How to make a campfire in Minecraft?

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft? What can you use it for? 

Whether cooking food or creating smoke signals, campfires are mandatory times with countless uses. Campfires are one of the first items that players must collect in Minecraft! Moreover, you will be happy to know that making a campfire in Minecraft is not that hard! Read our guide on creating a campfire in Minecraft, and you’ll be ready to make one for yourself! 

Making a Campfire in Minecraft 

Campfires are must-have items in Minecraft, and you can craft one easily! All you need are the following three items; 

  • Three wooden blocks or three logs of wood 
  • Three wooden sticks
  • One coal or charcoal 
Making a Campfire in Minecraft 
Making a Campfire in Minecraft

Wooden Blocks and Logs of Wood 

You can get wooden blocks by chopping trees. Any of the six varieties of trees will be suitable for making a campfire. This includes oak, acacia, jungle, spruce, dark ok, and birch. Now, place your cursor on the tree’s trunk. This will highlight a block of wood. You can chop the tree and get a woodblock for making a campfire. In the Java Edition, left click and hold the tree to get the wood. Alternatively, the pocket edition requires players to tap the tree and hold on to it. Please pick up the wood and store it in your inventory for use in the future. 

Alternatively, you can also make use of logs for making a campfire. You will need a tree and an ax for this purpose. Locate a tree of your choice, use an ax, and chop the trunk. You will need three wood planks and two sticks for making the ax. 

Make sure to collect at least three wooden blocks or three logs of wood for your campfire.

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Wooden Sticks- 

Sticks are made using wood logs. Thus, make sure to collect a few extra ones for making your sticks. Planks are made using the records on the crafting table. Then, place two planks in the second slot of the first row and the second slot of the second row of the crafting table menu. Craft them together to get four sticks. 

You can also make sticks using bamboo. Two bamboos will give you one bar. Thus, you will need to collect six bamboos to get enough sticks for making a campfire. You can get bamboo by breaking bamboo plants. 

Coal or Charcoal- 

To get coal, mine for coal ores. You can find them on the surface level as well as in caves. You will most likely find coal ores in mountain biomes. Use a pickaxe on a coal ore to get coal. You can also craft coal by placing a coal block in the crafting table menu. This method will give you nine coals. 

Alternatively, Minecraft players can opt for charcoal as the desired fuel of choice for campfires. Crafting charcoal requires a furnace and some wooden logs. Place one wooden ledger in the stove and any power of your choice. Smelt it, and your charcoal will be ready for use.

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft? 

Now that you have collected all the required items, you can make charcoal in Minecraft. Open your crafting table. Now, place three wooden blocks or logs in the bottom row of the crafting menu. Next, place the coal or charcoal in the middle slot of the second row. Finally, place three sticks in the Minecraft menu; one in the second slot of the first row, one in the first slot of the second row, and one in the third slot of the second row. Craft all the items together, and your campfire will be ready in seconds. 

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft? 
How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft?

Store the campfire in your inventory for use in the future. 

Additionally, it is also important to note that you can find campfires naturally. Although this takes some time, you have the best shot of finding one in taiga and snow taiga villages or ancient cities under blue wool blocks. Apprentice-level anglers also have a campfire or two on them. They will trade it in for five emeralds. 

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How to make a soul campfire in Minecraft? 

Soul campfires are modified campfires with heat from one thousand souls. Using three sticks, one soul sand or soul soil, and three wood blocks or logs, you can craft them. You can get soul sand by mining a block of soul sand located in the Nether. As for soul soil, mine is a block of soul soil found in the Soul Sand Valley of the Nether. 

How to make a soul campfire in Minecraft?
How to make a soul campfire in Minecraft?

After collecting all the items, place the woodblocks and sticks in the same order as a regular campfire. Replace the coal with one soul sand or soul soil, and your soul campfire will be ready for use. The soul campfire will have a turquoise flame instead of a regular orange-yellow one. 

Uses of Campfire in Minecraft

Uses of Campfire
Uses of Campfire in Minecraft

Campfires have several uses in Minecraft. Some of them are mentioned down below. 

Cooking food

Minecraft campfires are excellent ways to cook your food. This is easier as you will not need any coal for cooking! Click with raw food on your campfire. This will place the food on the fire and begin cooking it. It will take up to 30 seconds to cook one item. Make sure to take your food off the fire once it is ready, or it will burn. 

Light Source

Campfires can be used as a light source to add a medieval vintage touch to your buildings. They are dark brown and will right into your environment. These campfires also stop hostile mobs from spawning in your area. 

Regular campfires emit level 15 light. Whole soul campfires emit a light level of 10. 

Calming Bees

Collecting honey or honeycombs from bee nests and beehives agitates the bees living in them. These angry bees will sting you and poison you. Moreover, it is impossible to run away from them as they will follow you around until they manage to harm you. You can avoid getting stung by bees by placing a campfire beneath the bee nest or beehive. The smoke from the fire will calm them down. Then, you can safely collect your honey and honeycombs. 

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Extinguish your campfires and enjoy the beautiful and unique texture they get! You can then use them as blocks of decoration. These extinguished campfires also make excellent floors, transforming your building into an extraordinary masterpiece. 

Smoke Signal

Campfires can be used as smoke signals. A lit campfire will send a smoke signal as far as ten blocks. You can also place hay bales over them to intensify the smoke signal, and fires can create smoke that spreads up to twenty-four blocks! 

Killing Hostile Mobs

If a player or mob walks over a campfire, they will suffer intense damage. Every half-second that a group stands on it, they lose one heart point. Thus, you can use campfires to kill hostile mobs. You can fasten the killing process by using soul campfires that deal two hearts of damage in half a second. 

Getting Charcoal and Soul Soil

Breaking a campfire using a tool like an ax will drop two charcoals. If you die at a soul campfire, it will drop soul soil.


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