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How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

How to make a shield in Minecraft? How to use it to protect yourself? 

Shields are valuable items in Minecraft that you can use to protect yourself while fighting enemies. Additionally, they are relatively easy to make, and you need a few essential things to make them. You can also decorate your shields to spice up your game and make yourself look edgy! 

Our Minecraft guide covers everything you need to know about how to make a shield in Minecraft and decorate it. 

Making a Shield in Minecraft

Making a Shield in Minecraft

Shields are rectangular, and you can make them quickly. You only need two items to make a simple essential shield.

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Wooden Planks

You will need wooden logs for making wooden planks

Find a tree in the forest biome. It can be made of wood like dark oak, acacia, or birch. Next, chop the tree trunk using an ax, and you will get a log. Make sure to get at least two records for making one shield. 

After you have your logs, open your crafting table and place one wood log in the center slot. One record will give you four wooden planks. It would be best if you made a shield. Thus, repeat the process once more to get enough wooden planks to make one shield in Minecraft. 

Iron Ingot

An iron ingot is made using iron ores. It is a very common ore, and you will find it easily. If you have difficulty locating some iron ores, dig underground down to the bedrock region. Here, you will find caves and ravines full of iron ores. 

Iron ingots can also be obtained from iron bars. These are found in chests in villages, sunken ships, towers, strongholds, and mine shafts. 

Once you have a few iron ores, go to your furnace to get some iron ingots. Then, place a fuel source like coal, wood, or charcoal into the bottom slot of the furnace and iron ore in the top space of the stove. Smelt the ore, and your freshly prepared iron ingot will be ready for use. 

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

Open your crafting table once you have both the items required for making the shield. Place the iron ingot in the middle slot of the first row and the wooden planks in the left and suitable space of the first row, all three slots of the second row, and the middle slot of the third row. Craft them together to get your shield. Store it in your inventory for use in the future. 

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

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Using a Shield in Minecraft

Firstly, open your inventory by pressing E. Now place the shield in the offhand slot, i.e., the slot in the inventory’s center. 

Using a Shield in Minecraft

Once your shield is equipped in your offhand, you need to right-click to provide and use it! Now you can easily dodge and survive hostile attacks from enemies. 

How to decorate a shield in Minecraft? 

A regular shield is just as valuable as a decorated shield. However, it does not look as fancy and spicy as a decorated one.

How to decorate a shield in Minecraft?

If you want to take your Minecraft game up a notch, decorate your shield following the method given below. 

You will need a customized banner along with your shield for decorating it. The simple flag is made using a stick and six wool. Next, you must find a loom and some dye to customize the banner for creating a customized shield.

Making a Regular Banner

You will need a stick and six wool for this. 

Place two wooden planks in your crafting table menu to get sticks. Next, shear a sheep or kill it to get wool. The final step for making a banner is placing six yarns in the first and second row and one stick in the middle slot of the third row. Craft the items together, and your banner will be ready for use. 

Making a Customized Banner 

Make your custom banner using dye. You can use any stain like white from bone meals, red dye from poppies, or green dye from cacti. Next, open your loom and place your shade and banner in its slots. You will get a list of patterns on the screen. Select any one of your choices. 

After selecting the pattern, your custom banner will be ready for use. 

Making a Customized Shield 

Customized shields are made in crafting tables using custom banners and shields. Place one shield and one customized banner in the crafting menu slots to get one custom shield. 

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Repairing Shields in Minecraft

Once you start using your shield, it will lose its health as it takes damage from enemies. The total durability of one protection is 337 points. 

You can repair a badly damaged shield by combining it with another security. This will merge the durability of the two guards. However, if your shield is decorated with a pattern, it will lose it. 

Repairing Shields in Minecraft

You can also repair a damaged shield by using the mending enchantment. This fixes the protection as you gain more and more experience.