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Five Reasons Why Your Staff Need Maximo Training

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore. Data analysis is one aspect that is necessary for the survival of every firm in this century. The economy requires industries to access, gather, and use data.

Five Reasons Why Your Staff Need Maximo Training

To know how data works and how to use it calls for training in various analytical software solutions. An example is Maximo.

The Maximo solution purchased by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) in 2005 has provided several analytical benefits to firms. Some benefits include increasing operational efficiency, centralizing critical information, improving collaboration, tracking live asset performance, and more. However, companies will need IBM Maximo training to know how to use it efficiently.

What Is Maximo?

Maximo Software Suite is a cloud-based solution for asset management. It combines and performs maintenance management with enterprise management. With this solution, organizations can manage and monitor the activities of their assets like facilities, transportation, infrastructure, communication, software and hardware, and more.

The application suite is an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software. Its functions allow users to have control and visibility of processes and asset conditions. Hence, it minimizes downtime.

The tools contained in this application include asset and inventory management, preventive and predictive maintenance, work order flow management, and analytic reporting. With this, you can keep up with real-time details of all assets across several locations, upgrade your EAM software, and introduce new ones.

Benefits of Maximo Training

There are several benefits your company enjoys by training your staff to operate the Maximo application. An advantage is their capacity to optimize workflow and maintain assets through data collection.

Asset Tracking

Maximo provides assets management functions; hence you can monitor expenses on managing your assets. The application can ensure that you make relevant decisions about your investments in managing your assets.

Improve and Inspire Team Work

Your team may not function properly with inefficient workflows. Relying on paperwork and spreadsheets towards managing your operations can lead to increased costs and delays. Instead of completing work orders by increasing your effort, you can train your staff to use the Maximo suite.

Improve and Inspire Team Work

The application is cloud-based and allows access from anywhere at any time. It also ensures automatic real-time updates of inventory levels. Once a work demand is complete, you can assign a new one without coming to the office.

The cloud-based feature allows your team to perform several tasks and assessments from their devices as if they are on site. Technicians can perform maintenance with ease without being present at the location.

Improve Reliability and Asset Uptime

The application contains tools that implement preventive maintenance. Immediate repairs of equipment can prevent further damage. Hence, you can manage your assets properly to deliver effective results.

Training your team to use Maximo can help save the organization from some damages that may arise. Your technicians will see when an asset develops a fault and act immediately.
It is a fact that reactive maintenance costs more than preventive maintenance. In other words, you can save more money using EAM software solutions. For example, you can create work orders to be distributed to your technicians to replace a truck’s oil after a selected mileage instead of waiting for it to break down.

Provides the Basis for Centralized Data

The foundation of this software is data collection, management, and distribution. It has to collect and store data in a centralized and accessible place to function well. Hence you can retrieve any piece of information you need without much hassle.

Retrieving information using the old conventional spreadsheets process will be tasking. It is because the information is scattered and nearly unattainable to track activities. In addition, the time spent going through several emails and files is discouraging. There are many disadvantages of using spreadsheets.

Adopting an asset management software solution can produce desirable results. This is because the cloud-based application collects and stores data in a centralized place therefore; you can access them at any time from any location.

Improve Effective Organizational Communication

Miscommunication is unavoidable and can result in incomplete or incorrect work. If a team cannot communicate effectively, it might not work efficiently. However, a Maximo application eliminates this challenge. It provides a platform for sharing and distributing information accessible to everyone.

A disadvantage of using spreadsheets is the limitations in communicating. Only the handler can access the spreadsheets. It would have to be sent through an email for other team members to access it. However, changes made by other team members will not be updated automatically.

Effective communication requires everyone to be involved but spreadsheets restrict this. Therefore, using EAM software is best.


Data analysis is necessary for improving operations in organizations. Firms need to graduate from the conventional management strategies to using application suits like Maximo.

Maximo is used for asset management and can perform several functions that your firm may find beneficial. As new technological innovations arise, training your team is necessary for improved results.