The Business of Writing: Making Money out of Words

Money and writing in one sentence would not make any sense some decades ago. Back then, writing as a lucrative profession seemed incredulous. But not anymore. In fact, now is the time when writing can rake in income for those who engage in the business.

In the realm of digital marketing, it has been said many times over that content is king. After all, what you see in your social media news feed, in blogs and in websites are all content in different forms. Visual content such as photos and images are the preference nowadays, but nothing can beat the words and text as the dominant content form.

With the internet being a well of information and entertainment, it requires lots and a lot of content. This is where writers have opportunities to earn more!

There are different kinds of writing jobs available:

  • Web Content Writing
  • Copy Writing Blogging
  • Medical Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading

If you are planning to have a small content writing company, it would be best if you select a particular type of writing job. For example, resume writing is a very specific writing job and has a targeted market – people who need help with their resumes. This way, you and your pool of writers can easily focus on delivering high-quality content, knowing that you will be handling specific writing job orders.

Once everything goes okay for your start-up content writing business, you can expand to accommodate other types of writing jobs.

Before heading on to business expansion ideas, here is a rundown of important things that you should take note of to ensure the smooth establishment of your small writing business.

1. Take it Seriously

By this, we mean take the business side of it a serious business. Managing a small company can be difficult, especially if you engage in the business unprepared. It would help a great deal if you begin your venture with a business plan. As mentioned earlier, focus on a specific writing job for starters. Study where prospective clients are. Listed below are a few questions that can help you determine the type of writing business you should start:

  • Will my type of business have a constant demand?
  • Can I create a demand for my company’s services?
  • Who are my competitors and can I compete with them in terms of prices and quality?

2. Understand the Finances

Finances should also be a priority concern during the early stages of your business. You should have a good knowledge of money management to make sure that your content writing will not close down soon.

Set a target financial goal, and determine your budget. You need to know how much money your company should make, the expenditures it incur, and the investments you need to make. For instance, if you plan to market your company, how much budget are you going to allocate? Which marketing channel will give you significant exposure and return for an affordable amount?

You also need to understand pricing and rates for the services offered by your business. Determining the rates can be a bit tricky. You need to consider the size of the project, the manpower hours needed for it to be completed, and the deadline.

3. Build a Website

Your company must have a face and name visible to possible clients. Since the industry being catered by your company is digital, what better way to present yourself than a company website. Your website will be the go-to place of prospective clients, checking out your services. It is best if you can highlight the flexibility of your company in terms of topics written about and the different styles used in developing written content. In fact, this is one way of building credibility and trust in your clients because you are letting them know that they are dealing with a professional writing company albeit small. So, make sure that it has great content and easy to navigate.

A website is one investment you need to make if you want to really make a business out of content writing. Getting a paid domain name is highly recommended since free hosting websites have limited reach and features.

4. Form a Pool of Competent Writers

Of course your company is better off starting with a small pool of writers. Know and accept that you cannot do the writing jobs all by yourself, especially if you want to earn more.

The more hands are working and delivering quality outputs, the higher the chances that you will reach your target profit.

You can recruit freelance writers to work for you. Just make sure that they have good writing skills, comprehension and research skills as well. It would be a big plus if they are storytellers so your tasks would not only be informative, but entertaining and compelling as well.

So, how many of the mentioned above have been ticked off of your checklist?

Laura Buckler
Laura Buckler
Laura Buckler is a keen freelance writer and contributor at . She uses a sharp-witted approach in her writings, making readers interested in her work. She has amazing social marketing skills, and great digital abilities. Follow her on twitter for more info.


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