Valheim guide and walkthrough with everything you need to know

2021’s most famous survival video game, Valheim, became a fan favorite from the second it launched. Set in the Vikings era, the game features an open world where players must defeat enemies and build their bases. The game is exciting with lots of new updates added each week to keep players hooked in. We’ve played the game for several months non-stop to pick up a few tips and tricks that you should know before playing the game. Our Valheim Guide and Walkthrough cover everything that you need to know about the game. 

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Valheim Guide Cheats 

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Valheim Guide to Console Versions

Since the game is so popular in the survival video game world, everybody wants to play it on their consoles. Unfortunately, the game is a PC exclusive one and isn’t available for playing on PlayStation or Xbox. 

Exploring Biomes

Exploring Biomes
Exploring Biomes

Valheim features hundreds of biomes with each one offering something unique and different. The biomes change as you progress through the game and become more difficult. This is because as you play and move forward in Valheim, the bosses in each biome become harder to fight. Additionally, new resources are also added as you make your way through the game. 

In this Valheim guide, we’ve covered the basic biomes including, 

Meadows- basic trees and animals like boars and deers are found here. 

Black Forest- it is full of skeletons, trolls, and grey dwarves so are wary of this biome.

Swamp- full of mud, it is hard to see clearly in this biome. You will encounter skeletons, drugs, and surgings here. 

Mountains- they are covered with snow and you’ll find wolves, werewolves, and drakes here. 

Plains- a desert full of grass. It also has tar pits and filings, goblin like creatures. 

Ocean- a boat is needed for exploring this biome. You may also get attacked by serpents. 

Workbenches and Bases

You will need to build a workbench using a hammer to begin making other equipment. 10 wood pieces are required to make it. Next, you must secure it using a base. 

Your base can be as simple as a roof and some walls. Alternatively, you can decorate your base with a bed, fireplace, and whatever else you need. 

To make unlimited varieties of tools and objects, you must constantly upgrade your workbench. Follow the steps given in our Valheim Guide and upgrade your workbench in a jiffy. 

  • Place a chopping block made of wood and flint around the workbench. 
  • Next, put it in a tanning rack.
  • Place Adze made of wood and bronze near the workbench.
  • Lastly, put in a took shelf. 
  • All items must be placed close to each other to upgrade the workbench. 
  • Repairing Tools and Buildings

The repairing process in Valheim is a bit tricky. However, it is extremely important as enemies attack and damages your base all the time. Our Valheim guide covers all the tips and tricks to repair your tools and buildings as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, you can repair tools for free in Valheim. Just go to your workbench and click on the hammer icon on the right-hand side. Each time you click on it, a new tool will repair until all the tools are in perfect condition. 

Repairing buildings require a hammer. Once you have the hammer in your hand, click on the build menu and select the hammer icon. Simply left-click on the damaged building parts to make them as good as new. 

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What Is Crafting Progression in Valheim Guide

What Is Crafting Progression in Valheim Guide
What Is Crafting Progression in Valheim Guide

Crafting Progressions means gathering new resources and making new items. One main hindrance in progressing in crafting is the inability to see crafting recipes until you have at least one of the required ingredients. 

You will need the following resources for the basic crafting recipes.

  • Wood from punching trees. 
  • Loose stone from the ground.
  • Flint from coastlines and shores.
  • Leather scraps from dead boars.
  • Deer hides from dead deers. 
  • Bronze by smelting Tin Ore and Copper.
  • Fine Wood from Oak and Birch trees. 
  • Core Wood from pine trees.

Best Weapons to keep in your inventory

Best Weapons to keep in your inventory
Best Weapons to keep in your inventory

Filling your inventory with unnecessary weapons is just a waste of space and time. Instead, opt for the weapons given in our Valheim guide to enjoying the useful best damage dealing ones.

  • Torch- They’re free and easy to use. It can also deal fire damage, unlike other melee weapons.
  • This is great for battling animals in the Meadow as they’re all scared of fire. 
  • Crude Bow- Great for beginners, the Crude Bow is a long-range weapon that deals a lot of damage. Use it with fire arrows to increase its efficiency.
  • Stagbreaker- This two-handed hammer comes with high knockback power. It can take down the strongest of enemies with just a few hits. It is a bit slow to use so keep this in mind when selecting it.
  • Abyssal Harpoon- This weapon is mandatory for sailing. It is the only one that can kill sea serpents. 
  • Draugr Fang- An amazing bow, the Draugr Fang causes poison damage. It also features amazing pierce damage and a poison bonus. 
  • Frostner- It deals a decent amount of blunt, frost, and spirit damage. 
  • Black metal Axe- The best chopping weapon, the Black metal Axe is a great weapon to have on yourself at all times. 
  • Porcupine- This heavy club comes with deadly spikes. It is also very fast to use so this is the best pick for fast players who want to deal maximum damage to opponents. 
  • Best Armor Selection
  • Armor increases your chances of survival significantly. Thus, it is mandatory to equip yourself using the best armors described in this Valheim Guide. 
  • Troll Armor- This protects you in the Black Forest and Meadows. It is light armor that’s easy to move around in. You can get it by defeating Trolls. You will need 25 troll hide and 13 bone fragments to craft it. 
  • Bronze Armor- Made of copper, tin, and bronze, this armor offers better protection. 
  • Room Armor- You will need root, ancient bark, leather scraps, and deer hides to craft it. It is superior to the previous two armors and increases bow skill while making you resistant to poison and pierce damage. 
  • Iron Armor- Iron and Deer hide is needed for making iron armor. It is one of the most powerful armor sets in the game. 
  • Wolf Armor- Classy and powerful, the wolf armor is made using silver, wolf pellets, chang fangs, and wolf trophy. 
  • Padded Armor- This is the strongest armor set in-game. It is made using iron and linen thread. 
  • Dverger Circlet- Although it doesn’t protect, this armor is very powerful. It emits light which is used for exploring the world at night time. You can purchase it for 629 gold from Haldor, a merchant. 

Valheim Guide to Taming Boars

Valheim Guide to Taming Boars
Valheim Guide to Taming Boars

Boars are a great way to obtain leather and meat. Thus, taming them and befriending them should be one of your major game goals.

You can begin taming boars once you have a pen in your base to keep them in. Next, simply leave raspberries or mushrooms in your pen. A boar will smell it and come to you. When it starts eating the food you laid out, it will become tame. Tamed animals are represented by floating yellow hearts. 

Planting Seeds 


Planting seeds prevents your character from starving and dying. Once you establish your farm, you will have a reliable food source. Then, you can focus on completing other tasks.

You can get carrot seeds and fir and pine cones from the Black forest and turnip seeds from the swamp. Beach seeds are available in the meadow. 

Planting seeds require a cultivator made of wood and bronze. It will convert grass into fertile soil. Next, you will just visit your inventory and select the seed type. Your plant will be ready for feasting in a bit. 

Valheim Guide to Flint location 

Valheim Guide to Flint location 
Valheim Guide to Flint location

Flint Spears and Flint Knives require flint. You can find it laying on the ground on beaches. They are pale rocks that respawn every few days. Thus, you can get lots of flint from the same beach every few days. Once you get it, you can make loads of weaponry from it. 

Valheim Guide to Barley And Flax location

Valheim Guide to Barley And Flax location
Valheim Guide to Barley And Flax location

Barley and Flax are found in the Plains. You will find a lot of Filings in this area so be prepared to battle some vicious goblins. 

You can use the barley for making flour using a windmill. This in turn is used for making pudding, bread, and wrap. 

On the other hand, flax is used for making linen thread. This thread is mandatory for crafting weapons and armor. 

Valheim Guide to Ymir Flesh 

Valheim Guide to Ymir Flesh 
Valheim Guide to Ymir Flesh

Ymir Flesh is a very rare material that only the blue dwarf Haldor sells. You can find him in the Black Forest. He will ask for 120 coins per ymir flesh piece. 

Ymir Flesh is used for crafting an iron sledge which deals a lot of blunt damage. You can also make a Frostner with it. It deals with frost, blunt, and spirit damage. 

Valheim Guide to Mining Silver 

Valheim Guide to Mining Silver 
Valheim Guide to Mining Silver

Silver is one of the most important metals in the game. It is used for crafting items like Frostner, Crystal Battleaxe, Lox Cape, and Drake Helmet. Finding it is a bit tricky. However, our Valheim guide covers all the important silver locations. 

Ores of Silver are found in the Mountains. Most of it is underground and you’ll need a wishbone to find it. The wishbone is obtained by defeating Bonemass, the third boss. Next, you will mine it using an iron pickaxe and then get pure iron by smelting the ore in a smelter. 

Valheim Guide to Black Metal Uses

Valheim Guide to Black Metal Uses
Valheim Guide to Black Metal Uses

Crafting Black Metal allows you to make black metal shields, knives, swords, and axes. You also need it for making the Lox Saddle. 

Crafting Black Metal requires black metal scraps. You get these by killing Filings found in the Plains. They drop black metal scraps when they die. 

The scraps are converted to black metals bars in a blast furnace. 

Elder- The Second Boss 


Elder is the game’s second boss. Our Valheim guide covers the strategies for defeating all the Valheim Bosses except the first one, Eikthyr. This is because defeating him is way too easy and we’re sure you’ll easily take him down in a heartbeat. 

As for Elder, you must summon him using a location runestone. These are found in the Black Forest biome. The stones will reveal his summoning altar. You will sacrifice three ancient seeds here and summon Elder. The seeds come from Greydwarf Shaman, Greydwarf Brute, and from chests. You also get them by destroying grey dwarf nests.

The Elder is a ginormous tree that uses melee stomping attacks to hurt players. To defeat him, you should never go close to him. Instead, use a crude bow and fire arrows to defeat him from a distance. His forsaken power is awarded to you for defeating him. It allows you to cut trees faster. 

Bonemass- The Third Boss

Bonemass- The Third Boss
Bonemass- The Third Boss

The slimy third Boss in Valheim is Bonemass. Our Valheim guide covers the details of defeating and summoning him.

Found in the Swamp, this boss has a sacrificial alter located in his spawning biome. You’ll need a location Runestone to determine the exact location. These stones are found in the Swamp too. 

After successfully locating the sacrificial altar, sacrifice 10 Withered Bones and summon Bone mass. Attack him using blunt weapons as soon as he spawns. We recommend using a Stagbreaker and upgrading it to the max. Additionally, he is poisonous but you can use a Poison Resistance Mead to save yourself. 

Defeating Bonemass will activate his Forsaken Power. This power will save you from physical damage. 

Moder- The Fourth Boss 


It is a huge dragon that you’ll encounter in the Mountains. She is the fourth boss to appear and thus, she is the scariest of them all. However, by the time you battle her, you’ll have several hours of game experience. So you really shouldn’t worry! We’re sure you’ll kick her ass and emerge victoriously. Additionally, read the following tips in our Valheim guide to have an upper hand in battle.

You’ll need a location Runestone called Vegvisir to discover Moder. The stone is found in the old stone towers, several of which are found in the Mountains. Moreover, you’ll also need a pickaxe and frost resistance mead to survive the harsh cold of this biome. 

Once you have the three things mentioned above, you are ready to fight Moder. However, you’ll need three dragon eggs to summon him. These glowy purple eggs are also found in the Mountains. They are quite heavy and you can’t carry them around. Thus, you should save them in a Valheim private world until you’ve collected all three. Once you have enough eggs, visit Moder’s sacrificial altar and transport the eggs from the private world to this world. 

Moder is a flying villain. She will use her power of flight and deal severe damage to you. Thus, you should have a good ranged weapon before fighting this monster. She also has icy breath and Frost explosives. Getting him by them will decrease your speed significantly. 

After taking down Moder, you will be able to use her Forsaken Power as a tailwind during sailing. Thus, your sailing experience will be a lot more smooth and more fun.

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