Watchcartoononline – 15 Things you Need to know to watch cartoons online

With the release of several adult cartoons and animes, more and more people are looking for ways to watch cartoons online for free. There are several sites available online but most of them turn out fishy. The risk of viruses, phishing, and hacking is a frequent concern for people who want to watch videos online. However, one of the most frequently used sites, Watchcartoononline is completely safe. The site is used by millions of people worldwide due to its reliability and ease of use. Here are 15 things you need to know to watch cartoons online using Watchcartoononline. 

1. What Is Watchcartoononline

What Is Watchcartoononline
What Is Watchcartoononline

The first thing you need to know about the site is its basic information, i.e What is Watchcartoononline? 

Watchcartoononline is an online streaming platform where viewers can enjoy a variety of anime and cartoons. It covers almost all-genre categories and you will surely find your favorite cartoon/anime series on this online portal. It has several outstanding features which makes it one of the best streaming platforms of all time. 

2. Watchcartoononline Devices

Watchcartoononline is compatible with all devices with an internet connection. This includes Androids, iPhones, tablets, and PCs. If your TV has an internet connection, you can even watch it on the big screen easily! 

3. Watchcartoononline Categories 

Watchcartoononline Categories 
Watchcartoononline Categories

To make it easier for people to select cartoons and animes, the site is divided into categories. If you’re someone who is into a particular genre, then Watchcartoononline is the perfect site to find new series to binge-watch. 

A few of the top categories are mentioned down below.

Comedy- hundreds of comedy cartoons and animes are featured on Watchcartoononline. It includes shows for both kids and adults including Scooby doo and Psycho-Pass. 

  • Kids- Watchcartoobonline has a section entirely dedicated to kids. Thus, if you only want to search for kid-friendly shows, use this category.
  • Animation- This includes Popeye, sailor man, and other animation cartoons. 
  • Adventure- Bigfoot and various other adventurous movies and shows are available for streaming on the site.
  • Action- The action category includes several thrilling shows featuring some top-notch fights! 

4.  Watchcartoononline Subscription

Watchcartoononline Subscription
Watchcartoononline Subscription

The best part about using Watchcartoononline is that it is completely free! There is no subscription free. Thus, you can watch as many shows and movies as you want without paying a single dime. 

The site is free as it features a lot of ads. This can get annoying for a lot of viewers. Fortunately, the ads don’t pop up in the middle of a video. They only open when you click anywhere on the website’s page. Additionally, you can use an ad blocker to block all ads and get rid of the problem altogether. 

5.  Quality of Watchcartoononline

Although it’s free, Watchcartoononline doesn’t compromise on quality. All the shows and movies are of high quality with the best pixels. The sound quality is absolutely great and you can even watch your cartoons in HD! 

6. Can you Download videos from Watchcartoononline? 

Another great feature of Watchcartoononline is that you can download unlimited cartoons and anime! All of them are downloaded in the best quality in minimum time! In fact, it only takes a few minutes to download huge-sized cartoons! Additionally, you also have the option of downloading videos in HD. 

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7. User-friendly

Watchcartoononline is a user-friendly website. It is easy to search and find TV shows and series. In fact, the site can also be used by young children because it’s that easy to navigate! 

8. Safety and Viruses  while using Watchcartoononline

Watchcartoononline is a safe website. Using the site itself won’t introduce any viruses to your phone/computer. However, the ads that pop up on the site are a bit fishy. Some of the suspicious ads contain viruses that can shut down your computer for good! Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about this. All you need to do is not click on any ads and close any that open up immediately. This will keep your device safe from all third-party attacks. 

9. Is Watchcartoononline Legal? 

Unfortunately, watchcartoononline is an illegal website. The whole reason why it is free is that it offers pirated versions of cartoons and animes! Law enforcement agencies can shut such websites down. Thus, the site owners change the domain name every now and then to keep the site running. 

Watching cartoons or anime on Watchcartoononline won’t get you into trouble. You won’t be jailed or fined for using the website. 

10. Movie and Series Recommendations

Movie and Series Recommendations
Movie and Series Recommendations

If you’re someone who has a hard time picking out a movie or series, Watchonlinecartoon is there for you! The site offers free anime and cartoon recommendations to viewers based on their previously watched videos. Thus, you won’t have to surf the web for hours looking for something good to watch! 

11. Submit User Requests To Watchcartoononline

User requests and satisfaction are a major part of Watchcartoononline. If you can’t find your favorite show on the website, you can submit a request for the site to be added to the site’s library. Follow the steps given below to submit a request,

  • Open the website.
  • Click on the help button on the homepage.
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • Select Request from it.
  • You will enter your email and name as well as the title of the movie/series you want to watch. 
  • Simply click Submit and your desired show/movie will be added to the library as soon as possible. 

User complaints are easy to lodge and always acknowledged. Thus, if you face any issue, just file a complaint and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible. 

12. Dubbed Versions and Subtitles 

Dubbed Versions and Subtitles 
Dubbed Versions and Subtitles

Watchcartoononline is the go-to cartoon website for millions of people. Its vast collection of movies and series makes it among the top streaming platforms of all time. Additionally, the site offers free dubbed and subbed versions of all cartoons and animes! Thus, you can enjoy anime in authentic Japanese even if you don’t know the language by watching the subbed version!  

13. Watchcartoononline websites 

Watchcartoononline websites 
Watchcartoononline websites

A few of the Watchcartoononline websites are blocked in certain regions. The site has tackled this problem by creating several backups that viewers can use if one of the sites is not working.

The list of currently working Watchcartoononline site includes


14. Why is Watchcartoononline down? 

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Sometimes, Watchcartoononline goes offline and an error code shows up each time you try to use the site. This may be due to a variety of reasons including traffic overload, site maintenance work, or network issues. You can’t do much about this except wait for a few minutes and reload the page. 

Sometimes, the site is working but there is a browser problem. To fix such an issue, follow the steps given below.

Refresh the site by pressing CTRL + F5 keys simultaneously on Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser you’re using.

You will also clear the browser cache and cookies to ensure that your browser is updated.

15. Watchcartoononline Alternatives to watch anime and cartoons 

Although Watchcartoononline is a great site, some users may have an issue with it being illegal. Thus, you can opt for one of the following websites, 

  • Disney Plus- It has a great variety of cartoons but it has a monthly subscription.
  • YouTube- Although it’s free of cost, YouTube has limited cartoons. Additionally, the quality of videos is not always great. 
  • 9Anime- You can watch anime for free on this website. 
  • KimCartoon and MyCartoon- Both sites offer a huge collection of cartoons suitable for both kids and adults.
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