Siftr Magic Cleaner – Get Rid of Junky Photos in Your Smartphone

If you’re like me, then your friends have probably added you to some random group where they often post memes and spam messages in the form of pictures, which ends up being a massive burden on phone memory. I usually end up muting those conversations which may be somewhat rude. But I consider it necessary at least, and I used to until I found this App. So, here is how you can get rid of junky photos using Siftr Magic Cleaner.

1. Get Siftr Magic Cleaner:

Siftr Magic cleaner is a free-to-use application available at Google Play Store. You can search for it on your Android Google Play Store or get from here. It analyses your WhatsApp images using Google engine’s API as a source to determine whether the image is personal in nature or not.

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2. Run Siftr Magic Cleaner:

During the first run, you’ll find that it’s a pretty straightforward and easy to use. Once you tap on the button, it will start analyzing all your photos. Do keep in mind that it might take some time, depending upon the amount of photos you have and internet connection speed.

Run Siftr Magic Cleaner
Run Siftr Magic Cleaner

3. Select all or Select some:

After the analysis is done, it will present to you all the images that the app found to be junky in nature, from here on you can select whether you want to remove all images by selecting “Select All” or just select the images you want to delete and then tap “Delete.”

Delete with Run Siftr Magic Cleaner
Delete with Run Siftr Magic Cleaner

Final words:

You probably have WhatsApp on your phone and for that Siftr magic cleaner is essential for your phone memory. Siftr magic cleaner has made my social life a little bit more tolerable. I want to block annoying people without upsetting them, so I wouldn’t receive their spam in the first place, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon I take it. Did this App help you out? Let us know in the comments below.

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