Why User’s Online Privacy Is Important for Startups

The internet has taken over every facet of our life where we shop, make deals and even find discount coupons online. Our social life is also more thriving online than offline as we seek to make a new friend on Facebook and Instagram than in real life. Even universities have online courses where you have to take lessons, submit assignments and take tests through the internet. Thus, we are dependent on the internet to help us do a number of vital tasks in our daily life.

However, along with its positive impacts the internet has also come up with some negative effects. This negative side includes negative propaganda as well as invasion of user’s online privacy. Have you ever opened an application that required access to your information to work? It is very common to come across start-ups that require personal information but what actually concerns you is the fact that whether your personal information is safe with these start-ups or not. You will not be willing to share any information that you believe is not going to stay private and may pose a threat to you in future but you seem helpless in front of such tactics and have to give in at the end to reach your desired ends.

User’s Online Privacy
User’s Online Privacy

Efforts Companies Need To Make for User’s Online Privacy

However, in recent times, attention has been drawn towards the security of users’ online privacy other than just making money as WhatsApp has recently introduced a new update where data undergoes end-to-end encryption where only two parties involved in the chat can read the messages or see the images. This secures the data from being accessible to cyber-criminals, hackers or oppressive regimes.  This setting has been introduced to more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Thus, other startups also need to introduce greater privacy settings so that the customers feel secure and share their information without any reluctance. The companies need to keep few things in their mind while accessing client information and after answering these questions they should proceed with further steps. The questions companies need to ask themselves include:

  1. Why is the client information required by the company in the first place?
  2. What type of client information does a company require regarding details related to their purchases?
  3. What kind of arrangements has the company made to secure the information that it receives?
  4. How does the company plan to protect the data and information pertaining to the client it acquired?
  5. What are the laws regarding online user privacy?

Importance of User’s Online Privacy Laws

However, when the discussion has been drawn towards laws, it is very important to highlight their relevance in this issue. The law demands sanctity of privacy of customers and if companies no matter how small or big are unable to comply with these laws then they are not only up for legal proceedings but also seem to lose clients in a huge number. Thus, disobedience of the laws can lead to closing down of a company altogether.


Hence, it is safe to say that startups have to ensure the privacy of customer information in order to successfully pursue business.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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