Smihub – View Instagram Story Anonymously 

Smihub is your cheat for using Instagram anonymously. You can now stalk your frenemies or business competitors without them finding out! 

Most people use Instagram stories to share pictures and videos of their day. You may want to watch their stories to know more about your competition or to keep up with what your enemies are up to. Now, you can watch all their stories anonymously using Smihub! They will never find out about you stalking their profile.

So how does Smihub work? Does it work like Picuki? What are its features? Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about this exciting new platform.

SmiHub: What is it? 

SmiHub allows you to view other people’s stories without them knowing. Thus, you can stalk them without engaging with them. Moreover, you can also download photos, reels, and stories through the SmiHub Download feature. 

SmiHub: What is it? 
SmiHub: What is it?

It is very easy to use Smihub. Simply follow the steps given below to view Instagram stories or download them. 

  • Open the official website on your web browser.
  • Now, put your desired account’s URL into the username search box. You can get the URL by searching for the desired account on Instagram, opening it, and clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. From here, choose “copy profile URL.” Simply paste this URL into the search box.
  • After entering the URL, press search.
  • You can view the account’s stories, posts, reels, and likes! 
  • Alternatively, you can download content from the desired person’s profile. For this, you must visit the “Download from Instagram” section. Next, you will put the URL in the search box and press process. You will now be able to download unlimited content from your desired profile.

SmiHub Features 


The SmiHub has several spectacular features that make it stand out from other Instagram Stories viewers. They have been discussed down below. 

Can we Browse Instagram Profile Completely Anonymous with SmiHub?

SmiHub is completely anonymous. Thus, you do not have to worry about your identity getting leaked! You can browse unlimited user profiles and look at their stories, images, tagged photos, and reels without finding out! You can also look at the user’s likes and comments.

Is SmiHub Free Of Cost?

It is free to use. You do not have to pay a single cent to use the site’s features. Hence, you can view and download unlimited content for free! 

Fast Downloading Speeds

Downloading content on SmiHub takes little time. The platform has quick downloading speeds, and you can download as much as Instagram content as you want in minimum time like in StoriesDown.

Download Multiple Stories At Once

It gives you the option of downloading unlimited content. You can download up to 10 stories at once! 

Hashtags and Locations

If you’re an influencer or business owner wanting to find out more about your customer base, you can use hashtags to discover the content they are interested in. You can also see the locations your customers visit and advertise accordingly. 

Easy To Navigate SmiHub Website 

The SmiHub website is extremely easy to use. Everything is clear, and you do not have to fret about discovering things on the website. Thus, you can view unlimited anonymous content without any hassle using SmiHub! 

Log in using Facebook Messenger

You can use the website without an account! However, logging into it via a Facebook messenger account will give access to exclusive content to you. This includes polling options along with access rights management tools.

Safe and Reliable

Millions of users trust SmiHub. It does not steal passwords or confidential information. Moreover, it does not download spam content or viruses on your devices. 

Quick Customer Support 

If you are facing any issues while using the website, you can contact SmiHub customer support, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You can use Instagram to contact them. Simply look up @smihubhelp and send them a message regarding your issue.


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