Snowflakes in Animal Crossing – What do you need to learn?

Are you a Animal Crossing crazy gamer and looking for how to get snowflakes in Animal Crossing? Let’s brief it. For the beginners to introduce, Animal Crossing is a famous life simulation game video game series developed by Nintendo. There are a total of five Animal Crossing games released worldwide since then. Among them Animal Crossing: New Horizon is the new addition to the Animal Crossing series. Millions of people love the game, and expansion of new features, such as Animal Crossing Snowflakes, has impressed the fans.

Getting a snowflake in Animal Crossing is a piece of cake. It does not take much effort. The reason is, the developers wanted to make sure that the gamer kids get the snowflakes easily. Although, people of every age group play the game. Snowflakes are the first seasonal item that you can get in this game. With that out of the way, let’s discuss how to get the snowflakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

How to Get the Snowflakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

Snowflakes are like rare bugs in Animal Crossing, all have different time and places to catch.

For snowflakes in Animal Crossing, there are two types of snowflakes

  • Snowflakes
  • Large snowflakes.

How to get Snowflake in Animal Crossing?

To get snowflakes in Animal Crossing, you will need to be playing the game during a certain time. This depends on where your hemisphere is. In the Northern Hemisphere, you will need to be playing during Dec 11th to Feb 24th, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, the snowflakes season starts from June 11th and ends on Aug 24th.

How to get Large Snowflake or Snowballs in Animal Crossing?

You can build your snow boy and find snowballs throughout the season. During the winter season, you will be able to see snowflakes floating around your island in the same way you see maple leaves and cherry blossom petals during their seasons. They are very common and you can see easily, especially when it is snowing. You can also find their DIY recipes by shooting down flying balloons.

You will have to catch them by the net tool. But you can’t guess where the snowflakes fall as they fall on random places. So you need to be alert all the time and keep looking for them. A gentle twinkling sound plays when you are nearby a round flake to help you detect it. Capture it in your network to add it to your collection.

Things to watch out Before Catching Snowflakes in Animal Crossing


One thing to bear in mind is that you need to be careful while catching these snowflakes. Like all seasonal items, they also disappear if you fail to catch them and miss them too many times. So it is not as easy as it may seem. However, it would be easy for you if you keep trying. But they would be around for quite a long time, and you will certainly get enough time to catch them.

Large Snowflakes

Talking about large snowflakes, you cannot find them the same way as you found the snowflakes. You will have to build a perfect snow boy to get the large snowflakes. It is, however, easier said than done. You will have to do some practice to make an ideal snow boy. Once you have built the snow boy, they will give you a large snowflake. That snow boy will keep rewarding you for four days until it vanishes.

To Sum Up:

Do let us know how you caught you first snowflake in Animal Crossing. We will build a story line of people and their success stories how they caught their first snowflake of the season.

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