Why you should never use a free proxy

Internet proxies are an irreplaceable service that allows secure and undetected browsing through an intermediary server. When packages of information are passed through a proxy, we can see geo-blocked, localized data from anywhere in the world. Proxies give us safety and anonymity – traits that are necessary for companies and individuals on the web.

The internet we know today is full of proxies. For new users, they might seem like shady or even illegal tools. Hiding our identity in the physical world is suspicious, to say the least. Because of it, proxy servers might seem like something too good to be true. They have many useful applications, with only some of them crossing the borders of legality.

Businesses and private individuals get the most out of proxies by choosing the most reliable residential proxy providers. Beginners can find fair and legitimate deals to satisfy their needs but often avoid paying for an unfamiliar service. While training to gain an advantage, users fall into a trap – free public proxies. This article will help you understand why you should never use VPNs or free proxies. And if you need a reliable, yet affordable, partner, check out this site.

Fall right into the honeypot!

With the help of proxies, we can collect public data about other companies, find the best vacation deals, manage social media accounts, and even automate retail shopping. Some businesses welcome and even benefit from these activities with proper communication from both sides. However, many companies are sensitive to scrapers and other automated bots and try to limit their activity. To counteract that, they utilize honeypots.

Honeypotting is a great way to increase cybersecurity. Website owners set up these computer systems as a decoy and feed fake information to hackers or data collectors.

Because no one wants to get caught, a lot of malicious activity on the internet comes from public proxies. With so many attacks and unwelcome activities coming from these IPs, website owners shadowban them and redirect their requests to a honeypot.

In some ways, this is worse than an actual IP ban. You can end up scraping fake public data without even knowing it. Many businesses today rely on web scraping for data analytics. False information can have a bad influence on future decisions. If you use public proxies for these tasks, you are predetermined to fail, and your activity in the honeypot will be closely monitored.

We can compare prices to find good deals, but at the end of the day, a good service has its price. Residential proxies from reliable proxy providers actively look for the best solutions to maximize the success of tasks performed by clients. With rotating IPs coming from legitimate internet service providers, you should never fall into a honeypot.

Public proxies – a threat to your privacy

Legitimate residential proxy providers follow regulations and protect user data. Although some hosts collect information for legal reasons, they do it to prevent unlawful activity by businesses. The real problems start when beginners send sensitive data packets through public proxies.

Free proxies are not only deceptive but also dangerous. Any information that is transmitted through a proxy remains visible to its host. If you use a public proxy a third-party host can see and collect all of your data. By now, most businesses are aware of the dangers of public proxies. With so many hosts setting up servers for malicious purposes, a massive data leak is devastating to any company.

Most often, the real victims of public proxies are curious private individuals. Those who are interested in protecting their identity online end up completely exposing it. 

There are many ways for naive users to expose sensitive data. The search for good plane or hotel tickets, limited edition sales, or local goods relies on proxy use. Some products or services are unavailable in other countries, while others can offer different prices based on your geolocation. Once you discover good deals with public proxies, performing a purchase will expose all of your sensitive data to the proxy host.

Data leaks through public proxies are more common than you think. Even if you don’t intend to use the service often, finding affordable deals from respected residential proxy providers will pay off in the future.

Speed it up!

The performance of free proxies is unpredictable and underwhelming. If you want to speed up your tasks, public proxies will do the opposite. Boost up your anonymous connection with a good residential proxy provider.

Lack of speed, security, and anonymity is the trifecta of problems you don’t want to face when using a proxy, and that is exactly what you get from unknown hosts. A service that is supposed to make your online activities fast, safe and efficient can backfire and cause a lot of damage. Only use trustworthy providers that offer many customizable features to suit your needs. That is why looking up the best providers is so useful – with a little bit of research, you’ll create a perfect setup for your operations.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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