Where to find Fortnite Klomberries and how to throw them

Fortnite’s latest quests and challenges are quite fun and exciting. One of our favorites is finding Klomberries and eating their quest. This novel new edible is quite useful. In fact, it is one of the most useful consumables in the game which can also be used to tame one dangerous dinosaur. You can find our where to find Fortnite Klomberries and how to throw them in our Fortnite Klomberries guide. 


What are Klomberries?

Klomberries are a new item that are recently included in the gameplay. You may have seen them spawn in various locations around the island. They feature a distinctive bright blue appearance which makes them very noticeable and impossible to oversee. 

What are Klomberries?
What are Klomberries?

Klomberry Uses

You can use Klomberries for the following reasons, 

  • Klomberries are a great way to get a health boost. They restore your health and top up your shield. 
  • Klombos love them! Thus, you can tame these wild dinosaurs or distract them using Klomberries. 

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Klomberry Locations

Klomberry Locations
Klomberry Locations

You can find this super fruit in the following locations. 

Klomberries grow on bushes so keep an eye out for any green mass with bright blue fruit. These bushes are randomly scattered throughout the island and you’ll find 2-3 in one location. 

Buying them from Haven will save you the trouble of scavenging for them. Haven is a Fortnite character who is located near the island’s Southwest corner marker. He will sell one Klomberry for 25 gold bars so buying a bunch maybe a little heavy on your pocket. 

Eating Klomberries


Klomberries after eating will increase your health. Each piece will give you a 10 health points boost. Once your health bar reaches 100 points, your shields will get an amp up instead. 

Each inventory slot can hold up to 15 Klomberries. We recommend at least using two slots for hoarding this useful superfruit. You never know when your health may go down and you’ll need some recovery food.

Additionally, Klomberries calm down angry Klombos. If you throw one at an enraged one, it will instantly calm down and leave you alone.

We recommend feeding every Klombo you find a handful of this fruit. The calm Klombo will help you by firing useful items from its blowhole. 

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How to Throw a Klomberry 

How to Throw a Klomberry 
How to Throw a Klomberry

Throwing a Klomberry is part of the quests in Week 8. You will need to stand close to a Klombo, within 10 meters of its vicinity. 

Throwing Klomberries is very easy. Simply highlight the fruit in your inventory and hold the left trigger. This will bring up an aiming arc and you can decide where you want to throw the Klomberry. Once you have decided on a location, press the right trigger and your Klomberry will launch into the air! 

It is important to stand close to a Klombo or your quest won’t be completed. 

Where to Find Klombos

Where to Find Klombos
Where to Find Klombos

Klombos were also added as a new wildlife creature along with Klomberries. They are one of the hugest animals in the game and we’ve never seen something that looks even close to this giant dino! They are mostly calm and busy eating everything within their sight. If you’re not careful, you may become one of their favorite meals! 

Klombos spawn randomly around the island. You’ll locate one easily while scavenging for food and resources. Just be sure to not disturb him or at least have some Klomberries on you to calm it down. 

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Other Week 8 Fortnite Quests

Other Week 8 Fortnite Quests
Other Week 8 Fortnite Quests

In our Fortnite Klomberries Finding Klomberries is part of the Fortnite Week 8 quest. Other quests included in this week are mentioned down below. 

Locate Various Cacti Species and Destroy them. The best place to find different varieties is close to a lake on the western side of Chonker’s Speedway. You will find short, tall, round as well as medium-sized cacti here. Simply use your harvesting tool on them and your mission will be completed. 

Launch from a Klombo and Glide for 150 m. Now that you already know where to find Klombos, simply land on the back of one after you spot it. Next, crawl to the top of its head and find the blowhole. Launch from it and glide for 150 meters to complete the quest. Make sure you enable your parachute soon after launching as it will help you fly for a longer time. 

Find Llana at a vending machine and dance for her for five seconds. Visit vending machines until you find Llana at one of them. Then, dance in front of her, and your mission is completed. 

Find and Eat Pizza Slice. In the Tilted towers,’ you will find a pizza pit. Here, communicate with the NPC Tomato Head. He will sell you the pizza party item for 50 gold bars. Next, you must throw this pizza on the floor and eat the slice by interacting with it. This challenge requires you to eat at least two slices. 

Deal Explosive Damage. This includes damage dealt via rocket launchers and grenades. You must deal with at least 100 HP damage altogether and your mission will finish. Fortunately, you can deal the damage in a series of matches instead of causing 100 HP damage in a single one. 

Communicate with Galactico, Haven, or Shanta. This challenge only requires communicating with one of the three NPC’s for completion.


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