How to teleport in Minecraft?

How to teleport in Minecraft? Can you teleport directly to your friends? What are the limitations of teleporting? 

For those looking to spice up your Minecraft game, teleporting is a fun hack that you should try! You can move from one part of a map to another instantly. Moreover, you can teleport on all gaming devices in Minecraft; PC, mobile, and consoles! However, the method for teleporting is different in all three. You can refer to our step-by-step guide to know how to teleport in Minecraft on your gaming device. 

Teleporting in Minecraft

Teleporting in Minecraft is a fun hack that you must try at least once. You can traverse the whole Minecraft world in seconds through it. Most people consider teleporting a cheat that makes the game more accessible and fun!

You can teleport in Minecraft using console commands. It does take a bit of time to master these commands and get the hang of teleporting. However, all your time and effort will be worth it! 

Teleporting in Minecraft
Teleporting in Minecraft

Mentioned below are the step-by-step instructions on teleporting using console commands in Minecraft. 

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How to teleport in Minecraft using a PC? 

You will use console commands to teleport in Minecraft using a PC. The basic command is (“/tp <destination>”), where the destination is the desired location that the player wants to teleport. Additionally, you can replace “/tp” with “/teleport” as they both stand for the same thing; one is shorter in spelling than the other! 

How to teleport in Minecraft using a PC? 
How to teleport in Minecraft using a PC?

Follow the steps given below to teleport in Minecraft on PC. 

  • Open Minecraft game. 
  • Load the Minecraft world you want to play in.
  • Visit the location that you want to teleport to in the future. You will need its coordinates. 
  • Press these keys simultaneously “F3 + Fn + F3” on your PC. This will display your exact coordinates at the time. It would help if you pressed “Alt + Fn + F3” using Mac. Remember your coordinates as you will need them to teleport in the future. 
  • Continue playing your game. 
  • Press/key once you want to teleport back to your initial location and press/critical. 
  • Now enter this command; teleport name x y z. Replace the name with your character’s username, x with the east or west coordinate, y with a vertical coordinate, and z with the north or south coordinate—for example, Teleport MossyGirl 5 54 42. 
  • After entering your command, press enters, and that’s it! Your character will teleport to your desired location in seconds! 


Make sure to enter the coordinates correctly. If you enter the wrong ones, you may teleport straight into solid ground. This will diminish your health rapidly and kill you in minutes. You can avoid this through a minor modification of your command. Enter true at the end of the order. This way, the game will verify the location and ensure there are no solid blocks at your mentioned coordinates. If there are any, the game will cancel your command. 

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Teleport to Another Friend in Minecraft

Modify your command slightly when you want to teleport to another player. For example, Teleport Anne James’s command will teleport Anne to James’ location. Thus, enter your username followed by the username of your friend.

Teleport all Players to Your location in Minecraft

You can teleport all players to your location using the /tp @a @s command. S is your current location. You can also replace s with specific coordinates to teleport all players to a particular area. 

Teleport Nearby Enemies to Your location

You can teleport all enemies that belong to a specific category and are close by to your location. Use the command /tp £e[type=EnemyName] @X Y Z for this. Enemyname specifies the category of enemy. Thus, replace it with the mod of the desired enemies. X Y Z is your coordinates. Replace these letters with your exact coordinates. 

Jump Up And Down in Minecraft 

You can keep certain coordinates locked while altering these. This applies to situations where you may want to jump up or down. Use the command /tp ~ 62 ~ for this. Replace ~ with the coordinate you want to keep locked while changing the other coordinates. 

Teleport Another Player to a Specific Location in Minecraft

You can enter the command /tp <targets><destination> to teleport another player to a location in Minecraft. Enter the coordinates of the location instead of writing destination.!

Teleporting to a Different Dimension In Minecraft

The Java Edition allows you to teleport to a different dimension. This is easier as you do not need to gather particular resources to travel to dimensions like the Nether and The End.

Enter the following command in the chatbox, /execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName ~ ~ ~. The DimensionName will be replaced by the name of the world you want to teleport to (e.g., The_Nether). Similarly, replace the PlayerName text with your username. Also, replace ~ ~ ~ with the coordinates of the exact location you would like to be teleported.


Make sure to enter the exact coordinates, as you may teleport to lava and bottomless pits with the wrong coordinates. Additionally, you can not make use of the actual hack here. Entering true at the end of the command will not verify the location. 

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How to teleport in Minecraft using a mobile phone? 

Teleporting using mobile phones is slightly more challenging as you do not have a manual keyboard. However, you can still perform the task more accessible if you know the exact steps. 

  • Open the Minecraft app on your phone. 
  • Load your desired world.
  • Open the pause menu by tapping on your display’s top right corner. You may be unable to see the display icon sometimes. However, it is still there and appears once you tap the screen.
  • Access the Settings and turn on the Cheats Switch option. This will allow teleportation to take place.
  • You can now leave the menu and resume your game. 
  • Now locate the Chat icon. It is on the top of your display. 
  • Press on the text box. Type in tp YourUsername ~ ~ ~ and replace your username with your exact Minecraft username. This will give you your current coordinates, which will be required for teleporting in the future. 
  • Once you would like to teleport back to your location, open the Chat icon. Now type in /tp YourUsername X Y Z. Replace X with the east or west coordinate, Y with the vertical coordinate, and Z with the north or south coordinate. 
  • You can teleport your character to your desired location by clicking the enter button! 
How to teleport in Minecraft using a mobile phone? 
How to teleport in Minecraft using a mobile phone?

How to teleport in Minecraft using gaming consoles? 

There are some restrictions regarding teleporting using gaming consoles on Minecraft. Firstly, you can’t teleport to any random location. Instead, you can only teleport to friends and other players. Moreover, you can only teleport while playing in the multiplayer world. 

How to teleport in Minecraft using gaming consoles? 
How to teleport in Minecraft using gaming consoles?

This method of teleporting applies to all consoles, including PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. 

  • Open your Minecraft Game on your console. 
  • Click Play Game and choose the world of your choice. However, do not load it right now. 
  • Instead, go to the Game Options tab and check the Host Privileges box. 
  • Now Load your world. A small warning popup will show up, which reminds you that playing with host privileges will stop leaderboard updates and achievements. 
  • Access the host menu after your world has loaded. Selection Options while playing on Xbox and use the touchpad when using Playstation. 
  • Now go to host options.
  • Select the Teleport to Player option.
  • All the players in your current world are displayed in a list on your screen. You can select any player from this list and teleport to their exact location. 
  • You do not need any console commands while playing on gaming consoles. 


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