Why do copying plans never work at trading?

You might have noticed that many people want to succeed in life by copying the formulae of professionals. They are all trading in equal situations and with the chosen pair yet the results are far from expected. A person is making a fortune while the copying individual is failing to even recoup the commissions charged by the broker. Investors try all the techniques to increase the chance of success and this is one of them. 

In this article, we are going to describe why replicating never works in Forex. If you are thinking of starting this technique, make sure to check the balance. Many people have tried but the results were always a failure. We expect this post will change the mindset and the community will understand why this concept doesn’t work in Forex.

The scenario is completely divergent

First of all, traders have goals in mind. Every person has an agenda to invest but when we start copying plans, we only see the superficial motive. A person who is scalping wants to make money in as little time as possible. He would want to get out of the market as he enters to mitigate the risks. The plan implemented does not have the purpose of a person who wants to keep the trade open. He might be a long-term investor who makes money by holding onto the positions. When this replicating starts, there is no way to understand the situations individuals are in. Yet the strategy is copied and the result is not profitable. 

Never think the community will share the goals. People can spend all day in Forex but they will never share the purposes or their methods. If you are exposed to a technique, this can be a trick to fool the investors to mislead. Futures trading requires an in-depth understanding of the investment world. Unless you put a great deal of effort into learning the basics, you will never succeed as a professional trader.

The understanding is not the same

The level of knowledge is important when it comes to trading. Professionals with years of experience can understand what the best decision is based on the volatility. A beginner might need to analyze but that person has got the skills to understand from a glimpse. This skill makes the result from rewarding the investors. Instead of knowing why professionals are taking risks, why they are setting the stop-losses so close to the opening price, traders blindly copy the idea on terminals. 

Experts know the price will not touch the stop-losses. Yet when the volatility is closing, people will pull out from the markets. Only if they had the level of skills, would they understand the reasons for their planning. Remember, your trading plans must be precise and easy. The complex trading plan is not going to make you a winner. If you need time to understand a simple topic, there is nothing wrong with that. Take your time but make sure you get a clear idea. If required use the moving average to set the SL at the perfect place.

Goals vary

The financial industry is the first choice of the community in terms of opportunities to make money. Traders want to make a fortune by simply relying on individuals who have a proven track record. When they start implementing their styles, they never learn their goals. A person with a $100 in their account can afford to lose $10. For someone whose entire fund is only $10 dollars, this will destroy their prospects. 

Sometimes community wants to experiment and share the result with the individuals. Traders get excited and secretly follow in their footsteps. They gradually let themselves step into the den without a torch. When darkness prevails, they lose their money and have nowhere to go. They cannot even seek assistance as strategies were not developed by them. But remember, you should never set such goals which are hard to achieve. If you do so, you will keep on failing and eventually stop taking the trades in this market.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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