Pokemon GO Players Say Update Made Things Worse for Photosensitive Users

Pokemon GO users are having a difficult time dealing with serious concerns. Since the most recent update, players have reported severe accessibility issues for individuals with photosensitive conditions and other problems with the game.

Niantic’s developers mistakenly introduced harmful light flashing to Pokemon GO with the version 0.211.2 release. Niantic pledged to update Pokemon GO to prevent users from being harmed. However, the update looks to have worsened the situation while also bringing new difficulties.

How Is Niantic Dealing with the situation?

At present, the inventor of “Pokemon GO” is listening to its players’ complaints. Some of the remarks originated from various game news sources. The addition of the flashing screen in the game’s latest version may appear normal to others. However, this could cause life-threatening epileptic seizures for photosensitive people.

According to a Reddit thread from earlier this week, “regular players would not face any harm by the flashing screens.” The issue will be for those individuals who have epilepsy. Such players face massive discomfort and danger whenever bright colors emerge on the screen. Furthermore, he added that the discomfort experienced by many photosensitive users is a clear indication that an epilepsy seizure is on the way.

It is rep[orted that the commenter said that Niantic should find a solution to this problem right away if they don’t want a considerable number of their players to stop playing the game.

What the Redditor posted was not an isolated incident, as numerous people reported the same thing. Many people reported having seizures after playing “Pokemon GO” on its latest updates.

The number of complaints is growing alarmingly, and Niantic responded that it would be working to rectify the update that “altered the transition time between displays.”

What gamers noticed, in particular, was the brilliant white flash that kept coming on the screen. The eye-squinting flash appears at two different points. The first is a long flash that occurs when the player clicks a Pokemon and then moves to the combat screen. The second is a shorter version that appears during the fleeing situation in the wild. What made matters worse was the continuous exposure to the white screen, which creates seizure problems.

Did Pokemon Go face issues before?

A year ago, players of “Pokemon GO” reported the same incidents of odd light flashing in the game. Again, a large number of Reddit users raised the matter with Niantic.

On December 16, 1997, 700 youngsters in Japan ended up in the hospital after experiencing seizures. At the time, the young patients had seen the most recent “Pokemon” episode.

The 38th episode of the Pokemon franchise, involving Porygon, has been banned. The anime’s administration opted to take a four-month hiatus to address the issue in future episode releases. They also limited the visual effects used in subsequent videos.



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