How to save money on Amazon coins and the Amazon Underground

If you are like me, then you probably crave in-app purchases to get ahead of the curve of your progress, and sometimes spending dollars on perks seems rather careless for people with limited wages. Amazon understood this predicament when it released its new Amazon Appstore and Amazon Coins. Amazon Coins are a stark solution to this problem. For users to play games with Amazon or buy or use Amazon Coins, they need to have Amazon Underground installed. So, before we talk about Amazon Coins let’s talk about Amazon Underground first.

Amazon Appstore for Android:

Amazon App store is an alternative App store. It’s available for Android and other platforms and offers thousands of Apps and even in-app items that are free.

This App is Godsend because:

All apps in Amazon Underground are absolutely free. You can also save upto 25% in in-app purchases through Amazon Coins.

How to install Amazon Appstore for Android:

You can install this App as long as your Smartphone/ PC supports apk. To install this App, you can find the official file in the App store with the name “Amazon Underground.”

  1. Go to “Settings”>”Security”> Tap on “Unknown Sources” > Tap on “OK”.
  2. For Amazon Appstore you need to download Amazon Underground.
  3. Install the downloaded App store and voilà you’re done.

How to use Amazon App store on PC:

Many people play big android games on PC to avoid heat up and hanging problem in the smartphone and then you’ll need an android emulator for PC. Here’s how you get Amazon Appstore on PC similarly you install other apps:

  1. Download an Android emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy, etc. There are many other popular Android emulators for PC available which simulates the android environment.
  2. In our case we took Bluestacks. So, run Bluestacks, Go to Settings> Security> Tap on “Unknown Sources”>Tap on “OK”.
  3. Then proceed to Amazon Appstore download page and download the App.
  4. Once the App is downloaded, Tap “Downloads” then continue tapping the downloaded file.
  5. This will install Amazon Underground in your Android emulator.

NOTE: You will need to sync your progress with Facebook etc. to have your game progress saved after you sync your progress with your emulator. After that, you can proceed to buy Amazon Coins and spending it on in-app purchases for a discount.

Now, you have your Amazon Underground Appstore let’s talk about Amazon Coins and how you can save a ton of money.

Amazon Coins:

Let’s assume that your favorite app isn’t available at Amazon Underground Store but you still want to save money, this is where Amazon Coins become very significant. With Amazon Coins, you can save money on Apps and in-app purchases by buying Apps and perks through Amazon Coins. Each Amazon Coin is equivalent to a penny which makes 10,000 Amazon Coins equal to 100$ USD in that context. You can save money by purchasing Amazon Coins via your credit/debit card. For example: If you buy 500 Amazon Coins then it will cost you 4.50$ USD.

Therefore, you will end up saving 0.50$ USD, which is a 10% discount, discounts like these increase significantly depending upon the amount you are willing to convert into Amazon Coins. Purchasing 1000 Amazon Coins will provide you with a discount of 12% and buying 10,000 Amazon coins will cost you 80$ USD, which is a discount of 20%. You can buy at Amazon Coins.


For more in-depth detail, I have selected Vainglory as an example.

Vainglory is an MOBA smartphone game, which is widely played among gamers. This game allows in-app purchases via Amazon Coins. Here’s how you save money in this game:

  • To begin you need to download Vainglory from Amazon Appstore for Android.
  • Then get more ICE in Vainglory by buying it with Amazon Coins through Vainglory App. To get more by paying less, I highly recommend buying ICE whenever a promotion date is in effect.
  • Furthermore, you get 20% of your Amazon coins back from Vainglory in-app purchases between 7/28 and 7/31. So, if you’re planning to spend some Amazon Coins for skins on Vainglory then now would an ideal time.

How the 20% discount works on Vainglory:

The coins back offer means that if you buy any in-app purchase in Vainglory, then you get 20% of the value you spent back in Amazon Coins. So, if you pay 100$ USD on ICE by buying 100$ USD worth of Amazon Coins and then buying ICE with Amazon Coins then you get you get 2000 Amazon Coins back into your account which is worth 20$ USD.


HayDay is one of the most widely played farm game. HayDay game also allows you in-app purchases with Amazon Coins.

  • To play HayDay, you need to download HayDay Amazon Appstore for Android.
  • You must save your game progress by syncing your game either with Facebook or Google Play Service.
  • Install it now from Amazon Appstore.

How can you save your money on HayDay:

In general, take the example of HayDay in-app purchase of “Trunk of Diamonds”. Normal purchase of Trunk Of Diamonds cost you 100.50$ USD. But with Amazon Coins you need to buy it with 10,000 Amazon Coins. You get 10% discount with every purchase through Amazon Coins. So, to purchase 10,000 Amazon Coins you can buy it for 90$. This means you saved up to 10% per purchase. This discount works on the purchase of both HayDay Coins and HayDay Diamonds. This Hay Day strategy with Amazon Appstore you can save your real money.

How Coins back promotion is different from Coins Discount:

Coins discount applies to purchase price of Amazon Coins, not in-app purchases, which means that you get Coins discount when you buy Amazon Coins. You get Coins back when you buy perks in gaming applications.


If you have downloaded your game through Google Play or any other app store, then you need to uninstall your game such as Vainglory and re-download it from Amazon Appstore to be able to use Amazon Coins.

Before deleting the App, keep your game synced with any social media website such as Facebook so that your progress is saved.

After re-downloading your game from Amazon Appstore, you need to re-sync your progress with your device.

Final words:

Amazon Coins have sponsored this article. Sponsorship generate some revenue for our website, which makes sure that we keep doing our work smoothly. We at MUS Tips believe in an open door policy, and so, it felt like a responsibility for us to inform you of this.

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  1. I can’t seem to download Amazon underground with Andy. Nothing happens when I click into the link, or when I click on the redownload link

    • I hope you are not using an outdated version. To use Amazon Underground, open browser or chrome in Andy emulator and put Amazon Underground link to download.


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