Top Five Reasons your Business Needs Video Marketing

Companies that include videos in their marketing campaigns have a 27% higher click-through rate and a 34% conversion rate than companies not using such strategies. If you are wondering whether investing in video marketing is worth, we say “Yes, it is worth it!”.

Not only is it the latest trend, but also because videos are a very versatile and profitable digital marketing tool. Corporate video production can ensure that companies experience exponential growth; here, we look at the top five reasons your business needs video marketing. 

1. Search Optimization

If you think about general habits that people have when they need a solution to a problem, they visit a search engine website. You want to ensure that you create quality content to place on the largest search engine site in the world; Google, who owns YouTube the second-largest search engine. Making use of other social media platforms for greater reach and allows social sharing. To produce quality content, start by looking at the most significant problems your customers have and then making video content around that in the form of, i.e. ‘Tutorials’. 

2. Reach your Audience Faster

If you want an immediate response on your content, upload your videos on Facebook. When posting a ‘Native Facebook Video’, you will get two times the reach and seven times the engagement. Thanks to how the Facebook algorithm works right now, video content is the top-performing kind of content on the platform. 

3. Gain Authority 

If you are willing to go on camera or go on live video and talk about your business and area of expertise, it makes you look like an authority figure on the topic and in your industry. With your audience, a video builds a level of trust that you may not have achieved otherwise. It is different from writing a blog or a tweet; instead, it brings a more personal engagement. 

4. Build Relationship

Once you get found on YouTube, or you get seen on Facebook due to the extended reach, it is then your job to harvest the relationship with viewers and people who have engaged in your content. Use platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live to connect with them on a one to one basis in real-time. 

Imagine the possibilities of using social media live platforms as a customer service tool, so get creative in how you use these live streaming platforms or media action platforms to build relationships with your customers and clients. Get to know them on a real-time basis; if people know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to be lifelong customers. 

5. Convert Visitors into Customers

Once you have the value of search and being found on YouTube plus the eyeball and immediacy of Facebook and the relationship-building of Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat live streaming. You want to convert your viewers into customers.

The best way to do that is by driving them through your video content to your website, to your contact page and contact information, or you get them on your email list. That way, you have potential immediate customers, or you will have lifelong brand-loyal customers, as you will harvest your relationships with them through continued social content or weekly email to them.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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