Lewdle Answer Today – As of (March 27, 2023)

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Lewdle is a spin-off version of Wordle which works exactly the same way! However, instead of regular words, this game makes use of rude words! Thus, Lewdle is the meaner and ruder version of Wordle! It is just as exciting and challenging as its parent game and gives players quite a head-scratching experience. Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about this ‘lewd’ game. 

What is Lewdle Game?

Lewdle game is available for playing online.  Just like Wordle, it is a brain teaser that requires you to guess a unique five-letter word. However, this word is always dirty. You can get an idea of the lewd words used in the game from the examples in the tutorial which include “queef”, “dicks” and “titty.” 

What is Lewdle Game?
What is Lewdle Game?

Lewdle has been a huge hit, especially among millennials who are enjoying the dirty game way too much! It releases a new word every day and players have 24 hours to guess it. Moreover, its rule are more or less the same as Wordle. You only get six chances to get guess the word of the day. Additionally, the game is free to play just like its parent game and you can play it easily from your web browser. 

How do you play Lewdle? 

Playing Lewdle is the same as playing Wordle. You have six chances to guess a five-lettered dirty word. The game has its own designated site- https://www.lewdlegame.com/. Opening it takes you to the game’s homepage. Scroll down and click on the link at the bottom to play the web version of the game. Alternatively, you can download its app from the app store or play store. 

The game requires you to guess a dirty word with the help of its colored hints. Green means the letter is in the right place, yellow means the letter is right but in the wrong place and grey means the letter is wrong.

How do you play Lewdle? 
How do you play Lewdle?

Additionally, you can not put in random letters as a guess! Your guess needs to be a proper word that is part of the English dictionary. All in all, Lewdle is a challenging game that will leave you baffled! 

The game has two versions; a standard one and an endless version. The standard version is the same for everyone! All players globally will have the same solution for the Lewdle puzzle for 24 hours. On the other hand, the endless version allows you to play unlimited games! You can solve numerous puzzles in a day in this version. 

What is the Lewdle Answer Today?

The Lewdle Answer Today on March 27, 2023, is BALLS. It will change after 24 hours. 

As for the endless version, the Lewdle Answer Today answer changes with every puzzle as you can play numerous games in a day. It is not limited to one puzzle every 24 hours.

Lewdle Answer Archive

Here are the Lewdle Answers for the month of March 2023. 

  • 26th March 2023 – BOINK
  • 25th March 2023 – HUSSY
  • 24th March 2023 – GLANS
  • 23rd March 2023 – WANKER
  • 22nd March 2023 – CHOKER
  • 21st March 2023 – BREED
  • 20th March 2023 – COOMER
  • 19th March 2023 – WANKS
  • 18th March 2023 – LEWDS
  • 17th March 2023 – SQUIRT
  • 16th March 2023 – FROTS
  • 15th March 2023 – BLUMPY
  • 14th March 2023 – SEXTS
  • 13th March 2023 – CHODE
  • 12th March 2023 – BOOFED
  • 11th March 2023 – TAINT
  • 10th March 2023 – FRICK
  • 9th March 2023 – SHOWER
  • 8th March 2023 – NYASH
  • 7th March 2023 – SPLOSH
  • 6th March 2023 – BROJOB
  • 5th March 2023 – CHUBBY
  • 4th March 2023 – ASSJOB
  • 3rd March 2023 – FIGGED
  • 2nd March 2023 – HIMBO
  • 1st March 2023 – REAMED
  • 28th February 2023 – DUMPER
  • 27th February 2023 – FELCH
  • 26th February 2023 – SCROG
  • 25th February 2023 – BUTTS
  • 24th February 2023 – PUSSY
  • 23rd February 2023 – BEZOS
  • 22nd February 2023 – HICKEY
  • 21st February 2023 – BUSSY
  • 20th February 2023 – JOBBY
  • 19th February 2023 – GROOL
  • 12th November 2022 – SHART
  • 11th November 2022 – PRECUM
  • 10th November 2022 – SEXILE
  • 9th November 2022 – BOYTOY
  • 8th November 2022 – LENGTH
  • 7th November 2022 – MINGE
  • 6th November 2022 – ZADDY
  • 5th November 2022 – ASSES
  • 4th November 2022 – COCKS
  • 3rd November 2022 – LEWDS
  • 2nd November 2022 – GOOCH
  • 1st November 2022 – GUMMY
  • 31st October 2022 – SHTUP
  • 30th October 2022 – MOPED
  • 29th October 2022 – FACIAL
  • 28th October 2022 – MOIST
  • 27th October 2022 – CAGING
  • 26th October 2022 – BREED
  • 25th October 2022 – BUNDA
  • 24th October 2022 – ASSHAT
  • 23rd October 2022 – SOUND
  • 22nd October 2022 – SNUSNU
  • 21st October 2022 – INCEST
  • 20th October 2022 – GOONER
  • 19th October 2022 – F I G G E D
  • 18th October 2022 – DUMPER
  • 17th October 2022 – CUMJAR
  • 8th October 2022 – ENEMA
  • 7th October 2022 – ANALLY
  • 6th October 2022 – COOMER
  • 5th October 2022 – AHOLE
  • 2nd October 2022 – BRAIN
  • 1st October 2022 – SCROG
  • 30th September 2022 – SUGMA 
  • 29th September 2022 – SEXTS
  • 28th September 2022 – S U C K L E
  • 27th September 2022 – CUMET
  • 26th September 2022 – BLUMPY
  • 25th September 2022 – SPLOSH
  • 24th September 2022 – TENTED
  • 23rd September 2022 – PECKER
  • 22nd September 2022 – FEMDOM
  • 21st September 2022 – HUSSY
  • September 20th Lewdle Answer is NASTY
  • September 1st Lewdle Anwer is PUSSY
  • August 31st Lewdle Answer is DOGGY 
  • August 30th Lewdle Answer is BONED
  • August 29th Lewdle Answer is NARDS. 
  • August 28th Lewdle Answer is KINKY
  • August 27th Lewdle Answer is DICKS
  • August 26th Lewdle Answer is SYBIAN 
  • August 25th Lewdle Answer is TOOBIN
  • August 24th Lewdle answer is GAPED
  • August 23rd Lewdle answer is TAGNUT
  • August 22nd Lewdle answer is BUTTS
  • August 21st Lewdle answer is BOOTY
  • August 20th Lewdle answer is BONCH
  • August 19th Lewdle answer is FROTS
  • August 18th Lewdle answer is CUSSY
  • August 17th Lewdle answer is SKEET
  • August 16th Lewdle answer is HINEY
  • August 15th Lewdle answer is TWERK
  • August 14th Lewdle answer is PRECUM
  • August 13th Lewdle answer is SEMEN
  • August 12th Lewdle answer is SHAFT
  • August 11th Lewdle answer is RIMJOB 
  • August 10th Lewdle answer is CUMRAG 
  • August 9th Lewdle answer is GONAD
  • August 8th Lewdle answer is SPUNK
  • August 7th Lewdle answer is TAINT
  • August 6th Lewdle answer is FANNY
  • August 5th Lewdle answer is CUNTS 
  • August 4th Lewdle answer is COOCH
  • August 3rd Lewdle answer is BONER
  • August 2nd Lewdle answer is BULGE
  • August 1st Lewdle answer is DADDY

How do you guess Lewdle?

Here are a few tips for helping you make a better guess of Lewdle. 

  • Duplicate letters are common. Often, we forget about letters repeating in puzzles. Lewdle does not give you any tips about a letter being repeated. Thus, just because a letter is green, it does not mean the letter can not be repeated in another position.
  • Take help from the internet to become better at the game! Most of the words on Lewdle are unique and you may have never heard of them. Thus, you can simply search dirty words beginning with -x on google and you will get a whole list of options. 
  • You can make your first guess with a word that has numerous vowels. This will help you get the right answer faster.

How to share? 

You can share your Lewdle results on Twitter. It will share a copy of your grid to your profile. However, the words are often very dirty so make sure nobody from your family follows you!  

How many Challenges can you play in a day? 

You can play only one Lewdle puzzle in 24 hours in the standard version. However, the endless version allows you to play as many challenges as your heart desires. 


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