Top 10 Events in Second Life You Should Not Miss


If you want to live your virtual life to the fullest in Second Life, do you know what you should do? You should attend some events to make your life more happening in Second Life. If you are confused about which events you should visit, then I am here to cover you. In this article, I shall discuss the top 10 events in Second Life that you should not miss at any cost.

Lovecraft Festival

Lovecraft Festival Second Life
Lovecraft Festival Second Life

The festival is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft who was a very famous author. The festival will be celebrated in Kingsport city of Lovecraft Lore from 17 August to 27 August. The live performers who will perform for the visitors are Cellshader, Wald Schridde, Paris Cloyd and Ian Songman. The events which you can enjoy in this events are:

  • Vintage horror movies
  • Goth and symphonic metal
  • Lovecraft readings
  • Live music
  • Seanchai Libraries
  • Whymsee show

California Dreamin

California Dreamin Second Life
California Dreamin Second Life

If you want to enjoy the fun and sun of California, then this is the event that you should attend. The shopaholics will love this event because they will get the option of shopping from more than 100 shopping booths. Apart from that, you can expect a lot of entertainment from this event. You can attend the event on 20 August.

London Summer Carnival

London Summer Carnival Second Life
London Summer Carnival Second Life

It is one of the most popular festivals of Second Life. The London Summer Carnival is celebrated in a beautiful part of London. One can enjoy both the view of London and the events of the carnival in the festival. The highlights of London Summer Carnival are:

  • Ride
  • Hunts
  • Mid-month parade
  • Live music

Quiet After Evening

Quiet After Evening Second Life
Quiet After Evening Second Life

If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should attend the ‘Quiet After Evening’ event where you can peacefully enjoy the nature and the sounds of it. You can enjoy the drizzling in this nature while hearing the sounds of the hydrangea and streams. If you need to spend some time alone, this festival is for you.



It is an event where friendly discussions on philosophies take place. The event also gives the visitors a chance to see the Linden bears. If you are lucky, you can even earn a Linder bear for yourself. The highlights of the events are:

  • Discussions
  • Board games
  • Karaoke

Through The Rabbit Hole

Through The Rabbit Hole Second Life
Through The Rabbit Hole Second Life

The event name is of course inspired by ‘Alice In Wonderland.’ This event is created by Blublaize to celebrate the alternative world where we live with along with the anniversary of Shenanigans. If you are a literature lover, you will fall in love with this event where you get the opportunity to meet the crazy characters of the literary world.

The Art Rocket

The Art Rocket Second Life
The Art Rocket Second Life

Try to visit ‘The Art Rocket’ if you love the space. In this event, you have the chance to take a rocket and then to fly in the universe for enjoying the immense beauty of it. The event is created by Betty Tureaud for giving the people a chance to explore the world.

The Forest Beyond

The Forest Beyond Second Life
The Forest Beyond Second Life

It is a sim which is made out of watercolors. Did you ever think that you can explore the world that lies beyond a picture? If not, then this is your chance to think and experience it for yourself. You can roam in this world, and of course, you can dream about it. This is one of the most beautiful events that has been ever created in the Second Life. You can expect to enjoy your time with the following creatures in the event:

  • Trees
  • Fairies
  • Butterflies
  • Fireflies

Aero Pines Park Carnival

Aero Pines Park Carnival Second Life
Aero Pines Park Carnival Second Life

Enjoy some time with your friends, family and loved ones in Aero Pines Park Carnival. You can enjoy a good quality time with your near and dear ones in this event and along with that you can have a lot of fun with them. The highlights of the Aero Pines Park Carnival are:

  • Rides
  • Games
  • Photo opportunities

The Trunk Show

The Trunk Show Second Life
The Trunk Show Second Life

The event is created by PgP and it features a bimonthly wedding. If you are planning for a dream wedding in the Second Life, then this event is a must-visit for you because it will feature everything that you need to turn that dream wedding into a real one. More than 50 designers will be participating in this event, and they will show you their original collection. So, what are you waiting for? The event will start on 19 August, and it’s the time for you to get ready.

Wrap Up

If possible try to experience all the events which are mentioned in the list. Each of these events will give you a unique experience to remember. If you are planning to visit any event, do let me know about it and don’t forget to share your experience once you have attended it.

Nilakshi Pathak
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