becoming a certified IT professional. If you are working toward your Microsoft certifications, this online platform is ready to cater to all your training needs right from the time you start your journey until you get certified. They provide useful information you may need to prepare for Microsoft certification tests. There you can download free and paid exam dumps (which include actual questions with answers) alongside training courses and study guides. This is a great way to check your readiness and become familiar with the question types and exam structure.

And if you want a useful software that simulates the actual exam testing environment, check out the ETE Exam Simulator that’s nothing if not satisfying. Using this software, you can create and edit your trial tests, take them and get detailed reports on your results.


Microsoft certifications are one of the most discussed topics in the modern IT world and it’s all for a good reason. Microsoft has proven to be a highly befitting option for candidates looking to build an effective career using its products and services. If you want to serve your company successfully and thrive in your future IT role, prepare for your Microsoft certification exam with exam dumps. Gain the foundational knowledge from these modern training modalities and prepare for more advanced roles that will attract handsome paychecks in the long run.

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