How do you Play Multiplayer and co-op work in Elden Ring

Play Elden Ring Multiplayer And Elden Ring Coop mode and enjoy killing beasts and bosses with your friends!

You can explore the Lands in Between all by yourself and kill bosses with the help of AI characters. Alternatively, you could make the game even more fun by entering into the Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op mode! You can help your friends kill bosses or use their help to kill your worst enemies while cracking silly jokes and showing off your skills in the Elden Ring Co-op mode. However, you can also opt for the Elden Ring Multiplayer PvP mode and hop into other people’s servers and try to kill them! Thus, you can be someone’s best ally or their worst foe! The options are unlimited, and each one is packed with fun and excitement! Are you interested in battling the frightening enemies of the Lands in Between with your friends? Or do you want to challenge other players and beat them? Well, keep on reading to find out how to play Elden Ring Multiplayer and Elden Ring Co-op.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op Mode

Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op works very differently compared to other games. There is no concept of sending your friend direct invites. Additionally, there are no matchmaking lobbies that allow you to pair up with random people on the internet. Instead, you require items called summoning items that allow your friends as well as random strangers to hop into your server. You can also join other worlds using these summon items.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op Mode
Elden Ring Multiplayer Co-op Mode

Players must place summon items on the ground to create a summon sign. Other players will be able to see this summon sign, and they can interact with it to hop into your game. They could interact with the summoning sign to summon you into their game instead of getting summoned into your game. Then, the both of you pair up to defeat a boss. You will stay together until the boss dies or either of you dies.

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Elden Ring Multiplayer Benefits

The Elden Ring Multiplayer makes the game so much more exciting. The Multiplayer Co-op mode makes battling monsters easy, while the Multiplayer PvP mode allows you to fight other players to find out who is superior. We have listed the five major benefits of playing Elden Ring Multiplayer down below.


Make Boss Fights Easier- You can summon allies to distract your boss and manipulate his attention while you heal or attack him. Thus, you can get in some pretty aggressive blows while the boss is focusing on your friend.

Level Up by Helping Others- Hop into other people’s servers using gold summoning signs or summoning pools. You will earn runes once their mission is successfully completed. However, if you die during the battle, you won’t lose any points! Thus, it is a win-win situation with no cons!

Learn Boss Fights Before Interacting with Them- You can battle bosses in other people’s worlds and learn all their attack patterns. Thus, you will have a better shot at defeating the boss in your first attempt in your own game. Simply place a summon sign in front of the desired boss door and wait for someone to call you into their fight. Thus, you can interact with players on the same level as you and learn all the tips and tricks to exploring boss areas.

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Other Players Are Better than Summon Ashes- While summon ashes are a great way to distract the bosses using NPCs, using other cooperative players is even better! They will bring their weapons and magical abilities into your game and make battles way easier! Thus, summon players into your game world and utilize their strengths!

Competitive Multiplayer PvP Gives You More Insight into Battle Techniques- Elden Ring is full of weapons, spells, and items. Playing against other random players in PvP invasions will give you more insight into each weapon’s inner workings and figure out which one suits you the best. Plus, you can see their fighting techniques and learn a thing or two!

Elden Ring Multiplayer Restrictions

Unfortunately, playing co-op in Elden ring brings some restrictions to your gameplay. This includes,

The boss in the summoning area must be alive for a player to join in the fight! If the boss is defeated, you can’t summon other players. However, you could hop into another player’s world to help them defeat the boss.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Restrictions
Elden Ring Multiplayer Restrictions

You will be unable to use your trusty horse, the spectral steed, while playing co-op mode.

You can’t explore new areas in Elden Ring Multiplayer Coop mode. Thus, if you spot a dungeon you would like to explore, you must first wait for the Multiplayer session to end.

You can play co-op with a maximum of four friends at one time!

Elden Ring Co-op- How to enable it?

Eden Ring Multiplayer mode can only be enabled when you play online. Go to the Systems Tab in the menu and click on the Network Section. You can check your online status here. If you are offline and want to become online, simply change your network settings and restart the game for the changes to come into effect. Hence, you must play online to enable multiplayer.

Elden Ring Co-op- How to enable it?
Elden Ring Co-op- How to enable it?

Just because you are online do not mean that your multiplayer mode is enabled. In fact, people can’t jump into your server just because you are online. You must enable Elden Ring Co-op from the multiplayer menu and actively engage in a session with another friend.

A player can invade your server when you are actively playing multiplayer in Elden ring. Thus, your friend makes you more powerful. At the same time, he/she puts you at greater risk of getting attacked and killed!

Elden Ring Multiplayer Summoning Items

You can play with friends or invade others using a few specific multiplayer items in Elden Ring. Mentioned below is a list of all the basic summoning multiplayer items that you should be aware of.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Summoning Items
Elden Ring Multiplayer Summoning Items

The Furlcalling Finger Remedy

This item allows you to view another people’s cooperative summon sign. They are often present near the doors of bosses and summoning pools. You can craft the Furlcalling Finger Remedy using two Erdleaf Flowers. Simply put the flowers in the crafting kit purchased from Merchant Kale. Then, use The Furlcalling Finger Remedy to view summons. You can then summon others into your game for help.

The Tarnished’s Furled Finger

Use the Tarnished’s Furled finger to put gold summoning signs on the ground and send Summon signs to random players. Thus, other players will be able to summon you into their boss arenas for help. You can find the Tarnished’s Furled Finger in a cave on a skeleton. This cave is the same one in which you begin your game.

Duelist’s Furled Finger

This places a red summoning sign on the ground and invites invading players. It is an invitation for other players to join your server and combat you in PvP duels in the open world of Elden ring. The Duelist’s Furled Finger is found on the northeast side of the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace present in Limgrave. In this location, you will find a burnt corpse. Steal the item from this corpse.

Festering Bloody Finger

The Festering Bloody Finger allows you to join another player’s world to battle them in an invaded world. The Bloody Finger is obtained by completing quests for White Faced Varre- a NOC. You can find him in the Rose Church in Liurnea of the Lakes.

Small Golden Effigy

The small golden effigy item sends your summoning sign to a variety of summoning pools. This makes it easier for others to summon you into their game. It can be used infinite times.

Finger Severer

This item allows you to exit another player’s game and enter your own. It also allows you to get rid of other players who have jumped into your server.

Summoning Pools

Although these are not items you can obtain, they are also important for sending out the summons. You will find them next to Martyr Effigies, scary statues with outstretched arms! Interact with the pool to activate it and send out your own summon sign using the Small Golden Effigy. One pool sends out signals to several nearby summoning pools. Thus, other players are more likely to summon you into their fights. You can also summon a bunch of other players from this pool or nearby summoning pools. Simply use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to view the summoning signs left behind by other players around the summoning pool.

Elden Ring Co-op- How to play it?

You can play Elden Ring Multiplayer very easily. You just need to be online and use a summoning item.

Although you can summon anyone and everyone into your game, you can use a multiplayer password to allow only a selected few people into your own world. Go to the multiplayer menu and set a multiplayer password. Now, only summon signs of players using the same password will appear.

Elden Ring Co-op- How to play it?
Elden Ring Co-op- How to play it?

You can also make use of a group password to form a clan of sorts using the multiplayer menu. A group password will prioritize the people using the same password in multiplayer in Elden ring. You can then view their summoning signs, their white messages as well as their bloodstains. You can either set your own group password that will be used by all your friends. Or, you can join an existing group and use the same group password as your friends to play co-op sessions with them. Thus, group passwords work just like clans in Elden Ring!

Group Passwords are slightly more beneficial than other types of passwords. This is because you get a little something when someone from your group defeats a huge boss. The number of runes you are supposed to get for killing enemies will be boosted!

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You can view summon signs using the items mentioned above, i.e., the Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Keep in mind that gold signs signify Elden Ring Co-op matches, and red signs mean Elden Ring Multiplayer PvP matches.

Elden Ring Cross-Platform

Unfortunately, Elden Ring cooperative multiplayer does not work across different platforms. Thus, a player with a PS5 will not be able to join another player playing the game via Xbox One. Thus, you won’t be able to summon your friends with different consoles into your game as Elden ring does not support cross-platform!

Elden Ring Cross-Platform
Elden Ring Cross-Platform

However, the game does support cross-gen consoles. Thus, if you have the same family of consoles as your friends, you can play cooperative Multiplayer regardless of the generation of your console. Hence, if you have a PS4 and your friend has a PS5, you can still play Elden Ring together!


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