PPC is Not all about the Click. Know How an eLearning Business can Benefit from it

PPC, a.k.a pay per click is one of the most extensively used advertising system in the world.

Reason? It lets us sell anything under the sun to the prospects online. No wonder, almost all businesses are going gaga over it.

But as it is gaining popularity, a misbelief seems to be going around.

While sellers starting off with PPC might take it to be entirely click-centric, turns out, that’s not how it works.

PPC is more than just clicks. It’s about conversions and a lot more. While you have put your heart and soul into creating a perfect elearning course, a PPC campaign can provide the exposure it deserves.

For that reason, in this blog post we discuss the ways in which an eLearning business can benefit from PPC.

How eLearning businesses can benefit from PPC?

While pay per click is useful for most niches, a niche-centric PPC network or platform would work amazingly for an eLearning business.

Looking for reasons? Well, we you can find some below.

1. PPC helps you reach your buyer. Directly.

Cut the crap. PPC is the perfect go-to for running an ad campaign which specifically aims at selling.

Doesn’t mean that you will always be able to sell at the first step. But if there has to be a way which gets you a really great amount of sales from the web, PPC is it.

The best thing about PPC is it lets you target a set of audience depending on their interests. You get to choose demographics. Age groups. Gender. Interests. And everything else.

Your aim as a marketer is to be as specific about your audience as you can be.

More specific the ad campaign, higher will be the conversion rate.

2. Your prospects are really online

It’s pretty evident. We don’t even have to look for potential buyers in an eLearning business.

If you are selling a course, odds would be in your favour. A potential buyer might just be sitting next to you in the restaurant which you just ate at.

The best thing is that they are all online. Obvious, right? Web is the only best place to look for an online eLearning course. This gives us a leg ahead in the competition.

Not that we know that most of our prospects entirely rely on internet for eLearning education’s information, running a PPC campaign targeting specific interests would be a great idea.

3. You can go niche-specific

While every campaign in the world needs to be targeted, how about using a niche-specifically targeted PPC network?

While normal PPC networks allow you to set the targeting settings such that your ads are visible to your specific audience, a niche-specific PPC network will do the same.

Just that, a niche-specific PPC network will have most of the major targeting settings done right, already.


It will save hassle and time for you. Also, it will be way easier to manage.

For example, eLearning Industry’s PPC network lets you run a LMS PPC campaign targeting all your potential buyers on its own using its very own LMS directory.

Final words

When online businesses are concerned, PPC plays a vital role in driving sales.

As it might come off, it is not actually just about getting clicks. Getting hundreds and thousands of clicks and no conversions or sales won’t lead your campaign and business anywhere.

The aim of a PPC campaign is to generate sales. And if your product is an eLearning course, a niche-centric PPC network can really help you scale your business well.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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