Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with best Brain Training Apps 2016

Our brains are getting older as we are ageing. With age comes wisdom and experiences which you can further disseminate, so for this you need Brain Training Apps. But wait, check these top 10 Brain Games that actually Train your Brain. How can you actually think of sharing the information that you have if age is making you forget often? With time it becomes harder to recall certain words and process information which seemed easier to reminisce before.

However, it is not really the case with every adult. There are those who are equally, or closely, attentive and have an amazing memory even as time passes by. They are the ones who are constantly tuning up their mental skills, exercising their brain muscles regularly to keep them nice and shiny – good as new. These efforts that they do usually include the mental games (brain training apps) that they keep themselves busy with every time they have some time to spare. Sudoku, crossword puzzles and brain training apps on smart phones, specially designed for the very purpose, are examples of their secrets to a healthier brain.

If you think your brain is becoming a bit rusty and going for a brain-training program by a neurologist sounds like a far-off deal, then do it yourself at home. Numerous app developers these days are busy developing games and applications on platforms like smart phones and tablets. If you get at least 1 such app on your phone, imagine a training program on-the-go. Spend 15-20 minutes, minimum, every day and see the difference yourself. To help you out with brain training apps, here’s a list of top 10 brain games that provides an amazing mental workout.

Train your Brain with best Brain Training Apps 2016

Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with best Brain Training Apps 2016

1. Lumosity

Lumosity – The best Brain Training Apps

Lumosity is like home-based gym for your mind. With games and applications that are most specifically designed for the purpose of training your brain, improving memory, problem solving skills alongside attention, speed and flexibility, this app is like the perfect teacher. As you move ahead with remembering names and basic training in terms of every day practical things you do, Lumosity will personalize the training program in accordance with the performance. This open-science brain training apps is just about perfect for brain training.

2. BrainHQ

BrainHQ – Best Brain Training Apps

BrainHQ is an app by Posit Science and the great brain training apps that is a terrific application to have your smart phone if you struggle to remember, or recall later, names. There are series of training exercises that are available which allows you to work out eye for detail, processing the mind for visual scenes alongside other details. It is not really that flashy game which captivates the players but it is meant for those who are looking forward to some serious training.


3. Brain It On

Brain It On – Best Brain Training Apps

Lots of Physics puzzles for your mind to get into that work-out mode – Brain It On is a deceptively challenging game for your brain. You have to draw shapes to make it to the next level. Sounds easy? Well, there are puzzles that you have to solve as you draw those shapes; a different shape for a tricky puzzle, every time. This brain training apps or puzzle game by Orbital Nine really makes you think deeply for solutions, develop methods around to come up with cracking knowledge.

4. Tap20

Top 10 Brain Games – Tap 20 – Best Brain Training Apps

Tap20 falls in the category of top 10 brain games, number puzzle games and the best brain training apps. While it may seem like a simple game, as all you have to do is tap random numbers from 1-20 in the right order within the given time, but there’s more to this brain-teaser. As you go up the levels, time reduces so take it as a race against time. Alongside the tapping and concentrating on getting the next number, the mind is under constant work-out-mode as it is trying to focus. This game is an amazing addition by Cactac Studios as you tune up your cognitive skills while you are simply having fun.

5. Elevate

Top 10 Brain Games – Elevate – Best Brain Training Apps

This is yet another app that facilitates the brain into smoother processing by means of memory improving processes involved. In Elevate, you can choose the aspects of minds that you really want to improve and then work on it. There will be different training sessions served to you each week based upon the choice you have made. The training sessions are fun games that help in becoming a better communicator.


6. Fit Brains

Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with Fit Brains


If you have been on the hunt of a fun brain game for far too long, and there are some that involves training session that are more like a visit to a doctor, then you can end your search with Fit Brains. Although it is just Lumosity and other brain training session sort games, focusing on weak areas to improve but it is more like a video game. So you can have fun and train your brain at the same time.

7. Personal Zen

Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with Personal Zen

You have got 2 animated characters in front of you: a friendly guy and an angry guy. They are burrowing through a field of grass that is rusting. The idea is simple but as the developer, Dennis, has created Personal Zen with the help of researchers, it is a great anxiety reduction training game, aiding the mind to stay focused on positive as against negatives. This apps is on 7th in top 10 brain games.


8. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Train your Brain with CogniFit Brain Fitness

An application designed by Neuroscientist that is fun, addictive and is a great way to upgrade your cognitive skills. Track your progress and challenge friends at it if you think you are good enough. If you tend to spend at least 20 minutes using CogniFit Brain Fitness every day, you can actually feel the difference, as noticed by developers.



9. Brain Challenge

Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge is a complete brain training program by Gameloft for 5$ that helps exercise your brain to maintain fitness, just like a regular workout to stay physically fit. It is rather an entertainment, more of a personal coach that is a fun solution to your brain improvement.

10. Happify

Top 10 Brain Games – Train your Brain with Happify

Adhering to research, one can actually train the brain to be happier. By conquering negative thoughts and coping right with stress, leading a happier life becomes the key to success in times to come. Happify has quizzes and polls that will aid you in the process of overcoming the negatives and keep smiling all day.

Try games that actually challenge your mind to the extent that your mental muscles are constantly on the workout while you are at it. With a variety of stimulation to feed your brain, these games are perhaps the most spectacular category of applications added to the world of smartphones. Most of these applications are for both platforms, iOS and Android, and even more, like Apple Watch, go get them!

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.