How to Fight with Searing Exarch Boss in Path of Exile?

Who is the Searing Exarch Boss in Path of Exile? Is it impossible for beginners to defeat him? 

Path of Exile has just come out with its latest expansion, The Siege of Atlas, and fans are thoroughly impressed! The update has introduced four new spectacular bosses, the Searing Exarch, the Eater of Worlds, The Infinite Hunger, and the Black Star Boss. Out of all four, the Searing Exarch Boss has wreaked havoc as defeating him is no easy task! However, the bigger the fight, the greater the reward! Thus, beating this challenging boss gifts players with several attractive prizes. 

Below Mentioned is a detailed guide on the Searching Exarch Boss in Path of Exile and how to fight with him. 

How to summon the Searing Exarch Boss? 

The Searing Exarch Boss is one of the essential bosses in Path of Exile. Before giving you tips on fighting with him, you should learn how to summon him.

How to summon the Searing Exarch Boss?

Firstly, you will need to fight with the Black Star and defeat him successfully. This will give you a new quest that requires you to finish a Tier 13+ map. The map should have The Searing Exarch’s influence. You will need to complete sufficient maps until you reach a tier 16 map with the boss’s influence. This will give you the Incandescent Invitation, which will allow you to access the Absence of Patience and Wisdom. This is an area of the map where you can encounter the Searing Exarch. 

If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt to defeat the Searing Exarch, you will need another Incandescent Invitation. This can be obtained by completing 24 Tier 14 or 14+ maps. 

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How to fight with the Searing Exarch Boss?  

To fight with the Searing Exarch Boss, you need to be aware of its different forms of attacks. Below is a detailed explanation of his attacks and how to dodge them. 

How to fight with the Searing Exarch Boss?

Forms of Attack when The Searing Exarch’s Health is 75-100% 

When the boss’s health is between 75-100%, he uses three different types of attacks. One is his normal attack, in which he slashes his weapon around. The second one is called ‘Disintegration.’ The episode consists of a wall of flame that can deal considerable fire damage to players. You can avoid it by staying behind the wall and not crossing it. However, if the wall is between the boss and you, he can push it towards you. You can still dodge the fence by jumping over it using Flame Dash. Dodging this attack becomes more manageable if you’re prepared for it. Thus, keep your volume on as the boss will announce the attack before beginning it. The third most common attack used by the Searing Exarch is ‘Annihilation.’ During it, the boss will shoot fire beams targeted at the player all around the arena. The only way to avoid the attacks is to run around in circles constantly. 

Forms of Attacks When The Searing Exarch’s Health falls below 75% 

Below 75% health, the Searing Exarch becomes highly dangerous. He yells ‘Incineration’ before beginning it, which is your sign of running! The boss shoots out fire beams in straight lines all around him. The fire lines cover approximately 2/3rd of the arena, and you need to run to the ground’s corners to escape from them. They are highly dangerous, and you need to run as fast as possible to escape from them! 

At the same time, burning orange circles will also appear on the ground. These are scary mines that yield considerable damage if you step on them! Thus, stay away from these flaming circles during your battles with the Searing Exarch! 

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Forms of Attacks When The Searing Exarch’s Health falls below 50%- The Bullet-Hell Phase

The Bullet Hell Phase is the most dangerous part of the battle! At this point, The Searing Exarch’s health bar is below 50%, and he is furious! He will summon rolling fiery meteors from the edges of the arena. The meteors come in four lines; thus, running away from them is practically impossible! So how do you survive this phase? Well, you rely on the Maven and your minions! 

During the phase, the Maven floats in the air and shoots purple beams that destroy some of the meteors. This creates gaps between fireballs’ lines, and you can easily pass through them! Additionally, you can also use your minions and totems to survive. Shoot them in front of you and take cover behind them! The meteors explode upon contact with the minions, and thus, you can pass through with zero damage! You can also use the Flame Dash to jump over the rolling meteors. The bullet hell phase repeats several times! The attacks get more severe once the boss’s health bar falls below 20%. You will have to dodge too many fireballs, which gets very messy and ugly in seconds! 

Keep in mind that the rolling meteors are deadly! Just 2-3 can knock you out for good! Thus, quickly kill the Searing Exarch once his health falls below 20%! Hit the boss with an attack every time you can and run around as much as possible! 

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Rewards of Fighting with The Searing Exarch 

Rewards of Fighting with The Searing Exarch

Successfully managing to defeat the Searing Exarch gives you several unique rewards. You can get any of the following,

  • The Annihilating Light- This decreases elemental resistances and multiples essential skills damage by three. 
  • Dissolution of the Flesh- A prismatic jewel that increases your life by 20-30%. 
  • Dawnbreaker- A powerful shield that increases armor considerably. It also allows you to block several harmful attacks. 
  • Crystallized Omniscience- This onyx amulet increases all attributes. 
  • Omniscient Voidstone- This increases the tiers of your maps. 
  • Exceptional Eldritch Ember- Apply this to any item to add an Exceptional Searing Exarch modifier. 
  • Forbidden Flame- This crimson jewel is mighty and exceptionally rare.


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