The Right Way for Businesses to Respond to a Security Breach

The amount of data hacks and exterior security breaches is a serious risk that all businesses face today. Those that are victimized could end up losing a lot of valuable data and even lose customer trust. To ensure that they are able to handle a security breach as well as possible, here are four things that all businesses need to do if they realize that they are affected by a hack or breach.

1. Be Honest

The first thing that a business needs to do if they realize that they are a victim of a security breach is to be honest about the situation. It is extremely important that the business makes all necessary parties aware of the situation, which can include all employees of the company, all customers that may have data stored with the company, and any other relevant parties. This can then allow all of these parties to monitor their individual credit and make any necessary changes.

2. Be Proactive

Any business that is victimized by a security breach also needs to make sure that they are as proactive about the response as possible. Security breaches can only get worse if they are ignored for any amount of time. The sooner than you are able to start to react and prevent the threat from continuing, the sooner you’re going to be able to start the recovery process.

3. Identify Possible Threats

Most importantly, when you have been affected by a security breach, you need to make sure that you are able to identify the threat, the source, and what happened to allow the breach to happen. Identifying the source is extremely important as you will then need to share this information with the authorities to ensure that this organization is prevented from doing this anywhere else. Once you understand how the breach occurred, you will be able to start focusing on how to prevent it from happening again.

4. Build a New System

While there are some steps that you can take to rebuild your security system, to fully protect your business going forward you will need to hire a contractor that is experienced in building security systems. And experience contractor will be fully aware of all of the potential threats that are available today. They will then be able to review your current systems and make any necessary upgrades to ensure that you are protected against these risks.

When you are setting up your systems to help protect against security breaches going forward, it is also important to realize that the risks are always going to change. You not only need to be able to be prepared for common risks today, but also need to be able to implement changes as the potential risks change as well. Because of this, you need to stay on top of changes in the industry and always look to improve your security systems. This will continue to ensure you are protected for years to come.

Hannah Whittenly
Hannah Whittenly
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your contractor needs, Hannah recommends Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.


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